Part 5

Mary found herself standing at the front door of Alma's house. She she felt that Alma could her and would be more than willing to do so. She banged on the door loudly, she wanted to talk to her friend quickly. Instead of Alma herself, it was her father Sylvester who answered the door. "Mary! I haven't seen you in awhile" he said with a smile.

"I know, I really need some help right now" Mary said.

"Sure, come on in" he gestured her into the house and she quickly walked inside. The house so open and full of warmth. "All the kids are asleep. Do you want me to wake Alma?"

"No, I guess it doesn't matter who helps...I need to get away from The Ripper" Mary explained.

"Really? Best news I've heard all day. You can stay here if you want" he said.

Mary quickly shook her head, "No, No he'll easily find me here. He knows about my friendship with Alma" She then buried her face into her hands. "Oh god there's no way I can get away with this"

"Mary, I can protect you"

"No, You don't know The Ripper...he's far too dangerous" she was beginning to regret leaving, there was absolutely no way she could get away from someone like The Ripper. "This is pointless, I'm leaving" Before she could walk towards the door Sylvester grabbed her arm.

"I always wanted you to be apart of my family Mary" He held grasped her arm tightly. "You're so unique..I mean you're perfect"

"You're out of your mind, I can't stay here" Mary tried to pull away but Sylvester had her in a death grip. She looked into the man's intense eyes, he was just someone else who wanted to control her.

The door suddenly flew wide open and in the threshold stood The Ripper. Staring at the two of them with his deadly eyes. "Mary, Mary...I'm so disappointed in you and Sylvester she's mine and only mine" he licked his lips slowly. "Now Mary come over to me" His eyes began to glow red and Mary viciously began trying to free herself from Sylvester's grip. "Let me go! I wanna be with him!" she shouted and with one violent jerk she freed herself from the man. She found herself longing to be with The Ripper and she was quick to run to him, falling into his embrace. Mary didn't know where such desires were coming from but she couldn't resist.

Sylvester just stood there, frozen in place. He was looking in to the glowing eyes of The Ripper. He felt so weightless as he was lifted off his feet and into the air. His flesh began to rip apart, the sharp pains making him cry out. The man was soon nothing, even the flesh from his bones was scraped away. Mary, in The Ripper's arms happily embraced the darkness.


"Did you really think that you could get away from me?" The Ripper asked as soon as Mary began to awake. He stroked her dark hair and looked at her with a loving smile.

"I was so stupid...I belong with you and no where else" she replied through her tears.

"It's not chance that we were brought was destiny. Me, you, Shelley and Glen(May he rest in peace) were all meant for each other" he gave her a quick kiss on the lips, he was so warm. For the first time, Mary felt that she was actually loved.

"Are we still going to stay here?" Mary asked.

"I've changed my mind, I'll think we will move on" The Ripper said. Mary looked into his eyes, they were so irresistible right now. Without thinking, she touched his face his skin was so warm and smooth. She belonged to this man, her father and master. "I'm yours" she whispered.