Well here I am heading off to school again, and I see my dad in his uniform heading off to his job. I turn on the news and hear about some threat in the Middle East. Part of me thinks it is cooked up and part of me is worried. Why am I worried you may ask? Well I know that my dad will be sent over there to fight in this war. I see this politician screaming for it, and I find this guy was never in the military! What does he know? I think he is just trying to start fights on a global scale. My dad says he has to go to work and I say goodbye, knowing that he may come home and say he has orders to go overseas. I head off to school, quiet. No one here in the halls of my school knows what it is like. Their parents all work civilian jobs. They will never know what it is like to lose a parent in war. I fear this every day. I implore my congressman in a letter I wrote at lunch to not vote for this war we are facing and I tell him what it would be like for me to lose my dad who is a solider. I heard about roadside bombs with previous wars and it scares me. My dad is head of the motor pool and would be in the convoys that get bombed if he were to be sent over. I cannot stand this.

We have dinner and my brother announces he wants to join the Marines. I cannot fault him for that. In fact I am proud for that. What scares me is that the Marines are the first in and last out. I never saw him as being in the Marines, but it is his choice, but he would only be a young private, those are the ones thrown through the worst of the worst. I grew up with him and I don't want my last memory of him to be of seeing him off and I get a bland form letter saying how regretful it is his death was and how it was for a good cause. I would take his place if I could. I would enlist if my epilepsy didn't hinder me. I would take that bullet for my father and brother but I cannot. So I am fighting to keep them safe. Maybe if there is enough people like me who knows what can be lost we can sway the officials who don't know what they are doing. It's not like they would lose anyone in this war.

I'll spend as best a time I can with my father and my brother, but I am also going to fight on the home front to keep them safe here and if they are sent off and wounded, I am going to fight to make sure they get the best benefits possible. I mean their country owes them. Soldiers give it all and their families are stronger than you think.