It is a fact that woman are smarter than men. Don't be offended it's just true. Celia Boyd is a perfect example. She is a beautiful woman; short blond hair in a perfect curly bob, large sparkly blue eyes, and a small, hourglass frame that would make any women jealous. She was a man magnet. She drew the opposite sex in like flies to fly paper. However, Celia had a type. She liked tall men with green eyes and expensive taste. She would drag them into her web with a wink and a kiss. There was only one thing Celia enjoyed more than men and that was the long, skeleton key that hung around her neck.

You see, Celia had grown up in the deep south on a large, tobacco farm. The house she grew up in was large and spacious and Celia explored every room except one. The attic. Her mother had laid claim to that domain and Celia was never allowed in there. However, Celia was a child and didn't sleep well and every Sunday night, her mother would invite a worker into the attic for a drink. Celia would hear them talking, then laughing, then screwing. The noises would stop at 12:00 every time. Than the screaming would start. The workers screams would be heard for a mile in every direction. And as the screams grew in pitch, Celia would quietly climb the stairs. When she reached the top step, she would reach for the door knob, determined to open it this time and find out, and instead step in the puddle of blood leaking out from beneath the door. Terrified she would run down stairs and jump into bed, smearing the blood on her sheets. When her mother would inquire as to where the stains had come from, Celia would lie and say that she had cut herself or it was the cat but her mother knew the truth and before she sent Celia off the college, she gave her her heritage

"We're black widows, Celia, married or not. We find a man we like; we take what we want than we put him out of his misery. You may think I'm a monster but you'll figure it out soon. The women of this family have been doing it since the begging of time and will continue to do it. I can assure you that one day you will discover the pleasure in this that we have craved. Good luck, my daughter, for it is almost your time". Then her mother slipped the long key from around her neck and held it out to Celia.

"Guard this with your life"

Celia stared at the skeleton key that her mother had used to lock the attic up every Sunday of Celia's life. The little object felt like it contained immense power that Celia felt a longing to know. That was how her life as a black widow started. As you can guess, Celia isn't just a pretty face, she a deadly killer. Her favorite weapon being the key.

It all started with Ryan, a cute boy from college that Celia fell head over heels for. It didn't take much for Celia to fasten herself into Ryan's life and the two became the hottest couple on the campus. It was soon after that Celia learned the biggest lesson of her life. One night after Celia went for a visit to her mother, she decided to surprise Ryan. She drove her cherry red bug to his house and parked. Creeping up the drive, she peeked into the house and found Ryan with someone else. Celia felt her heart shatter as she watched Ryan kissing Rebecca Rodriguez. Her hand absently wondered to the key hanging from her neck. She tugging on it as she began to cry until the knot holding it around her neck broke. With the key still clutched in her hand she ran up to the door and began banging her fist against it.

"Ryan! Ryan" she yelled until he opened the door. Storming in, she began throwing her accusation in his face.

"How dare you cheat on me! I loved you Ryan and you don't even have the guts to just break it off you have to go behind my back? How could you?"

"Because I was tired of waiting. Don't you think about me at all? I have needs to that you refused to feel! So now you know and besides you owe me. You were just some dorky country hick and I made you. Now I see what a complete waste of time you were"

Celia had never felt such a thing as the bubbling, spewing rage that grew inside her chest. She grip on the key tighten to the point of pain. She hated him. Her hand shot forward to shove him away and buried the key in his throat. The top of the key was all she could see as she watched Ryan choke and claw at the key. Blood bubbled out of his mouth and flowed down his chin. Watching him she felt a great power flow through her and reveled in it. A scream punctured her reverie. Glancing behind her she realized she'd forgotten about the other girl. Celia reached forward and ripped the key from his throat splashing the room in blood. Smiling, she turned to the girl and tackled her. Laughter bubbled out of her mouth as she repeatedly stabbed the key into the girl's chest over and over again until she stopped twitching. Over the years the key had become rusted and all the turning it had done had caused it to develop a rather sharp end. The point it had formed made the perfect discreet murder weapon. Celia stopped when the girl's body stopped twitching. They were her first. The police didn't really look into it and Celia's mother sufficed as the perfect alibi.

From there on she it went to Anthony, then Stefan, then Randy, then Julius, Mac, Julio, Arthur, Keith, Jacob, and Chen. She killed them all whenever they told her they loved her. She felt absolute power in killing them. However, what she didn't count on was Brandon. Like any other guy she pulled in, he was hypnotized. Until one light when he told her he loved her.

"Celia, I love you" Brandon whispered innocently in her ear. She smiled and reached behind her, between the red velvet couch cushions until her hand wrapped around the key.

"You don't know how long I've waited to hear that" she kissed his cheek as she raised the key behind his head. He pressed his lips to hers and she brought the key down into his back. He jerked back and screamed as the she ripped the key from between his shoulder blades. He roared in fury as she raised the key above her head.

Brandon buried a box cutter into her side.

She cried out and fell on the ground. Gripping her side, she stared at him shocked.

"What the Hell?" she screamed. He smiled down at her rubbing the hole in his back.

"Looks like were perfect for each other. Hi, I'm Brandon James; I've killed seventeen women since I was sixteen years old. I'm a black widower. I'm to assume you have a similar history" he stood up and held out his hand. She gripped it, uncertainly, as he pulled her to her feet.

"I'm Celia Boyd. I've killed eleven boys and one girl since I was twenty years old. I'm a black widow"

There was a moment of silence between them before Brandon turned, picked up the box cutter and walked out the door.

"See ya' around, Celia Boyd" he called over his shoulder before disappearing into the dark. Celia stood there, stunned, hurt before going to the bathroom and bandaging the wound. Locking the front door, she smiled. Nice to know she had a kindred spirit out there. Grabbing the phone, she dialed Brandon's number.

"Hello, Celia" his smooth voice came over the receiver.

"Hey Brandon, listen there's a rave going on tonight over in the warehouse, wanna go? Its good fishing"

"Love to. Been in the mood for a short, red head lately"

"Really? I've been thinking of going for a muscled, Blonde."

"Great see you there"

"Right, see ya'"

The next morning

"Four people were found dead this morning after what was believed to be a mugging at a local rave. The victims were seen together along with two other couples who are currently missing. Police are investigating into the matter…"

"Correction. Six are dead" Brandon pulled Celia closer to him.

"Yeah, what a shame" she smiled looking down at the tall, Latino girl and short man lying at our feet. The man's face was covered in tiny key holes. The girl was cut up like sushi. She swiped her hand over her clothes, smearing the blood.

"I've never killed like that before. It was so spontaneous" Celia turned to him.

"Me neither. I kinda liked it:" he tipped her head up and kissed her.

"Ready for round two?" she challenged

"Where at?" he stood up and grabbed the box cutter.

"Whoever's home"


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