Ritalin Children (CG 202)

Kids of revolution!
Drowned in, medication!
Controlling all decision!
Enducing social stigmatization!
And then hope becomes illusion!
To the millions upon millions!
We are the Ritalin children!
And we only wanted a chance!

We only, wanted to kno-ow!
Something we could call our own!
We never wanted to swallow!
What they stuffed down our throats!

So whats your justification?
Your well rehearsed explanation?
Whats your motivation?
Greed, apathy or assimilation!
Why subject us to damnation?
Rage, fear and isolation?
Is it cause you're the institution!
And we're just annoying artist ants?

So now we'll, never kno-ow!
Into who we could've grown!
Our dreams and selves, overthrown!
By a genocide the world condones!

Utilize your corruption!
To drive insane a generation!
Frequent misinformation!
Keeps the sick truth well hidden!
A Nuremburg Code violation!
Without research it's human experimentation!
So fill out your prescriptions!
With your bloody fucking hands!
Medicate the creative!
Until they obey your commands!

La, la la la la!
La la, la la la la!
La la la, la la la!
La la la la la!

We are the Ritalin children!
And we only wanted a chance.