He saw her there, uncomprehendable in her silence, and dangerously enthralling in her midst, something of immense clarity, and yet, profound distance, in her just face. He stood there holding the same gaze as she held to the beyond of the cold pane.

She was suffocating; the mountains tightened their vice, a pull she felt grow sharper as she slipped away from their stare. They had claimed her captive in the shadow of their safety for all her while, mercilessly shielding her from the vast beyond. Freezing knives drove through her knuckles from the muddied skies of dusk. She allowed the residual winds to scrape the feeling from her hands and humble wrists. She slipped the window closed.

He slid into the seat with her, pulled her body from the window, out from under her solitude, and closer to his own. He noticed how dimly lit the train car was, and how brutally anguished her shoulders were. He removed his hands from her. He drove himself to madness contemplating what could be said to disturb the shuddering landscape. He worked up the courage; 'Feel like I'm dousing your soul in hellfire,' He waited.

She held her thoughts, not daring to defy the mountains and their opthalmy. Her view gave way to cliffs, bidding a reprieve. The weeping rains clouded her window. She tore her eyes away and drove them down, behind her shoulder, towards his presence.

Her submissive exhaustion as an invitation of contact, he placed an unfeeling hand over her chapped fingers and watched for her delicate rebuke of his boldness. She did nothing against him. 'They have to chain my neck before they can free my heart; you know that as well as I do,' Had he been facing her, not behind, he would have found humility in her clouded eyes. Though, to the dismay of each, the soft crack of her voice was one to betray her apathy; 'It's getting harder and harder to leave this place,'. She recomposed herself, forgetting the minor weakness. Her vista returned anew, yet she pushed herself from the window, drawing the light blind, and sank her weight into him.

He took her weight, fearful of wavering, all the while unmoving, still having the contact of her hand under his. He just sat. He knew that he didn't understand this, but he knew her enough to give up trying to. It wasn't until her head fell to his neck that he removed his hand.