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Drowsily leaning against his airplane window in his seat, Hyugen looked out of it to see the sea. They'll be arriving to their next destination soon. They made sure to set their watches(that are old fashioned watches and not electronic.) to the correct time when they reach there.

Hyugen glanced to his left to see his sister fallen asleep in her seat, while their father was reading a book. Hyugen gave each of them smile and looked back at the window.

He wonders what San Francisco will be like? What the U.S. will be like? But most importantly, he wonders how he'll live with his new life. His grandparents, in whom they own their very own Chinese restaurant, along with the assistance of his two uncles, will let them stay at their place for now, until they get all their stuff moved into their apartment(in which their father bought while he visited over there.) . He also learned plenty of English from his previous school, but most of his knowledge came from his Mom.

Hyugen gave a sigh through his nose. He'll just have to wait and see what waits for him over there. Until then, he drifted off to sleep…


Meanwhile, in a modern style home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, a shapely, attractive Hispanic woman in her late thirties, with her hair in a bun, was walking through a second story hallway to a room that had a sign that said 'Talisha's Room' in purple letters on the door. The woman knocked on the door, and opened it up to reveal a room of a teenage girl.

The moderate sized room, which belonged to Talisha, was quite a mess, with clothes on the floor, and a desk filled with homework and what looked like to be medical and science encyclopedias. On the desk, there was a mug of what appeared to be lukewarm coffee, and beside it was a bed that had someone resting in it underneath the covers.

The woman sighed and shook her head. 'Oh Talisha...'

"Sweetie, what are you still doing in bed? It's 1:00 PM! It's time to get up." said the woman with her slight Hispanic accent.

The figure, which was Talisha, stirred in her sleep, mumbling, "It's a Saturday, Rosalina. I wanna sleep."

"But you'll miss the lunch I prepared!" The woman named Rosalina reasoned with her.

Talisha softly mumbled incoherently.

Rosalina sighed as she muttered something in Spanish. She then said to Talisha, "Although I have to agree that Saturday's are meant for relaxation, that doesn't mean you have to do it all day by doing nothing. Now that would be just depressing." She joked with a smirk.

Talisha just laid there for a bit, until giving a grunt and lazily sitting up, revealing an African-American girl by the age of seventeen(although she looked taller for her age.). She sported twin braided pigtails that stop to her chest. She gave out a yawn and stretched her arms out, turning her back left and right and turning her neck to pop the kinks out. Rosalina winced at the sounds of the popping.

Talisha turned to Rosalina with a sleepy smile. "So what are we having?"

Rosalina revert back to a grin and said, "One of my specialties! My homemade soft tacos with seasoning pulled pork I prepared the other night!"

Talisha chuckled. "Sounds great!"

As Talisha pulled the covers out from under her, Rosalina asked, "I see you pulled an all-nighter, huh?"

Talisha sighed, her feet now on the floor but still sitting on the bed. "Yeah…first week of school, and it's already hectic."

Rosalina raised an eyebrow at her. "Really? Girl, you can handle those assignments like no tomorrow. I see those medical books. You shouldn't work yourself too hard. And you know you shouldn't be drinking coffee for someone at your age." Rosalina lectured her.

Talisha rolled her blue eyes and groaned. "Okay, I get it! I'll try not to work myself too hard."

Rosalina shook her head and sighed. "Let's forget it for now. Your sister is waiting downstairs, and she's pretty hungry. And you know how she gets."

Talisha giggled. "Alright. Right behind ya!"

Talisha, in her sleep attire(which consist of gray cotton shorts and a green T-shirt with a faded iconic Mushroom from Super Mario), hopped off her bed and followed Rosalina downstairs to the kitchen.

When they reached there, a young girl, who was African-American as well, was waiting on the bar stools on the island and was also playing on her Nintendo DSi in the center of the kitchen. Talisha took a good whiff of the smell of seasoned pork and homemade soft floured tacos and already her mouth was watering.

"Morning Jughead! How's it going?" the young girl apparently greeted her older sister without looking up from her handheld game console.

Talisha's hunger daze was broken when her sister called her by that derogatory name. She narrowed her eyes at her sister in annoyance as she walked to her stool and sat by her saying, "Grow up, Shanay."

"What? I'm just greetin' ya good morning. What you want me to call you; Cheeky?"

"How about neither?" Talisha growled in retaliation at her younger sibling.

"Okay Shanay, quit teasing your older sister. You know how she is about her appearance." Rosalina said as she put the pulled pork into the soft tacos.

Talisha gave a small smile to Rosalina. Rosalina was like her best adult friend, always looking out for her. She was also her parent's best friend as well.

Her mother is a surgeon at the San Francisco Medical Center, while her father is a science professor at San Francisco University. Her mother is operating on a patient right now, while her father is researching something of importance within biochemistry. So right now it was just her, her sister, and Rosalina.

You can probably say that they were a wealthy family, living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood in Pacific Heights, her parents having nice paid jobs…

But sometimes she wished things didn't have to come up so suddenly at times for her parents. Now, don't get her wrong, she sees her parents from time to time in the mornings and at nights, and she doesn't want to sound selfish, but at least on Saturday, they could spend some time with her and Shanay as a family. Now mind you, this doesn't happen a lot, but it just irritates her when it does happen.

"Tch. I can't help it if her boobs and butt have an orbiting system of its own." Shanay joked.

"Shanay!" Talisha exclaimed, blushing a hue of red.

Rosalina chuckled at that.

Talisha turned to her in shock. "Rosa! Not you too!"

She kept chuckling, "I'm sorry Tal, but it was kind of funny. But just to let you know…you have an average big butt, not a ghetto one. Your breasts, however, are huge."

Talisha twisted her lips into annoyance at her while her sister paused her game, snickering a fit. "Gee, thanks." she said in slight sarcasm.

"You're welcome." Rosalina teased with a smile as she carried their plates to them and set them on the island table.

"Oh boy!" Shanay closed her DSi and set it aside to wrap her soft taco to hold the pulled pork, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce together and picked it up to eat it. Talisha once again smelled the heavenly aroma of the food, and did the same thing as her sister did.

"Mmm…" Talisha gulped down the food to say, "This is fantastic, Rosa! It gets better every time you cook them!"

"Yeah, they're awesome!" Shanay also complimented.

Rosalina gave out a triumphed smile. "Well, that's good to hear! You know me, always trying to perfect my mother's recipes!"

The girls giggled as they ate. Shanay turned to her older sister and said, "You know, I think I know why you're getting fat in all the right places; from Rosa's cooking!"

"Hey!" said Rosalina in slight offence.

"You know, Shanay, if you really want my assets so badly, I'll gladly trade them to you, I really would, but that would be physically impossible." Talisha rolled her eyes while teasing her.

"Thank you for the offer, but I'll pass. I think it would look weird for a fourteen year old like me to have a giant rack and a giant butt like yours."

Talisha once again blushed as she mumbled to herself, "Hey, at least boys will be talking to you." mumbled.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Shanay scowled at her.

"Alright, alright girls, enough on the female anatomy. Shanay, I know you're jealous of your sister-"

"Jealous? Tch! I ain't jealous-"

"Oh really? Then why do you keep teasing your sister about her appearance, hm?"

"Because…" Shanay faltered there. She glanced a sideway glance at her sister. "Well, because…"

"Shanay," Rosalina started. "you don't tease your sister that much. You're already a beautiful girl, so don't feel like…" she faltered herself and sighed. "Look, this is your parent's job to tell you all of this, but all I'm saying is don't be jealous of your sister. As I said before, you're already a beautiful young girl and the only real attractive quality you need is a good personality. So, apologize to your sister." She turned to Talisha, "And Talisha, you know you didn't mean that as well, so apologize to your sister too."

Talisha blinked and looked down in shame, as Shanay pouted. Talisha glanced back at her sister and gave out a sigh and said "Shanay, I'm sorry, that was a little too harsh. Rosa's right though, you are a pretty girl. I wouldn't be surprised if you were beating boys off a stick at your school. Again, I'm sorry for what I said. Are we cool?'

Shanay shifted her gaze to her sister and muttered, "Yeah, we're cool…and I'm sorry too." she said quietly at the last part.

Talisha smiled at her younger sister and cooed, "Aww, come here you!" She wrapped her arms around Shanay's neck and hugged her head in between her breasts as a joke(and since she was on the tall side.), all the while letting her sister struggle and muffle from the hug.

Rosalina just laughed at the spectacle, while Shanay was released from her older sister from her grasp, trying to catch her breath. "Ugh! Shoot girl! I say sorry and you shove your udders in my face! What's wrong with you?!

Talisha laughed, ignoring the vulgar term for her breasts, "I'm sorry, Shay! It's just you're too adorable for words! Really though, I wish I was you."

Shanay looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yeah. I mean, seriously you think it's easy carrying extra weight on your chest? No it ain't. And don't get me started on the bra sizes. When I found out I was a 34DD when I just turned seventeen, I had to go through the most embarrassing shopping experience with Mom. You think being a D cup was bad enough? Double. Ds. I have to try on every DD cup bra to see if they would fit and be comfortable. And everyone's looking at you like you're some freak, while some…well, let's just say the opposite sex is involved. And finding shirts my own size? I'm lucky I found this shirt at my exact size." Talisha said as she motioned the green shirt with the Super Mario Mushroom insignia on it. The picture did seem to stretch from her sheer full bust.

"Okay, okay, you kind of convinced me." Shanay said as she put her hands up in defense. "…But what about your big butt? Would you get rid of that as well?"

Talisha just gave her a dull stare and just rolled her eyes and let out a loud sigh. "Yes, Shay, even my 'big' butt."

Shanay nodded. "Okay…but say you want to keep one asset of the other, which one do you want to keep?"

Talisha just looked at her dumbfounded. "…You know what? I'm going to eat now."

"What? It's a legitimate question. I'm your sister, you can tell me."

"I'm eating." She said in sing-a-long tone with her mouth a little full.

"Oh come on!" Shanay whined.

Rosalina just shook her head amusingly with a smirk at the humorous exchange between the sisters. 'My, how I wish I have kids of my own…'


Talisha entered her room after eating her lunch, her feet stepping on a few scattered clothes on the floor. She glanced at her schoolwork and books on her desk and winced. It was the first week of school homework, and she felt like she was studying for final exams. She knew she could handle school homework. Give her an hour or two and she could probably finish all of it by then. She was a smart girl by all means of the phrase. The reason she stayed up all night was because she was doing extra studying; gathering information from her mother's medical books and some of her father's science books. She wanted to learn as much as possible in order to become a physician and attend a good ivy-league college - preferably Harvard. She sighed, grabbed her forehead and thought, 'Well, nothing else to do for the time being. Guess it's time to hit the books again.'

She heard what Rosalina said about not working herself too hard, but she couldn't help it. She had to keep working her grade up if she wants to go to a good medical college. But it's not like she's doing this on school nights. She vows and devotes herself to only read her mother and father's books on Friday nights and on the weekends when she has the chance. Before she can read them today though, she decides to get dressed. She went into her walk-in closet room, where a mirror is hung on the wall at the end of the stretched space.

She stopped to examine herself in the mirror as she was close to it. Talisha frowned. She sometimes never did like the way she looked, which was funny to most, because she was gorgeous. She was quite the developed young woman for her age and it showed. She has curves in all the right places, especially her hips. Looking down at her top, her breasts were protruding from the short shirt. She twisted her lips in annoyance as she pulled down her shirt to stop her breasts for being so bulbous, but not succeeding. Frustrated with that, she turned her body around to take a look at her full-sized rear, along with her shapely, toned legs that comes with it. Talisha frowned deeper. She really didn't want any of these sexy attributes. She wanted to be a doctor, not a model. She inherited her assets from her mother's side of the family, her bust from her mother, and her butt from her grandmother. She heard that both women were quite the lookers back in her day(and to her mother's extent, she still is).

'Well Mom, Nana, sorry to disappoint, but I really don't want to look that good.'

She looked at herself again and noticed how tall she was. 5'11. That was another thing that frustrated her; her height. She feels like an Amazon. Apparently, she must have inherited her height from her father's side. She sighed again irritably and went to find what to wear today in her closet.


After she put on her usual things(bra, short- sleeved shirt, and jeans), she exited out of her closet and went to her vanity to fix her hair, which there was nothing to fix, but she wanted to make sure her dark haired braided pigtails were in order. Once she situated them, she went back to her homework filled desk to get her thin rim glasses on and decided to read more of her parent's books. As she was about to read them, her iPhone on her desk rang. She plopped the book down with a small groan and picked it up to see who it was. Her phone showed a picture of a pretty African-American girl with dark wavy hair and yellow-golden eyes, with her winking at the camera, smiling and doing the 'peace' sign.

Talisha sighed. 'Dani…' She answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey girl! What's up?" Her friend Dani said on the other line.

"Not much. Just studying." Talisha informed.

"Wha? Studying? Girl, are you jokin'? You would have been done with all of that work by now."

Talisha rolled her eyes. "Well, I was doing medical studies until you called."

"Medical studies?! Big girl, you're seventeen, you ain't in medical college yet!"

Talisha frowned. "Dani, please don't call me that."

Talisha hated being called 'big girl'. Regardless if it was her attributes or her height, she still didn't appreciate being called that outside of her given name.

"Ah, come on girl, you know I'm not saying that you're fat."

Talisha's eyebrow twitched. "Look, is there a reason why you called?"

"Well, me, Marie, and Kristy were thinking of going to downtown to shop a little since last week was the first week of school. So I thought that you would like to go with and shop!"


"Wha!? Oh come on, Tal! You need a new attire! It's senior year! And it's a Saturday! SA-TUR-DAY!"

Talisha cringed at her loud tone. "And you-are-loud. Look, I'm sorry, but I got a lot of stuff to do-"

"Tal, seriously girl, you don't need to work yourself so much." Dani interrupted in a surprisingly concerned tone. "Really, I'm worried about you. Ever since 'back to school rush', you've been devoted to reading medical books just so you can go to a good college and not hang out with us. Girl, you're still in high school, you have your whole life to think about. I mean, it's cool you want to be doctor and all, but can't you just let that pause a little bit? I'm afraid you'll collapse from sleep deprivation."

Talisha listened to her friend on the other end of the phone in surprise. She hadn't been really neglecting her friends, hasn't she? She snapped out of her trance and said, "Uh…well, I…I just only study really hard on Friday nights. And come on, I…I hang out with you girls."

"Well to answer the second thing, you usually hang out with us at school, but that's not when the student faculty are breathing down our necks. And okay, it's been one week, but come on, Tal! I don't want you to strain yourself every Friday night or whatever just so you can be a super straight A student. I mean shoot, girl, you're already smart as it is! You're the brainiac of our group!"

Talisha rolled her eyes and smirked at the compliment. She didn't prefer to call herself a brainiac per say, just a sensible individual.

"But either way, you need to just put the studying on pause and come hang out with us! It'll still be there, don't worry! Please, Tal?"

Talisha could sense the puppy dog eyes Dani was giving her over the phone.

She looked at the pile of books on her desks for a moment…


Talisha sighed, "Okay, you won me over."


Talisha cringed as she pulled her iPhone away from her ear. She put it back to her ear saying, "Seriously, Dani, you need to tone it down."

"Okay, sorry, sorry. Are you dressed?"

Talisha looked down to see her yellow t-shirt, dark denim jeans. The only thing she lacked was shoes. "Uh, just need to put on some shoes and I'll be set."

"Okay, girl! I'll pick you and the girls up around 2:00ish! Ciao!" Dani then hung up.

Talisha hung her phone up as well and put in her jean pocket. She went into her closet to go to her shoe rack area. Not having much thought on what shoes to wear, she picked some black ballet shoes and put them on. She was about to exit out of the closet, when she notice her breasts were slightly jiggling. She looked down at them with a scowl.

'Damn. Stupid bra.' She thought as she pushed the sliding glasses on her face. It would seem the bra band she tried to fasten was still a little loose. She'll be with the girls in downtown, all out in public, and she does NOT want to be the center of attention. The shirt felt so tight too. Luckily enough, the pants she was wearing were not too tight to emphasize her posterior as she chose some baggy jeans from Old Navy. She has a hard enough time hiding her feminine 'charms' when she goes out somewhere.

But as her mother and Rosalina told her, 'Honey, don't worry about your appearance! That's just the way you're made! You just have to be confident on how you look, and not worry about those young men eyeballing you! You just got to ignore them and move on. Sure, it may be hard, but you can't hide yourself forever. You're your own woman and you need to BE that woman, sweetie. …But I don't want you be too confident enough to strut your stuff like a hoochie-momma, you hear me?' That last line was from her mother. Of course, Rosalina wouldn't approve of that as well. It was kind of funny as she tried to talk to her father about her appearance once, but he felt awkward consoling it to her and told her to go talk to her mother about it. She got a smile out of that.

Talisha looked at the wall clock in her room as it read 1:40. Her face contorted in thought as she looked back at her closet. 'Well…I know it's summer…but I need to least have something to cover 'these' up.'

She went back to her closet and found the first thing that caught her eye, a denim jacket.

'That'll do.' Talisha sighed as she got the jacket out of the clothes rack. She put it on and walked out of her closet and out of her room.


Talisha walked down the stairs to the living room to wait for Dani and the gang, but upon entering the living room however, she froze…

…And witnessed the most silliest sight she has seen today.

Rosalina and Shanay were playing Wii Sports on the Nintendo Wii system on their flat screen television. Apparently, they were playing tennis from what the screen was showing, and it looks like they were having a great time, especially Rosa, who looks like she was winning at this point.

"Oh yeah! This senorita's got some moves!" Rosa exclaimed excitedly.

"Aw man! This ain't fair! Why are you suddenly so good at this?" Shanay said with another one of her pouts, her lip sticking out from her mouth.

Rosa chuckled. "I'm probably just a natural. You think you can outscore me cause I don't know the basics of video games? I've been hanging around you girls a lot to know a little bit about this stuff."

"That still doesn't explain how you're so good at tennis." Shanay said.

"You do realize, Shanay, that you're playing a video game and not actual tennis." Talisha voice chimed in the room.

Shanay looked over at her older sister and frowned as she stuck her tongue out at her in a playful matter.

Rosalina glanced back at Talisha and said, "Well, you look dressed! What's the occasion?"

"Going out shopping with Dani and the girls." said Talisha simply.

"Well that's great!" Rosa said with a smile. But she then raised an eyebrow at the denim jacket. "Why the jacket though? It's eighty-seven degrees outside!"

"Cause she wants to hide those jugs of hers." Shanay snickered.

"Shanay…" Rosalina softly scolded her.

Talisha frowned at her sister. "Well, to put it that way, then yeah, that's what I'm doing."

Rosa looked at her with a sympathetic smile. "Now Tal, take that off. You're being a little paranoid. If anything else, that would look even stranger to people seeing someone wearing a jacket in the summer."

Talisha groaned, "But my bra feels like they're not supporting them good enough! I tried to fasten my bra strap, but it still feels loose!"

"Oh really?" Rosa said as she put her hand on her chin in thought. She then said, "Are your friends picking you up, or are you going by yourself?"

"Um…Dani and the rest of the girls will be picking me up…why?" Talisha wondered.

Rosa smirked. "Tal, if you're mother can fix your bra, then so can I. What time will they pick you up?"

Talisha looked at Rosa in surprise. "Uh…" She snapped out of her shock and said. "Around two…you…really don't mind?" she said in an awkward tone.

"Tal, you and Shay are basically like daughters to me. I cook for you two, I sometimes help both of your homework, and I help both of your house chores!"

"I actually view you as a bigger sister! You don't look that old to me!" Shanay said with a smile.

Rosa looked down at Shanay, flattery written all over her face. "Well, thank you Shanay! I do keep my youthful looks from my mother." she said with a beaming smile.

Talisha smiled as well. Rosalina was quite the looker. She was thirty eight years old and didn't look a day older, and adding to fact she was very shapely and gorgeous to boot.

"Okay then." Rosa said, approaching her. "Turn around and lift your shirt all the way up."

Talisha blinked and blushed. "Wha-now?"

"Hey, it's just us girls, no need to be shy." Rosa grinned, as Shanay giggled.

Talisha just shifted her eyes around the room, making sure that…well, actually she didn't know what she was trying to make sure of! Making sure no perverts were around, she presumed… Guess she was paranoid about these type of situations.

"Okay…" Talisha then took off her jacket to put it on the couch, turned around, and lift her yellow t-shirt up to reveal her blue bra covered breasts.

"Dang! Look at them big Milk Duds!"

"Shanay!" scowled Talisha.

"Alright, enough you two, let me concentrate." Rosa said as she started to tighten her bra band…

"Kids, Rosa, I'm hom-…"

It was the voice of their father, Darron Gregory, as he came home from the campus of San Francisco University. A tall African American man of six foot two inches, and a medium built, his attire was that of a college professor, glasses included. He was carrying his suitcase and greeted the girls and Rosa, until he froze at the sight of his oldest daughter lifting her shirt up to reveal her bra, while Rosalina was fiddling with the bra strap and Shanay just stood there with a happy look on her face.

"Hi Daddy!" Shanay exclaimed happily.

Talisha on the other hand, was embarrassed as she blushed. "Ugh…hi, Dad."

Darron just blinked. "Uh…hello girls…um…Rosa, what's…going on?"

Rosa just laughed. "Nothing to worry about, Darron, just fixing her bra."

"Oh…okay." Darron just nodded and stood there a couple of seconds in uncomfortable silence until he said, "I…just…made this awkward, didn't I?"

Shanay snickered, while Talisha palmed her forehead in mortification. Rosa just rolled her eyes with a smirk as she fixed her bra.


"There she is! Pigtails' a comin'!" Dani said as she parked her sedan on the curb of her house.

Talisha took her time down the cobblestone walkway, still wearing the denim jacket from earlier, much to Rosa's dismay. She had compromised by leaving it unzipped though. She glanced around the yard until her eyes fell on Dani's vehicle parked at the curve. It didn't take her long to trot down to the car from where she stood. She opened the door to the passenger seat and hopped in to meet up with her other friends.

"Hey girl!" Dani greeted her from the driver's seat.

"What's up, Tal!" said Marie, who was another African American girl with braided hair down to her back.

"How's it going?" Kristy welcomed her as well, who is a petite Caucasian girl with auburn hair.

"Hey! Oh, nothing much. You know, same old, same old." Talisha said as she fastened her seat belt.

"Like working your booty off on those books?" Dani said as she gave her a humorous look.

Talisha sighed. "Look, I'm here, aren't I? Let's go shopping! I actually do want to get some things while I'm out."

"If I were to guess; bigger bras." Marie said jokingly from the back seat while Kristy giggled next to her.

Talisha turned to Marie with a humorous scowl. "Would you please keep the boob jokes to yourselves? I heard enough of them from my sister."

"Alright, let's stop making fun of Tal. Downtown, here we come!" Dani exclaimed and drove off.

Talisha just relaxed in the passenger seat, not worrying about anything. Maybe this will help her, hanging out with some of her friends. She wants to be an overachiever, but she can certainly let that all pause for the time being and refocus her mind on other things for now. …Well, until they go back to school on Monday, that is.

'For now, same old, same old…' Talisha thought as she relaxed on the seat.


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