My favorite toy is my stuffed beagle from the Build-A-Bear workshop. She can be described, I can say when I got her, and I can say what she means to me.

My stuffed beagle, Penny, is really cute. She looks like a real dog. She has black, brown, and white fur. She has brown eyes. She even has a little magnet in her mouth so she can pick things up. Doesn't she sound cute?

It's been a few months since I received Penny. I wanted her for a while. My mom and sister stuffed her for me. I got her as a Christmas present. I got her kind of recently.

Penny means a lot to me. I wanted her for a long time. When I got her, I was really happy. If I didn't get her, I'd have to wait even longer for her. My Build-A-Bear puppy, Penny, means a lot to me.

My Build-A-Bear puppy, Penny, is my favorite toy. She has been described, the time I got her was told, and what she means to me was told.