Chapter 5

Tara yawned as she woke up a week later. She had been up 'til 1:00 in the morning for the past few days fighting crime and she was a zombie, only running on coffee and bologna the whole day. She was starving, lonely, and exhausted. So, since today seemed like a nice, crime free, sunny day, she decided to go out with her friends to the mall. She got dressed, ate a nice, big meal, and got picked up by Thalia and Mia.

"Wow, you sure look like you could use some-" Thalia started, quickly shushed by Tara.

"Don't you dare say the dreaded word that begins with a c!" She said in a crazy voice. Thalia put her hands up in an innocent way as they entered the mall. They went to every single store, buying at least one thing in each. They even stopped for lunch in the huge food court, which had about twenty different restaurants in it.

As Tara finished eating, she looked and saw the most amazing thing she had ever seen in her life. It was a very cute guy with nicely trimmed brown hair, blue eyes, and a lot of muscle. Mia snapped her fingers in front of Tara's face and she shook her head. The girls laughed as Tara almost flamed up from embarrassment. "Go talk to him, you are really pretty and he won't stand not having a woman like you!" Mia chuckled and Tara got up, calming down.

She walked over to him and she said the stupidest words ever. "Hi, my name is Tara, and I think you are really cute!" She almost covered her mouth, but he basically did it for her.

"Hey, I'm Brent, and you aren't so bad yourself." He said, almost making Tara faint there on the spot, "Want to go to the movies tonight?"

She saw Thalia and Mia nod for her and she asked "Sure, what time?"

"7:00, you can choose the movie," He smiled as she gave him her number and went back to her friends.

"Nice catch, you'll make a great fisherwoman one day!" Thalia laughed as she went home to get ready. As she was finishing, of course, there was breaking news. A big heist had occurred at the bank. She checked her phone and she had fifteen minutes before the date. She knew she would probably make it so out she went, ready for the date and saving the world.

The heist was bigger than she thought; there were ten men, fully armed and ready to shoot police men and hostages. She needed to do this quickly and carefully. She walked past the police barriers and leaned up against the doorway. To play the part, she had to act as if she were a hot chick in need of a boyfriend. "Man, today is so hot. What's your opinion?" She said in the prettiest voice she could. They all stared in awe of her beauty and that's when she started the clever attack. "I'm so hot," She said and set herself on fire, "I think I am going to burn up!" She laughed as they screamed, melted their guns, and corralled them into a fire pen. She handed them over and looked at the time. It was 7:00 and she wasn't near the theater. She quickly flew to an alley near the theater and turned to Tara. It was 7:05 and she almost missed Brent as he walked away sighing.

"Wait, Brent, I'm here!" She yelled. "I was stuck at my house doing chores and that's what made

me late." Tara said in a convincing voice.

He smiled and turned around "I believe you, come on, we can't miss the best part of the movie;

the previews!" She laughed and followed him in.