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Same Old

Drowsily leaning against his airplane window in his seat, Hyoga looked out of it to see the sea. They'll be arriving at their next destination soon. They made sure to set their watches(that are old-fashioned watches and not electronic.) to the correct time when they reach there.

Hyoga glanced to his left to see his sister fallen asleep in her seat, while their father was reading a book. He gave each of them smile and looked back at the window.

He wonders what San Francisco will be like? What U.S.A will be like? But most importantly, he wonders how he'll live with his new life. His grandparents, in whom they own their very own Chinese restaurant, along with the assistance of his two uncles, will let them stay at their place for now until they get all their stuff moved into their apartment(in which their father bought while he visited over there.). He also learned plenty of English from his previous school, but most of his knowledge came from his Mom.

Hyoga gave a sigh through his nose. He'll just have to wait and see what waits for him over there. Until then, he drifted off to sleep…

Meanwhile, in a modern style home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, a slender, petite, and shapely Hispanic forty-year-old woman was climbing up some stairs to the second floor. Her hair was in a bun, and her face had angular features, having high cheekbones which made her look very attractive to look at. She was wearing a simple white off-the-shoulders blouse and blue jeans that hugged her lower figure quite nicely. She was also wearing black ballet shoes and was walking through a second story hallway, where she stops at a room that had a sign that said 'Talisha's Room' in purple letters on the door. The woman knocked on the door, and after a couple of seconds of not answering, she opened it up to go inside the room.

The moderately sized room, which looked like it belongs to a teenage girl, was quite a mess, with clothes on the floor, and a desk filled with homework and what looked like to be medical and science encyclopedias. On the desk, there was a mug of what appeared to be cold coffee, and beside it was a bed that had someone resting in it underneath the covers.

The woman sighed and shook her head. "Oh, Talisha..." she muttered in her slight Hispanic accent. "Sweetie, what are you still doing in bed? It's almost twelve o'clock! The time now on your alarm clock is 11:47! It's time to get up."

The figure, which was Talisha, stirred in her sleep, mumbling, "It's a Saturday, Rosalina. I wanna sleep."

"But you'll miss the lunch I prepared!" The woman named Rosalina reasoned with her.

Talisha softly mumbled incoherently.

Rosalina sighed as she muttered something in Spanish. She then said to Talisha, "Look, I have to agree that Saturday's are meant for relaxation, but that doesn't mean you have to do it all day by doing nothing. Now that would be just depressing." She joked with a smirk.

Talisha just laid there for a bit, until giving a grunt and lazily sitting up, the covers revealing an African-American girl by the age of seventeen(although she looked a little taller for her age.). She sported twin braided ebony pigtails that stopped and rested on top of her chest. Her face was an oval shape and cute looking, while her lips were partially full, along with her pert nose. She gave out a yawn and stretched her arms out, turning her back left and right and turning her neck to pop the kinks out. Rosalina winced at the sounds of the popping.

Talisha turned to Rosalina with sleepy blue eyes and a smile. "So what are we having?"

Rosalina revert back to a grin and said, "One of my specialties! My homemade soft tacos with seasoned pulled pork that I prepared the other night! It's done heating up as well as the flour tortillas."

Talisha chuckled. "Sounds great! What time did you come in?"

"Oh, about nine twenty-ish. By the way, your mother had an emergency call-in at the hospital and is right now operating on a patient. She left around the time I went in." Rosalina explained. "So pray that your mother does a good job on the patient. The person has an infected appendix."

Talisha cringed. "Yikes. I will. Is Dad at the country club?"

Rosalina chuckled. "Yep. Hanging out with his boys. I feel sorry for your mother, she needs a break every once in while like your father."'

The girl hummed. "Yeah...well, at least she and Dad are saving lives," she said with a shrug.

As she pulled the covers out from under her body, while Rosalina said, "That they are. Speaking of breaks, I see that you didn't have a break whatsoever. Pulled another all-nighter, huh?"

Talisha sighed, her feet now on the floor but still sitting on the bed. "Yeah…it's September and I'm already swamped with all of this homework."

Rosalina raised an eyebrow at her. "Really? Girl, you're not fooling me; those are not your textbooks, no textbook is that thick. Besides, with someone as smart as you, you could handle those assignments in an instant."

Talisha pouted but then sighed in defeat. "Okay, Rosalina. You caught me."

Rosalina looked at her in concern. "Tal, you really shouldn't be working yourself so hard. It's unhealthy. You're stressing yourself out for no reason other than trying to get all the good grades to go to some fancy ivy-league college. And you know you shouldn't be drinking coffee for someone your age." Rosalina lectured her.

Talisha rolled her blue eyes, groaned, and muttered. "Okay, okay, I get it...I'll try not to work myself too hard."

Rosalina shook her head. "Alright, let's forget about it for now. Your sister is waiting downstairs, and she's pretty hungry. And you know how she gets."

The girl giggled. "Alright. Right behind ya!"

Talisha, in her sleep attire(which consist of gray cotton shorts and a green short-sleeved T-shirt with a faded iconic Mushroom from Super Mario), hopped off her bed to follow Rosalina, but not before she remembered her rectangular glasses that were on her desk. She grabbed them and put them on, the glasses making her look sophisticated for someone her age. She then proceeds to follow the older woman downstairs to the kitchen.

When they reached there, a young girl at the age of fifteen, who was African-American as well, was waiting on the barstools on the island and was also playing on her Nintendo 3DS in the center of the kitchen. She was wearing hot pink long pajama pants and a blue shirt that has Sonic the Hedgehog's face on it. Her ebony hair was also a little frizzy, and her face was cute as well. Talisha took a good whiff of the hot smell of heated seasoned pork and already she felt like she was in heaven.

"Hey, Tal." the young girl apparently greeted her older sister without looking up from her handheld game console.

Talisha, her hunger daze broken, direct her attention to her sister with a smile, "Hey Shanay. What have you been up to?"

"This." she said instantly without looking up at her sister.

The older girl raised a brow. "Okay...how long have you've been doing 'this' today?"

Shanay answered once again briskly. "About eleven o' clock-ish."

Talisha rolled her eyes at her little sister. But then she gave out a devious smirk and sneaked up behind her sister, who was distracted by her 3DS. Quietly and quickly, she wrapped her feminine hands around Shanay's chest and planted them on her small breasts. She gently and quickly squeezed them and moved them around, startling Shanay.

"ACK! Tal!" Shanay exclaimed.

Talisha then started to tickle under her arms, making her younger sister laugh. Amazingly enough, Shanay had enough time to push pause on her Kirby game while being tickled. She let go of the 3DS and tried to get Talisha's hands away from her.

Shanay laughed as she said, "Tal, stop!"

Thinking that her little sister gets the hint, Talisha ceased the tickling punishment onto her.

"Dang girl! Way to invade my personal space." Shanay says as she turned in her seat to face her with a pout.

Talisha giggled. "Well, that's what you get for not noticing your surroundings."

"Hey, I spoke to you, didn't I?" Shanay huffed and mumbled as she crossed her arms over her chest. "I was just trying to get Kirby to the next level." she twisted her lips back into a pout. "Also, how would you like it if I fondled your chest while you were 'studying'?" she used quotation marks on studying.

Talisha frowned at that. "You better not."

"Tch, see how it feels?" Shanay says with a smirk.

The older girl rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just don't try to attack my chest."

"Hey, it's not my fault they're big and fat! At least I have normal sized boobs for my age. How you got to a DD-cup bust at the age of seventeen, I'll never know."

Talisha pouted irritably, eyeing down at her own chest. She covered them up with her arms and turned away from her sister while she blushed, almost as if she was trying to hide them. "They're not that big."

She wasn't wearing a bra, but they were still really full looking in the shirt, the fabric supporting and emphasizing them well. The Super Mario Mushroom icon on the shirt basically was faded thanks to her generous bust stretching the fabric. She never wanted to change shirts, she actually really loved it; green was her favorite color, and she was a big Mario fan.

However, if she was honest with herself, she really wished she didn't have such a big bust for her age. It kind of made her feel like a freak honestly. She's gotten this trait from her mom's side of the family, apparently.

Shanay smirked deviously. "Aw, come on, Sis! You should be proud of those, as well as this big ol' butt that you got!" She then raised her right hand to smack the right side of her posterior, making it jiggle a bit.

"OW!" Talisha jumped a bit and turned around to glare at her sister while rubbing the minor sore spot on her fanny. "Shanay!"

Not only was she a developed young girl in the chest, but her backside was also quite well rounded, ample, and perky. She also inherited this trait from her mother's side as well.

Shanay giggled at her older sister's expense, which made Talisha fume even more. But them, the older teenage girl smirked mischievously. "Alright then, you asked for it! Guess what this big ol' butt is gonna do?"

The younger teenage girl stopped giggling. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Find out." Talisha then turned around and placed her posterior onto Shanay's lap while she was on the bar-stool.

"AAACK! Tal, get your fat butt off of me! You're crushing my legs!" Shanay exclaimed.

"Not until you apologize~!" Talisha said in a sing-a-along tone, leaning backward as her hands grasped onto the edge of the island table wrapping her long, semi-thick and toned legs from inside the bar-stool legs, latching onto the seat while she was on Shanay.

"AH! For what!? It's not my fault you eat too much!" Shanay retorted.

"Oh really!? Okay, Little Sis, you asked for it!" Talisha said as she twisted from her spot on Shanay and raised her right arm to head-locked around her sister's neck.

"AAA-BLAGH!" Shanay exclaimed, Talisha's arm squeezing the back of her head while her face is smothered by the right side of her breast.

Talisha giggled. "This is what you get for calling me fat and for smacking my rear!"

Shanay's cries were muffled as she tried to break free from her older sister's grasp. Meanwhile, Rosalina was taking a glance at the spectacle while cooking and chuckled at the siblings.

'They are so cute when they have their little arguments.' Rosalina thought with a smirk.

It was then Shanay moved her face to let her face cheeks be squeezed in between her arm and the side of Talisha's breast. She called out to Rosalina. "Rosa! Help! My amazon of a sister is sexually harassing me!"

Talisha laughed. "I'm not sexually harassing you! I'm just being an annoying sister!"

"Well, either way, get off of me! I don't want to be smothered by your udders no more! Besides, my legs are falling asleep!" Shanay said, struggling to get her arm off of her.

Talisha rolled her eyes and decided that her younger sister had enough torture for now. She let go of Shanay's neck and got off of her. "Just don't call me fat next time."

Shanay rubbed her neck and wiggled her legs. "I was just saying your chest is fa-AH!" It was then Talisha sat on her legs again, "Okay! I won't! Just get off of me!"

"Okay you kids, enough horsing around. It's time to eat!" Rosalina said as she was carrying two plates of soft taco's with pulled pork, along with some Mexican rice and black beans. Talisha got off of Shanay and quickly sat on the barstool next to her, looking eager to eat the delicious meal.

Shanay snorted, "Pig."

Talisha glared at her sister. "Shortie."

"Alright, less arguing, more eating the food that I prepared. Which, by the way, is cooked to perfection. Just like how my Mama makes it." Rosalina said with a smirk.

Once she placed the food in front of them, their eyes were wide with anticipation while their mouths started watering. It smelled so good!

Rosalina chuckled. "Control yourselves, girls. We need to say Grace first."

Tailsha and Shanay snapped out of their hunger daze and bowed their heads in an instant, waiting for Rosalina to bless the meal.

The Hispanic woman nodded with a smile and began to bow her head as she starts the prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this meal that You have given us. Let us all have a good productive day for the Robinson family, as well as myself. Let us all enjoy this food. We thank You and we love You. In Your Name, we pray, Amen."

The sisters lifted their bowing heads and began to eat. Talisha lifted up the pulled pork soft taco with pico de gallo in it and took a big bite out of it.

"Mmmm..." she moaned in delight, her taste-buds doing back-flips. Once she swallowed the food, she took another big bite.

"Sheesh, you ain't a pig, you a hog." Shanay grimaced at Talisha's display of hunger while she scooped some Mexican rice with her fork.

Talisha glared at her sister while chewing her food.

Rosalina chuckled, "You know, Shanay is right. Calm down there, Tal, you're not going to war." she joked.

Talisha turned to their housekeeper and swallowed her food once more, saying, "Hey, you make the best Mexican dishes ever! I bet you can own your own restaurant with these recipes!"

Rosalina giggled. "That would be nice! But I would rather share my food with friends and family then to total strangers. Besides, I like my job at the coffee shop!"

Talisha gave a smile to Rosalina. Their housekeeper was best friends with her parents, more so with her mother. She was even one of the bridesmaids in their wedding. And while she was a good friend to her parents, she was an even great friend to Talisha and Shanay, always looking out for them.

Right now, as said before, their father Darrel Robinson, is at the country club with his friends playing golf. Meanwhile, their mother, Loretta Robinson, was called in to do an emergency surgery on a patient. Darrel was a doctor who owns his own clinic, while Loretta was a surgeon, making them both experts in the medical field. This leaves Talisha and Shanay to hang out in their home with Rosalina, who always comes by the Robinson household on Saturday to do housekeeping.

Ever since she was little, Talisha knew what she wanted to do, thanks to her parents, and that was to be a doctor. She actually was really interested in this line of education, making her a natural on the subject of science at her school. She looks up to her Mom and Dad, wanting to make them proud, to follow in their footsteps to become a great physician. That's why she pushes herself to learn as much as she can, reading her parent's encyclopedias like no tomorrow. She wants to have as much knowledge in the medical field as best as she can, and be accepted to an ivy-league college that specializes in it.

She can only hope that one day, she'll succeed in fulfilling her dreams.

"Well, I can easily say that I'm really glad we're friends! We get great food from you for free!" Talisha said with the same appreciative smile on her lips.

"Heh, yeah, she eats all the leftovers it's so good." Shanay rolled her eyes in humor.

Talisha groaned as she lightly punched her on the arm. "Shut up, Shanay!"

"OW! Now she's being violent! Quickly, call the cops!" Shanay said as she rubbed the sore spot on her arm.

Rosalina laughed. "Okay, come on you two. Enough horsing around." she then gave a warm smile. "By the way girls, I see you two more as family than friends. You're like the daughters that I never had."

Talisha smiled back sweetly. "Aww, thanks, Rosa. You're definitely one cool gal. We love ya."

Shanay giggled. "Yeah! You're like another older sister to me, Rosa. One that doesn't harass me." she looked at her real older sister and gave her an accusing glare. Talisha rolled her eyes at that.

The Hispanic woman chuckled. "Well, thank you both! I find what you two said to be very flattering!"

Both girls beamed. "You're welcome!" they said in unison.

Rosalina couldn't stop her giggles. "Okay girls, eat your food before it gets cold. After you eat, try to get dressed for your parents when they get back."

"Eating it while it's still hot won't be a problem with Tal over here. I think she broke a new record for gorging down that taco." Shanay joked.

"Shanay, stop making food jokes about me! I don't eat that much!"

"Yeah you do! I'm surprised you're not really fat right now! You were one time!"

Talisha groaned. "So I was fat that one time last year when I was junior, but that was only on the stomach! I trimmed down while playing basketball, didn't I?"

"You should thank Mom for that." Shanay then looked thoughtful. "Hmm...although, the basketball activities you do back at school isn't letting the 'other' fat places on your body to shrink."

"Girl, you want to start this again?"

The younger girl slammed the side of her fist in her palm. "I figured it out! You play so hard in basketball, that you burn the fat to your boobs and butt!"


"What? I was just approaching it scientifically. You do that, don't you?"

Rosalina giggled and shook her head amusingly with a smirk at the humorous exchange between the sisters. 'My oh my, how I wish I have kids of my own...'

Talisha entered her room after eating her lunch, her feet stepping on a few scattered clothes on the floor. As she glanced at the encyclopedias on her desk, she winced. It was the second month of school, and she acted like she was studying for final exams. Rosalina was right, she could handle school homework like no tomorrow. Give her an hour or two and she could probably finish all of it by then. She was a smart girl by all means of the phrase. She excels at science, as well as math, and she's proud of that. She really wants to succeed like her parents, maybe even exceed them. Again, she really does love to learn about the medical field. It was always so fascinating to learn different things about the body and how to cure it. She wanted to be one of the doctors to help out any person who was sick. It sounded like an awarding experience to be a physician, helping and saving people...

She knows she's working herself really hard, but now it's senior year for her, and she has to get serious about her education. And although Rosalina, as well as her parents, said that she shouldn't work herself too much, she just couldn't help it. She had to keep working her grade up if she wants to go to a good medical ivy-league college – preferably Harvard. But it's not like she's doing this on school nights. She vows and devotes herself to only read her mother and father's books on Friday nights and on the weekends when she has the chance.

However, right now, she needs to get dressed.

She sighs and enters her walk-in closet, where a mirror is hung onto the far end wall of said closet. When she got to the mirror close enough, Talisha stopped in front of the mirror to examine herself. She frowned and looked down at her full breasts that her short shirt is displaying. She meant it when she wishes that she didn't want to have such a large chest. Looking back in the mirror, she noticed that her exposed midriff was slightly toned. She actually did had a little flab of stomach fat one time last year, but again, thanks to being on the girl's basketball team at school, which she's been on since her junior year(it really was her mother's idea to sign her up), she's quite fit now. ...Although, for reasons unknown, her chest isn't shrinking.

Talisha frowned. 'Now that actually is peculiar...'

It could be two things for this phenomenon; one, her metabolism, which was doing its part when she plays basketball, letting the fat burn and store it in parts of her body...or the second thing would be her Mom's family genetics...

Or it could be both.

'Maybe Shanay is onto something...' she twisted her lips in thought. She sighed once more. 'Maybe I do need to change some of my eating habits.' She mused. She looked behind her to see the pooch of her round, full-sized rear. If she was honest, she would keep her backside, mainly because she didn't have to carry extra weight on her chest.

She was quite the developed young woman for her age, and it certainly showed. Not only was she developed in the breasts and posterior, but she definitely has some curves. Her hips arched into an almost perfect hourglass figure, while her long legs look shapely and almost thick looking, thanks to her metabolism(she guesses the fat goes there as well).

Again, if she was honest, she wouldn't really want any of these 'grown' attributes. She wanted to be taken seriously as a doctor, not some sort of model. Her Mom's side of the family certainly dominated her looks. She heard that both her mother and grandmother were quite the lookers back in the day, and to her mother's extent, she still is.

However, for her height, she definitely inherited it on her Dad's side. Her father was six feet tall, and her she was the second tallest in the family by 5'9. It kind of frustrated her; she felt like a young Amazon. However, she guesses that works to her advantage when she plays basketball.

She shook her head and decided to find what to wear today in her closet.

After she put on her usual things(bra, short-sleeved shirt, and jeans), she exited out of her closet and went to her vanity to fix her hair, which there was nothing to fix, but she wanted to make sure her dark hair braided pigtails were in order. Once she situated them, she almost went out the door, when her cell phone rings. She turned around to see that her iPhone was on her desk, where all the encyclopedias were placed on. She rushed over to the phone and saw that it was a picture of a pretty African-American girl with dark wavy hair and yellow-golden eyes, with her winking at the camera, smiling and doing the 'peace' sign. The name of this girl was displayed as 'Dani Rusher'

Talisha picked up the phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Tal! Girl, did you get my texts?"

She chuckled. "No, sorry Dani, I was sleeping."

"Sleeping? Uh oh, big girl, don't tell me you were trying to over-study again?" Dani asked in concern.

Talisha sighed irritably, "Dani, please don't call me 'big girl'."

Dani and some of her friends sometimes call her 'big girl', because she was the tallest of the group of girls(or it could be because of her...attributes), and she wished she wasn't reminded because of it.

"You're avoiding the question."

"No I'm not!" Talisha said in annoyance. "I just appreciate it if you could not call me 'big girl'."

"Oh come on, Tal, you know I'm not saying you're fat."

"Dani!" Talisha huffed in exasperation. "Look, I was sleeping, so I didn't get the texts. And I wasn't...over-studying." she finished lamely.

"Mm-hmm. I can tell from the other line that you's lying."

Talisha groaned. "Dani, were you gonna ask or tell me something?"

"That'll wait. I need to give you a pep talk."

"Oh gosh, Dani, seriously, I'm not even reading them right now," Talisha whined.

"Still, it's unhealthy. Ever since 'back to school rush', you've been devoted to reading medical books just so you can go to a good college. Girl, you're still in high school, you have your whole life to think about. I mean, I know you want to be a doctor, and that's cool, but don't overexert yourself! I'm afraid you'll collapse from sleep deprivation. Come on Tal, you need to stop worrying about that kind of stuff! You'll do fine!"

Talisha sighed, "Dani...it's senior year, and I have to be at the top of my game if I want to go to a top medical school. I want to at least do good on my academics."

"Tal, listen to me...you are a smart girl. Smarter than all of us in our group, actually. Trust me when I say that you'll do fine! You can pass any class, English, History, Math, and especially Science with flying colors. Math and Science are your expertise, while English and History aren't that big of a task for you. You will get those grades, go to Harvard or wherever, and you will succeed. You weren't rated smartest girl in our class last year for nothing!"

Talisha smirked at the praise but feels uncertain. "Well...I just want to be like my mom and dad..."

"Aww, Tal girl, you be who you want to be. I mean, you don't see your sister studying to be a doctor anytime soon. What does she want to be, anyway?"

"Well, she said she liked to work in video games."

"Oooh, video game designer maybe!? Tell her I say go for it! You still like to play Mario, don't ya?"

Talisha chuckled. "Yes, on occasions, as well as Zelda."

Dani laughed lightly on the other line. "Haha! Well, see, that's what I'm talking about! Be a teenager for now, learn to live a little!"

The tall girl pursed her lips in thought...she then sighed. "Okay, Dani, you win for now. I'll go easy on the studying."

"YAAAY!" Dani cheered.

Talisha cringed at her loud cheering. "Okay, Dani, don't blast my eardrums off."

"Sorry, sorry!" Dani apologized.

Talisha chuckled once more. "Okay then girl, so what were you calling me for?"

"Oh! Right! Well, me, Maria, and Kristy were thinking of going out for some ice cream. You know, girl time! So I thought that you would like to join and come with?"

She smiled. "Sure, why not?"

"Great! You've already eaten right?"

"Yep! So, what time do you all want to meet?"

"Well, I was thinking of driving my car to pick up Marie and Kristy as well as you to go there! Can I pick you up around 2:00ish?"

"Okay, that sounds cool! And yeah, 2:00 sounds great! I just need to put on some shoes and I'll be all set."

"Awesome! I'll pick you up at that time then! I'll see you soon, Tal! Ciao!"

"See you soon too, Dani! Bye!" Talisha said as she hung up, putting it in her jean pocket and going into her closet once more to go to her shoe rack area. Not having much thought on what shoes to wear, she picked some black ballet shoes. She was about to sit down and put them on when she thought about how she looked. She glanced at her reflection again to check out her attire.

She was wearing a yellow short-sleeved t-shirt, which had a white print design of the Golden Gate Bridge on it. The shirt was a little too tight around the chest area thanks to her bust, while her pair of regular blue jeans were a little snug around her legs and posterior.

Talisha observed her outfit she's wearing and frowned. 'Man, I need a different shirt to wear. I mean, granted, it still fits, but dang, it makes my boobs look too big...'

Speaking of, she feels like she needs a new bra. The one she was wearing felt a little too tight and uncomfortable around her chest.

She hopes they're not growing or anything...

Talisha cringed. 'Okay, I made my decision. From this point on, I'm going on a diet.'

Nodding to that, she in the meantime decided to change tops again. Maybe a baggier shirt this time around, so it would hide her bust and curves. She'll be out in public and she will NOT be the center of attention.

'I'll tell myself one thing, I really think I do need a new wardrobe.' Talisha thought as she pulled her shirt off and plopped it on the floor. As she went through her line of clothes in her closet, a young girl's voice came into her room.

"Yo Tal, Mom called and she's coming home in a little bit - AW MAN, COVER YO'SELF!" Shanay shouted in her older sister's room, shielding her eyes with her arms.

Talisha, surprised by the outburst, turned to the closet exit where her sister was in her room shielding her eyes to not look at her half naked sister. The eldest just rolled her eyes and said. "Shanay, grow up. They're boobs and you're a girl. You have them too. Besides, I'm wearing a bra, there's nothing else you can see."

"Yeah, well, you should know better than to wear a bra that is too small for you," Shanay said, still shielding her eyes. "And I hope mine don't get as big as yours someday."

Talisha pouted. "Shanay, cut it out. My bra is not small; it's a D-cup."

Shanay peeked over her arms, looking at her sister. "Okay two things; one, that's not considered small. Two, my assumption was correct; you are officially a DD-cup."

Twitching her brow, Talisha muttered irritably. "Like you would know."

"I don't have to. You look like you could be Mom's size. I worry about your future."

"Anyways, speaking of mom, you said she's coming home?"

"Yep. She said she'll be here around ten minutes or less."

"Okay then. Well, I'm going out with the girls to eat ice cream. Dani is going to pick me up around two-ish." Talisha explained.

"Man, you never stop eating. But okay, whatever. Maybe while you're out, you can go shopping for a bigger bra this time."


"Or better yet, you could borrow some of mom's!"


Shanay laughed. "Girl, you are too fun to tease!" and with that, she walked out of Talisha's room.

The older girl growled and muttered. "Darn it Shanay."

So with that, she found a better, larger shirt(a red jersey-like shirt that has the San Francisco 49ers logo on it), put her black ballet shoes on, and went to the den area downstairs.

As soon as Talisha came downstairs, Rosalina turned a corner as she came upstairs, carrying a laundry basket.

"Hey Tal, do you have any dirty cloth-what are you wearing?" Rosalina asked as she looked up at Talisha.

Talisha blinked. "Um...why? What's wrong with it?"

Rosalina looked at her strangely. "You usually wear a 49ers shirt when there's a big game on."

A snicker was heard from Shanay on the couch she was sitting on, playing on her 3DS.

Sending her sister a glare she couldn't see, Talisha turned to her housekeeper and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Well...my...other shirt...was small."

Rosa raised an eyebrow. "And you chose that?"

The girl sighed. "Rosa...ugh, I'm just...trying to..."

Rosalina understood instantly. "Oh, okay, I see what this is about."

Talisha looked at her adult friend hopefully. "You do?"

She smirked. "Of course. Seriously, Tal, don't worry about your size. You are just becoming a mature young woman."

Talisha smiled. "You always know, Rosa."

Rosa chuckled. "Hey, I grew this figure when I was sixteen. I could talk about your mother, but she gets too embarrassed."

"Who gets embarrassed?" said another mature woman's voice.

Both turned to see that it was none other than Loretta Robinson. She was wearing a doctor's white scrub coat, a blue blouse under it, a long black skirt, with black high heels. Her hair was frizzy, yet curly and reaches to her shoulders. She had a mature figure, her hips pronounced, even though her coat was hiding her curves. Her noticeable, but concealed attribute was her chest, which was quite full, and her beautiful face, with her cheeks high and her lips quite full. Her height was also quite short compared to Talisha, as she was only 5'6". Lastly, her eyes were a pretty green, which showed curiosity when entering the den.

Shanay, who was on the couch, turned her head towards her mother. "Hi, mom!"

Talisha smiled and waved to her mother. "Hey, mom!"

Loretta smiles at her daughters. "Hey girls!" she turned to Rosa with a dubious look. "So, who gets embarrassed?"

Rosalina smirked as she crossed her arms. "Oh, no one. Just someone we know."

Loretta twisted her lips in doubt. "Really?"

Talisha decided to butt in. "Hey, Mom, I'm going with the girls to eat ice cream in a little bit! Dani is gonna pick me up around two-ish."

Loretta turned to her oldest daughter and looked at her oddly. "With that on?"

Rosalina snickered, while Talisha blushed. The former said to her good friend. "I think you need to give her a self-confidence boost, Loretta."

Talisha's mother blinked, but then understood as she smiled sweetly. "Oh Tal...you shouldn't feel self-conscious about your breasts."

"Mom! Please!" Talisha said in embarrassment as she blushed a red hue, hands now covering her face.

Loretta rolled her eyes with a smirk. "Come on, Talisha Darlin', we're going back upstairs to mine and your father's room to choose the right shirt for you."

Talisha's eyes widened in surprise. "Yours and Dad's room?"

"Yep. I got some old blouses that are really nice this time of the season."

"Wait, b-but-"

"Nope. No buts. You need to feel good about yourself. Now come on, up the stairs."

Talisha pouted but gave in to her mother's demands. "Okay..."

As they went up the stairs, Shanay called to them. "She also might need to borrow one of your bras, Mom!"

"Shanay!" Talisha exclaimed.

"There she is! Pigtails' a-comin'!" Dani said as her sedan was parked on the curb of Talisha's house.

Talisha rushed over to the vehicle with a new shirt, this one being a long-sleeved orange blouse. She had to admit, she did look nice. Her mother always had a taste in fashion. However, embarrassingly enough, she had to wear one of her mom's bra. It seems Loretta was noticing it too...

She remembered what her mother said before she gave her some money. "Today, we're going bra shopping after you come back with your friends."

She's still blushing profusely at that.

When she reached the car, she opened the door to the passenger seat and hopped in to meet up with her other friends.

"Hey girl!" Dani greeted her from the driver's seat.

"What's up, Tal!" said Maria, who was a Hispanic girl with braided hair down to her back.

"How's it going?" Kristy welcomed her as well, who is a petite Caucasian girl with auburn hair. "Hey, nice blouse!"

"Thanks! It's my mom's." Talisha said as she put her seatbelt on.

"Your mom's?" Maria asked with a raised brow.

"She loaned it to me," Talisha said simply.

"Well, you are working it, girl!" Dani complimented.

"Heh, thanks! Now let's go get some ice cream! I'm craving me for some mint chocolate chip right now!"

"You got it, Tal!" Dani said enthusiastically.

As Dani drove through the streets out of the neighborhood, Talisha relaxed in the passenger seat, not worrying about anything as she just hangs out with her friends. She wants to be an overachiever, but she can certainly let that all pause for the time being and refocus her mind on other things for now...until Monday rolls around, that is.

'For now, same old, same old…' Talisha thought as she relaxed on the seat.

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