Dread. That's the only word he could describe the way he felt right now. Lord Grayson just witnessed what he thought was a nightmare. Could he survive this? He wasn't sure. One thing he knew that was for a fact:

He was going to kill his best friend.

Lord Grayson just stared at the woman who stood in the doorway of his home before him. He had put on his best button up shirt with a black jacket with his dark blue jeans, making him look as sexy as hell. He even made sure his hair, black as night, was styled just right so that it looked wild, but tamed at the same time. It was spiked to a certain degree, still staying that way even after he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. His sea blue eyes began to narrow.

"You." was all he spat.

"Your the one I am to stay with for the summer!" she shook her head. "Derek is dead."

"Well that is at least one thing we can agree on." he snorted. He just watched as she put her hands onto her hips.

She was different than he remembered. Well, she looked different anyways, the attitude seemed the same. She was a dark brown haired girl, roughly around the age of 19 now. Her hair was pulled back into a bun that was braided and her she wore a plan black t-shirt, that was a little big on her. Her pants looked the same, being a lighter jean but a little baggy on her what seemed to be slender form. Lord Grayson couldn't really figure out if she had curves, or is she was flat like a twig. He could tell that she had a bigger bust than he remembered, and when she turned to look behind her, he noticed she had a nice butt too. His eyes traveled back up to her face where her chocolate eyes glared at him; her thinner lips frowning at him. She looked like a boy.. a very pretty boy, but a boy none the less. She was so unattractive. Nothing she wore flattered her and, if he could remember correctly she had a mouth on her too.

"What are you staring at, asshole?"

Yep. He remembered correctly.

"Come on Elinore! Be a little open to this would you?" a man carrying a couple of her bags called out as he walked through the door as well.

"Derek, how dare you bring her here!" Grayson hissed to him.

Sighing he put down the bags and crossed his arms.

"You're the one who agreed to this, Grayson! Please! I really need you to help me out here!"

"You didn't tell me that you're going to be marrying this whore." he growled crossing his arms as well. Elinore's eyes went wide, her hands making fists down at her sides.

"Who the hell are you calling a whore you pompous-Jack ass!" she growled back.

"Einore! Watch your language! That's no way for a lady to speak!" Derek expressed as she sighed and grabbed a bag of hers.

"Lady? Hmph. Some lady. Pretty sure you won't ever be able to get her to shut that big mouth of hers. Trust me, I've tried." Grayson told him, rolling his eyes.

Elinore McKindley cringed and didn't want to hear any more of his mouth. She couldn't believe she was stuck here for the entire summer until her wedding. This was going to be one long summer. Derek looked at her and smiled softly.

"Why don't you go find a room you'd like. I'll bring the rest in a bit once you do."

"My pleasure. Anything to get away from HIM!" she stormed off with one bag still in hand. After a moment she disappeared into another area of the huge mansion. Grayson looked at Derek with a glare.

Now, Derek too was a Lord in this area. He was also Grayson's best friend and soon to be Elinore's husband. He was an average height man, thin, but toned. Not as much as Grayson though. Grayson was taller than average, thin, but very toned. Derek had green eyes and blonde hair that was short and well maintained. He stood there in normal clothing which consisted of a shirt and a pair of old jeans. He was in more of a 'relaxed work attire'. He was quite good looking himself and him and Grayson used to be a team of studs. Now he was about to get married to Elinore so he tried to not sleep around and do the things he used to. It was slowly killing him but he ignored it as much as possible.

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you who exactly it was... but I thought since it was younger when you guys were rivals that you both grew out of it. Guess I was wrong..."

Grayson raised a brow, not impressed.

"Oh come on! I really need your help here! What do you want from me?" he whined.

"A party, where I can get drunk and with lots of beautiful women that I can woo. I'm going to need a lot of distraction to be able to live here and not kill her."

Up in the second story of the mansion, Elinore walked slowly, taking in all the sights. She disliked Grayson with a passion, but she couldn't deny the fact his home was beautiful. Door after door, she checked to see what laid inside and what the view from the window was. She was an outdoor kind of person, and loved the things of beauty. Her image didn't portray that, but she was poor and didn't have any other clothes or makeup. The hallway she walked seemed to never end.

It was all made of stone, kind of like a castle, which gave off even more original beauty to it. There were random candle holders on the wall to her left where the doors were, while the other side of the hallway was a beautiful rail and posts of a dark color, with an open view to the ballroom below. It was a sight to see and she actually got a bit excited about it. Stopping at the next door she slowly began to turn the handle. As she opened the door she gasped in amazement. The sun shone brightly through this window, creating a light throughout the room. It was huge!

"Wow.." she whispered under her breath. It was a guest room, with a huge sleigh bed. The covers on it were a beautiful ruby red with gold. Looking around Elinore noticed the dresser and full body mirror next to it. It didn't have a lot, but it was sure amazing. Seeing another door inside there she made her way over to it, dropping her bag on the floor. Gasping once more she smiled brightly unable to remove it. Inside lay a huge tub with a shower. There was a sink made out of glass and the window in there was a special glass with designs on it.

She found her room.

Quickly she smiled, skipping her way back out of the room to where she originally left the two men.

Elinore after a few minutes found the door that lead to front room where she could still hear the men arguing. She was about to walk through it when she heard her name come out of that fowl mouth of Graysons. She listened closely.

"You are damning me to hell with her here you know. That's all on your shoulders. So if I kill her while you're gone, it's your fault."

"Stop acting like she is going to ruin your life! You're not marrying her for gods sake!" he snapped.

"Come on, be honest with yourself! She's not pretty. She looks like a very pretty boy, and you are used to being with beautiful, sexy women whenever you want. How long are you going to be in denial!" she heard Grayson reply. "How long has it been since you have been with a woman?" he asked seriously.

"... well.. it has been hard... "

"That didn't answer my question.."

"Two days ago... happy now?" Derek sighed.

"Ahhh. See that wasn't so bad. She too will be the end to you. Just watch." he grinned.

Both men stopped instantly when they heard a door open and a smiling Elinore walked out.

"I found my room!" she told them.

"As long as it's not next to mine, I don't care." Grayson glared.

"Wasn't talking to you, you ass."



"You're the Whore!"

"Wow, nice come back." she smirked crossed her arms.

"Damn-it woman!" he growled and glared at him and Derek both, and then stormed off.

"You really should try to get along. Try to be a little nicer would ya?" Derek asked her and picked up her luggage. She was still a bit hurt by what she had heard, but she refused to allow that to show.

"Nice? I'm going to bring him hell."

That's when an evil smirk came across her features. Derek had never seen this side of Elinore before. This really was going to be a long summer.

"What the hell! There is NO WAY you are staying in there!" Grayson growled as he stood before her chosen bedroom door. Elinore and Derek had made their way up there with the rest of her things.

"And why in the world can't I stay in there?" she glared, crossing her arms.

"My room is right next to it! I cannot be that close to you all the time! I'll go mad!"

"Well that would be your own doing, not mine." she grinned and took more bags into the room.

"My god, I can already feel my life being sucked away..." he told himself running his hand through his messy black hair. Looking over at Derek he saw a smirk on his face. "What's your problem?"

"I just never thought you would allow a woman to ruin and run your life. She really drives you crazy." he shook his head. "She's right though. Your freaking out is kind of strange and not you."

"She just... has always brought out the worst in me. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way." Grayson finally sighed.


"Grayson, will you play with me?" A small 7 year old Elinore asked him. He was about 10 and shook his head annoyed.

"Hell no. Why would I want to play with a ugly girl like you?"

"Ugly? I'm not ugly! You big bully!" she yelled back. She had been wearing her Christmas dress which she loved dearly. She looked so cute and pretty in it, but he always called her ugly no matter what. He was wearing a small suit for Christmas day and glared at her. She had been annoying him and bugging him all day. Like she always did. He hated it. He hated her. She always said the wrong things, got him in trouble, and wouldn't leave him alone. Not to mention the things she did to him with food. She had shoved worms, ants, and other kinds of insects into his food before, had put things into his clothes, bed, etc. She was a smart cookie and he knew that, but they were rivals from day one.

"Look you dirty piece of cow poop! I don't want to play with you now or ever!" he growled.

"Take that back you two faced piece of spider-guts!"

"Ugh, if only! You hate spiders! Maybe if I looked like that you would leave me alone!" he snapped and pushed her down. A laughed erupted from his belly as he saw her land in a huge mud pile behind her. He didn't mean for that to happen, but it worked out perfectly. Her eyes went big and tears started to form in her little chocolate eyes.

"My dress..." she began to sob.

"Oh get over it. There are many more your precious parents can buy you. Like they do with everything else." he crossed his arms, still smirking in victory. His parents never let him get anything. Her parents on the other hand always took good care of slowly stood up and began to run towards the house. Feeling pretty good about himself he began to walk back as well, but stopped and cursed under his breath as he heard his father's voice yell for him.


After a moment of thinking and watching Elinore through the door, a small smirk began to crawl across his lips. She would not ruin his life. He would try to run her out of here. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan.

"I don't like that look." Derek expressed as he watched his best friend. Sighing he looked at his watch and his eyes went wide. "Shit."

"What is it Derek?" Elinore asked, walking back up to him.

"I didn't realize the time, I have a huge meeting to attend to with father... I have to go."

"Now!" both Elinore and Grayson said in unison.

"Yes now. I'm sorry, but I got to go. I'll see you later my dear." Derek then went over and kissed Elinore on the cheek and gave Grayson a look before headed back down the hallway. Chocolate brown eyes glared at the Sea blue eyes. She couldn't believe she was stuck here with him.

'Although he is still as attractive as ever. Stupid Ass... oh wait.. hmm... he really does have a nice ass..' she thought as she watched him walk away from her towards his room.

"Stop staring, it's making me want to puke."

She glared.

"Oh so is that why you were staring at my butt earlier?" she replied. He stopped dead in his tracks.


"Pervert." she chuckled.

"I was not staring. Just was remembering how you looked before.. still as ugly as ever." he spat back, looking back and smirking at her. Cheeks flaming red, her anger boiling.

"How dare you! I AM NOT UGLY YOU BASTARD!"

"You look like a pretty boy."

"WHAT!" she growled, wanting to punch him in the face.

"You heard me." he finally turned to face her again, feeling like he was finally in control again.

"Look, I know my clothes aren't the best, or flattering, but its-"

"So not flattering. You look like you were picked off the street. Why don't you go run to mommy and daddy and ask for some nice clothes that fit you. I'm sure they still are letting you have whatever you want you spoiled brat." he cut her off to say.


Why didn't she say anything back?

She looked down, tears forming in her eyes.

"What? Cat got your tongue?"

"My parents are dead." she whispered and used her hand to catch the tear that fell down her cheek. "Thanks for the reminder." she didn't say anymore, just walked into her room and slammed the door behind her.

'Oh shit... I... I didn't know...crap... I'm such a dick... '

Grayson didn't know what to do. Wait. Why should he even care! He hated her. Sighing, his shoulders slumped and he rubbed his head. Guess that was a bit too harsh even for her. Regret washed over him. Should he really say something? His hand reached up and came an inch from the door. He was debating actually knocking. No. He shouldn't have to. Grayson lowered his hand and turned towards his room a few feet away.

The halls in his home continued to astound her. The deeper she went into the home, the more layers of beauty it had. There was the front room, where you of course entered. That room was big itself with paintings and a few tables for looks. The next room was a long hallway with his family portraits along the walls and it lead to a beautiful ball room. Off to one of the sides to it, was a dining room, which was bright and held a huge chandelier. She liked that room the best so far. There were so many different doors and rooms she couldn't yet see them all in one day. She had ventured out a bit later after her tears finally stopped pouring down her face. Elinore was a sweet girl at heart, loveable, and smart. She had a huge heart, but didn't let many see it. Now, being around Grayson was another story. He had stolen things of hers when she was little, always picked on her, and called her ugly. Now, yes, that was a bit childish, but for some reason they could just never get along. It was as if there was some kind of force that made it so they only resented each other. A smell attracted her from within the dining room. It came from one of the doors in the corner. Slowly making her way over to it, she opened it carefully, peeking into the room. A smile spread across her lips.

The Kitchen.

Elinore saw the food that was cooking upon the stove in this massive kitchen.

This was heaven.

Her feet seemed to move without her knowledge and she found herself standing over the cooking pot, seeing the contents. She saw some carrots, stew, and onions. She could even smell the spices inside.

"May I help you!" a voice boomed and she squealed, turning around as fast as she could.

"Uh.. hi.." Elinore saw this man before her. He was a heavier set man, a round belly and all. His legs seemed to be too small for his body, and his arms seemed a bit too long. His green eyes were sharp, and his brown hair had much grey growing in it. He seemed to have been a hard worker for many years.

"Well missy! What are ya doin in my kitchen!" he pushed further.

"I.. I was just seeing what smelled so good.. that is all... I'm sorry if I'm not sup post to be in here.. I'm Elinore, and Grayson and I don't get along very well and so I thought I would explore my-"

"OH! You're the new missy around here!" a smile came across his pudgy cheeks. "Well why didn't you say so! Any guest of Lord Grayson's is a welcome guest in my kitchen!" he wiped his hand on his apron and held it out. "Harold at ya service." he kissed her hand gently as she held it out.

"Oh.. well thank you.. " she didn't know how to respond.

"Ya hungry or somethin? I can get ya a snack if ya want. "

"Oh no thank you. I am just fine. I just... I... I love cooking and when I smelled your stew from the dinning area... it drew me."

"Ahhhh a fine cook are ya then?"

"Well.. I would like to think so. Maybe not as good as you, but maybe a little bit." she blushed slightly, scratching her head.

"Well then, we will just see! I'm one of the finest cooks in all the city! We shall have a cooking contest!"

"What?" she asked shocked. Eyes wide and confused. A jolly laugh came from his gut.

"Ahh just a friendly contest..." he patted her her head softly. He was a bit taller than her. She was only around the 5'2 mark. Yes. Short. He was well around Grayson's height of 6 foot. She loved his kindness and his challenge.

"Alrighty then. You're on. " she smiled. A white thick piece of cloth got thrown at her.

"Here be your apron. This is going to get messy." he smirked and began pulling things out.

This was going to be fun.