Chapter 1

Tara smiled as her friends and family piled into her birthday party. Her 15th birthday was yesterday, but she threw her party today because it was Saturday. As her friend, Thalia, entered, everyone was there. A few minutes after she had talked to everyone and everyone was settled down, Tara's mom called out "Present time!"

Everyone gathered around Tara as she sat in the chair and opened the first gift. It was a pretty, red, sleeveless, and silk dress that went down to her knees and was wrinkled a bit. "Thanks, mom." She said and put the dress back in the box. Then, she picked looked deeper and found an eye mask that was also silk and red, but this had gold glitter trim. The highest edges were flared out a bit.

Her mom smiled "It's for your masquerade dance on Halloween. Keep digging." Tara did what she said and found another red silk thing. This time, it was gloves that went to her elbows. She put everything back and smiled as she opened her other presents. As she was opening her last present, time stopped. Then, she felt as if she was burning, but the fire didn't hurt. She looked at her hands, and they were in flames. So was every other part of her body, she was fire. Then, she just wanted it to stop, and the fire did, and as the fire stopped, time started again. Her clothes were fine and everyone looked as if nothing happened. She knew in her mind that she needed to do something to become fire again, and then learn how to use the fire.

She knew that she would have to do something to help herself and hopefully she would find a way to think of her "gift" as something helpful and great.