I've found myself to be a walking self-fulfilling prophecy.
And, at this time in my life, I'm looking to comprehend the nuances of something that I once thought was thoroughly ridiculous.
The funny part is, I know that once I find it, wherever or whoever it resides inside of, I will experience pain of an intensity that will bring me to my knees. I will not be able to avoid it, either.
Yet, I send out telepathic probes anyway. Scanning my immediate horizon for the peculiar little lighthouse that will inevitably call out the sounds of my name in jumbles. Appealing to resonant vibrations of my heart, which is young, and riddled with scars from bullshit I had no choice but to delve into. Some of them, I inflicted myself.
I learn best through my mistakes, and this will be one of the biggest. Lessons of love are vicious, and rarely do you learn them only once.