The sky was lit bright. The stars were all shimmering in the dark night sky. There was not a sound. Everything was calm. Everything was right.

Suddenly a star fell out of the sky.

The star was followed by another, and another as the night grew darker and darker. Soon stars were sparse in the night sky.

The stars spun and swam as they climbed down to the ground. They sang and danced in a mystifying pattern, a song only they knew. As the vortex of stars reached the surface, other creatures started gathering, such as dwarves, elves, centaurs, satyrs, spiders, wizards, dragons, unicorns, griffons, and more. A wizard started the conversation.

"On the Night of Falling Stars, we gather round to this Centerfold for meeting." This was answered by a small cheer. "We are the only remaining ones of The World. The king has chased us and forced us into hiding for many years. Our numbers are thin. And soon, the prophecy will be at hand, and the outcome will be grave if we are not ready. Agreed?" Murmurs fluttered and flickered throughout the crowd. "Liingria, will you recite the prophecy?"

The spider levitated and danced into the air and began weaving a web. As the web was woven, patterns and letters emerged. Soon, the web said,

In the seeming endless night

Light flickers to and fro

A champion to face a fright,

A fright which we may never know

A conqueror who smote the land

Must decease and live no more

For if this does not pass by in hand,

The night will last forever more.

A champion with brave a soul

To fight until his life's end

His effort, he must give his whole

Until his spirit can no more bend.

Who may this champion be?

Powerful enough, is he?

Everyone sat in awe of the display. "Thank you, Liingria. Let everyone remember these words, and let our champion arise soon." Everyone nodded in reply. "Now, we will let Starshine speak.

The brightest star stood in front of them all. "Greetings, everyone. My comrades and I have been watching the world, and things have gone awry. The king has gone mad. He can't see in front of his own two hands. His actions could have disastrous results. What has he done, you may wonder? He has started to make sport of murdering unicorns. If all of them die, then the world will spiral out of control. Their great magic is holding the ground down, keeping life in the trees and animals. If they die, the world will collapse on itself.

"The king has also been hoarding my other brothers. Using some dark magic none of us know of, he pulls us from the sky and traps us in jars. Our magic is most fragile, and soon we will all die, causing the never ending night. And who knows what lurks in the shadows?" Everyone shuddered. Suddenly, Liingria started writing again. My sisters are also in danger. The fabrics of time must not be unwoven, or chaos will strike. Liingria floated over to the wizard. What will we do?

One of the dwarves walked over. "I am Lyringotts, Overseer of the Forges of Twann. My brothers have been exploited. Our weapons are the finest in the land, but they're being used by this tyrant! What gives him the authority?" The dwarf was seething with anger, his face red as fire. And then it turned to surprise.

A man suddenly appeared inside the room. He wore a dark black tunic, a gaudy gold crown, and an evil grin. "What gives me authority?" asked the man in an innocent voice. "Why, being the king of course! Why ask for what I can have? And this little gathering you're having isn't very… productive. Words like tyrant can be very offensive, you know. And yes, I can see past my hands, thank you very much. Now, I'm sorry to say this meeting is over." And with a flick of his wrist, everyone vanished.

The king reappeared in front of an inpatient thirteen-year-old girl. She was dressed with a large assortment of gems, jewels, and pearls scattered around her silk, pink dress. The throne she was sitting on was rather lavish, too. It was made entirely of gold with deep red velvet cushions. And, of course, on her head was a golden crown with sapphire, ruby, and diamond jewels scattered around entire thing. Of course, there was silk on the bottom of the crown so that it would not cut into her precious little head. Her eyes were deep green, with a look far beyond her age. "Well, Daddy? Did you do what I said?" she asked, glaring at her father.

"Yes, Princess Gwennyss, I separated the meeting," answered the man, nervously. The man who appeared so confident in front of the meeting looked fragile and scrawny under his own daughter's gaze.

"Very good, Daddy," the girl replied. The king knelt in front of her, seeming to say, And how else may I benefit you? Princess Gwennyss sat up and instructed him, "That will be all. You may leave now."

No one knew what had happened to Princess Gwennyss. She had been a charming little girl, even as a toddler, but ever since she was seven, she had been very demanding. One day, her father woke up to find his beautiful blue-eyed girl with dazzling green eyes, ordering all of the servants around. She would only eat the most expensive of foods, and all the chefs who had given her a wrong order seemed to have developed a very strong headache.

She took after her mother. Her mother had the same green eyes and the same demanding personality. However, the odd thing is that the Queen died two years before her daughter became a monstrosity. Well, no one ever saw the Queen die. She ordered her own funeral as soon as she became sick, escaped one night, and her body was found the next day. And oddly enough, the Queen's body had the same blue eyes she was born with. It was all very odd indeed.

The king sat in his study. It seemed that ever since he was married, he had been used as a figurehead. First by his wife, now by his daughter of all things. Why couldn't he have some control in his life? He sat down. He put his heads in his hands. He could regain a bit of his control, but his daughter was just too authoritative. He needed an escape. He lifted his head out of his hands. He might just have one. However, his escape must wait till summer's end.