I imagine sitting up all night to talk to you,

You'd make me smile by pulling one of your funny faces,

You'd make me laugh by the silly things you'd text me,

You'd make me feel loved when you call me, when I feel more than raindrops on my cheek.

You'd hug me in the dark moments when I feel lost in a nightmare,

You wouldn't promise me that those days wouldn't rear their ugly heads again,

You would say that you'd hold my hand through them and offer me a tissue if I need it;

You'd offer me a shoulder to cry on when the world turned out to be an unkind place.

If I begin to feel lost in the crowds and start to feel invisible, you'd see me.

I'd introduce you to everyone that I cared about and they'd adore you as much as I do.

If I started to doubt if we fitted or if we'd work in the future,

You'd whisper in my ear that you couldn't imagine life without me;

And I would see that we were the two halves of a heart that I thought was non-existent in this harsh climate.

We'd fight over the littlest thing but then we'd laugh because it doesn't matter as long as we're together.

If we fought over anything more and if I said I didn't care, you'd show up unannounced to prove to me that you'd forgiven me;

I don't think sometimes and what I say in the heat of the moment, I don't mean.

I lash out so others can't hurt me like they have before.

When we'd make up, we'd lie awake at night and just talk as if we hadn't done before;

We'd go for walks and find places no one else knew;

We'd sit in that comfortable silence and just unwind in each other's presence;

We would watch films and I'd read to you.

You'd stare into my eyes as if we'd just met, and I'd stroke your face as if I hadn't touched anything as soft as you.

We'd leave little notes for each other on little pieces of white paper.

And if for some reason we were separated, I'd travel the miles just to see you again.

It doesn't matter what we happens, it feels right to know you're there and I'm not alone.

If only I had the chance to meet you,

The 'you' that lives outside my head,

The 'you' that people can finally see,

The 'you' I'd hold hands with for the rest of my life.

But instead you make me cry because I never got a chance to know you were real,

And that you loved me as much as I loved you.