My name is Catherine, and I'm forced to marry the cold-hearted Prince of Arondila.

I was born on May 14, 1994 in a small city in the country of Arondila.
Arondila is ruled by King Leo with his wife Carolina and their two sons Edward and Zayon.
At the age of 2 I was left abandoned at the doorstep of an all-girls Orphanage.
My mother couldn't care for me anymore; she was only 15 when I was born.
My mother couldn't handle the responsibility, she was dis-owned from her parents for being a young careless mother.
My father left my mother for another woman once he found out she was pregnant, he didn't want to take responsibility for his actions.

Here I am now, 15 years later, still living in this horrible orphanage runned by an old witch, Ms. Bloom.
At first Ms. Bloom was a nice gentle woman, but as I grow up I realized how much of a foul woman she really is.
By the time I was 10 years old, there was a sudden peak of 'Customers' at the orphanage, but there was something off.
These 'Customers' weren't lone Couples desperately trying to have a child, these 'Customers' were men, rich men, older than 50.
I soon learned they were not here to 'Adopt' us but to buy us.
These disgusting pigs think of us as objects to please them at will, to do their every bidding.
Now because of the sudden high demand, Ms. Bloom secretly made it apart of the orphanage.

Every day, I lose my friends to those disgusting excuses of a man!
If only the world knows and understands what's going on behind these closed doors.
This is all wrong! This world is corrupted!

Today is my first day, my first day in the 'Viewing Room'.
The 'Viewing Room' is a giant Hall in the large manor of the orphanage,
where the 'Client' -as Ms. Bloom now calls them- picks the girl of his liking.
I was forcefully pushed into the room, my hands gripping the hem of the short little white dress I was forced to wear, keeping it from rising any higher.
My long brown hair was tied up in a tight bun to show the 'client' our features.
I shivered slightly at the image of a man with hungry eyes looking at me as if I was wearing nothing.

I was ordered to stay quiet, not allowed to speak until told too.
The room was large, at least the size of a football field.
Ms. Bloom took her time instructing me, along with 10 other girls, to act as if he wasn't there and look as appealing as possible to the 'client'.
I glared at Ms. Bloom as she left the hall, not before leaving us a fake smile for 'Luck'. I gagged slightly at her smiling face, the girls next to me doing the same.
Oh how I loathe that woman, someday I'll make her pay.

The worst part about this is…we can't say "no".

Thank you huys SO MUCH for reading this ^^

This is my first story i decided to be alittle serious about!
Im making this story out of hobby and becuase i want to train my english more, being in the city corrupts your english abit.
i will warn you, i wont be updating this a whole lot because this is my first time writing with the structure im using, and im busting my brain to make everything fit together.
Please if you can, point out my mistakes and ill gladly fix them ^^

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