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The store was dark, allowing for faces to be shadowed under dim lights, but Tommy was dead sure his blush could be seen from a mile away. They'd only just set foot inside to get outfits for their night out, and already his brother was acting up.

On the drive over Benjamin had hounded him with questions about what sort of men that he liked; it hadn't been much fun. Tommy still felt awkward around the older male, mostly from the whole lack of communication for years, and to dissect a man in such a way to him wasn't the most pleasant experience. Mostly, he had regurgitated traits that he admired about Andrew. He liked his smoky eyes and how they could read straight through the soul. He liked his strong jaw and chin coated in blonde stubble. He liked his curly hair, of which never tangled and he could run his fingers freely through as they kissed. He liked his big hands as they held him protectively through the long nights. He liked his deep intoxicating voice. He liked all the simple touches. He liked the cutesy nicknames, the games they used to play and the days where they spent sitting under the setting sun… by that point, he had informed Ben that he didn't believe there to be another guy like Andrew around. He complained that it was pointless. A grand waste of time. Benjamin had simply smiled and ruffled his hair.

The night was to be a long one, that was certain.

And the day, so far, was even longer.

"-he's not much of a talker, but put him between a pair of speakers, and he can be the life of the party."

"You don't say?"

"Make no mistake about it! Great dancer, this one."

Tommy wanted nothing more than to smack the grin from his hyung's loudmouth face. Patrick, the guy Benjamin was currently trying to hook him up with was staring down at him with a lecherous look in his dark blue eyes, a hand to his chin and his mind in the gutter. Though he almost fit Andrew's description to a capitol T, he was nowhere near his charm. He was too muscular, almost to the point where Tommy envisioned the guy accidently strangling him if they were to hug. Though, he was sure that hugging was the furthest thing from his mind.

It was never going to work.

"Once he gets used to you, I'm sure you guys will click. Like a seatbelt."

"Can I talk to you for a moment, Dae-Min?" he gritted roughly, then before his brother could react, he latched onto his arm and dragged him away from Patrick, who watched them go with an amused smile. Once he was sure they were in an area where they could have some privacy, Tommy let him have it. "What the hell are you doing?"

Benjamin looked confused. "Introducing you to single men? What? You didn't like him?" There was a disappointed look in his eyes that Tommy didn't miss. He decided to inform him of his thoughts in a mature way.

"Hell no. Didn't you see the look on his face?" Tommy paused in order to peek around the other's lanky form to see his potential suitor leaning up against the cashier's counter, his gaze already on another. "That's not the face of a committed man!"

Benjamin hummed as he too looked over. "Okay, so I made a mistake. I'm not used to looking for guys, y'know." He had the decency to look ashamed.

Tommy massaged his temples, "I know, hyung. I appreciate your help, but I've already told you, I'm not looking to-"

"-replace Drew."

"So why can't you leave it alone?"

"Why can't you see that he's forsaken you?"

Tommy snapped his mouth shut. There was something in his brother's eyes that made him uncomfortable, something that shouldn't be there. It was as though it was paining him deeply to see his brother in such a state. But eight years was a long time. As much as he appreciated the effort, he just really wanted him to stop. No matter what he said, he wasn't going to prance around and throw himself into whoever's arms he found first. That wasn't how he was. He was too much in love.

"Until he comes up to my face and says that to me, I won't believe it."

For a moment, Tommy played with the thought that Ben was about to reach over and strangle him. His eyes flashed but it didn't last long as he turned in the other direction, towards the racks of dark clothing that the store specialized in. He had said he wanted to party, hardcore, and so they were in the darkest store they could find, both literally and figuratively. Ironically, it fit their mood.

"As much as you claim to hate mom, you sure are stubborn like her."

The tips of Tommy's ears burned as Ben walked off. "I never said that I hated her you asshole!" he screamed, earning awkward stares from both customers and employees; luckily, there weren't any Koreans in the store to hear their heated remarks. His brother simply waved his hand back in a dismissive manner. It pissed him off further. "Don't come back in my life and act like you can control me…" he growled, flipping him off.

Perhaps it was good that Dae-Min had come back in his life.

Already, he was resorting back to vulgarity.