The Ripper's Children

Part 1

"I have to move on" Mary said. Her face was covered with many scars and unnecessary stitches, she claimed they were what gave her character. "I can't stay here, Alma and you know it" Alma looked to the ground and watched a tiny black ant walk by. She knew she couldn't stop her friend from leaving, if only Mary could see how much better her life would be if she stayed here with Alma and the rest of her family.

"Don't you have anything to say?" Mary asked. Strands of her black hair covered her face, her green eyes staring coldly.

"Yes, I do. Mary you can't run forever. They're going to get you one day" Alma said sternly.

"They'll never catch me or any of my family, we're too smart for them"

The two girls then stared into each others eyes in silence. Their friendship was ending in this very moment. "Alma, your family chooses to kill in silence, but that's just no way to do it" Mary stood up from the ground, her body seemed stiff and very tense. "We're leaving for Milwaukee tomorrow, it was nice seeing you again and all but this is good-bye" And with that Mary walked away and her former friend watched as she did so.


He was only known as The Ripper, whatever his true name was is long forgotten. Mary had known him for many years now, a strange man she had ran in to on the streets. The man that would forever change her life. The Ripper was thin but he was very strong, this Mary knew by experience. His skin unusually pale and seemed liked it could easily be ripped apart.

"Where have you been, Mary?" he asked, his voice was dry and raspy as it always was. She never knew why since he was not a smoker.

"I went to see Alma" Mary replied, "Where are Glen and Shelley?"

"They're asleep" The Ripper smiled and shoved Mary onto the old dusty sofa. Since they got to this new town, they had been staying in an old abandoned house. "Tell me about this Alma, is she pretty?"

"Umm, I guess so" Mary replied, "She's twelve, same age as me"

"Why don't you go upstairs with your siblings" he said, softly.

Mary did as he said and walked up to the room where Glen and Shelley were asleep. The two of them where laying on an old mattress, sound asleep. She sat down next to the sleeping children, like her they had many unneeded stitches. But other than that, they had no other similarities. Shelley had a very sweet and innocent face despite her scars, but her eye was lazy. Glen had a head full of very light blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. It was obvious that they were not siblings by blood. With a slight smile Mary laid back onto the cold floor. Like every other night, it was hard to sleep.


Mary was already wide awake when her brother and sister finally woke up. It was still very early but not early enough for her. "We're probably going to leave in a little while" she said to them.

Shelley yawned and then smiled at her older sister and then at her brother who still looked half asleep. "I don't think that's up to you, Mary. Daddy would have woke us up if wanted to leave already" Shelley was the only one who called The Ripper 'Daddy'. Mary didn't understand why, The Ripper was more of a commander rather than a father figure.

"It's actually kind of comfortable here" Glen said through a yawn.

"I know but we have to move on" Mary said.

They heard the footsteps of The Ripper making his way to the room and they all tensed up a bit. He was smiling when he came him. His smile was always chilling. "Children, there's been a change of plans. We're going to be staying here after all"

"But we can't stay-" Mary cried but she was quickly interrupted.

"Mary, do think I don't know what I'm doing? We're just going to have to be more careful" he said firmly. Mary wasn't enthusiastic like her siblings, not at all. She always thought The Ripper to be an intelligent man, but there was no way his decision would be good in the end. And she still wondered why he wanted to stay here in the first place.

"Glen and Shelley, you stay up here. Mary and I have some things to discuss" The Ripper said darkly, eying Mary. Her body shivered and she then followed him out of the room and down the steps. He told her to sit down and she quickly did so.

"Your eyes were very questioning. Mary, do you not have faith in me?" he said.

"Sir, I just don't know if it's a good idea to stay here" she mumbled.

"Who was the man that took you out of a life of lies? I was, so don't you think it's best you never question me?" he said darkly.

"Okay, I won't"

The Ripper began laughing, and Mary knew then that she was in a lot of trouble. He reached down to the side of his boot where he kept his knife. Tears soon fell from her eyes as he pulled out the blade. "Please sir no" she whimpered.

"Mary, Mary, sweet Mary. You must learn your lesson" The Ripper said as he forced he head back. "Try not to scream too much" He then sliced slowly along the side of her face. Mary sobbed loudly and kicked her feet.

"Hold still!" he shouted, "This is for your own good!" He pulled back the knife and then quickly tore off her shirt. Smirking, he forced her to lay back on the couch. As much as she begged, Mary knew the man would not stop. The man began to brutally slash at her flesh with his blade, it seemed like he was doing so carelessly but he was making sure not to make the cuts too deep. Mary was screaming now, she just couldn't hold it back. Her body was already hideous with so many scars, although The Ripper had always said they were what made her beautiful.

Finally, he stopped. His knife dripped with blood, Mary was feeling the pain of each slash it had left. "Now do you understand me?" he said, smiling.

"Yes" Mary said through her sobs as she sat up, covering her breasts.

"I always thought you would want to settle down and be like a real family" he said.

"Whatever you want, I want" she replied, weakly.

"That's what I like too hear, Mary"