Chapter 6

As Tara exited the movies with Brent, feeling like a cloud and barely containing enough fire to burn the state, she heard a scream and sighed.

"What's wrong, Tara?" He asked, curious as to why she was sighing.

"Oh it's nothing I just…" She thought for a little and gave an excuse, "My mother wanted me to be back by 8:30 and it's already 8:20. I have to run to make it, bye." But before she could leave, he kissed her cheek and sparks flew. Literally, she accidentally lit for a second. She ran into the next alley over before he could question her, put on the mask, and flew to where the scream was.

What she saw made her feel like an idiot. It was a drunken woman that was screaming, laughing. She face palmed herself and flew back home.

The next week was Halloween, which meant the Halloween Ball, which was the first dance of the year and it was going to be her first. She already knew who she was going to be because she had the costume down. Tara was going as Hot Masquerade. But she didn't have to worry about it until Friday and it was only Wednesday.

But she did need to worry about her date. She needed to ask Brent, who she hadn't seen since the date. The problem was he was always surrounded by girls, considering that he was popular, cute, strong, smart… Do I need to go on?

She caught him at the right time on Thursday before first period started. "Hi Brent, are you going with anyone to the dance?" She asked nervously, hoping he didn't already have some stupid cheerleader.

"No, I was planning to ask you but I didn't have the time." He smiled and she beamed back. The day was going wonderfully until she overheard two girls on their way to class.

"Who are you going as; I am going as Hot Masquerade!" The blonde smirked.

"Me too!" The brunette said with satisfaction as they laughed.

Oh no, all of the girls must be going as me! She thought to herself. This could not be good, but this is what she had to work with so this was her costume and she had no choice but to own it. No matter what she was going to make this the best dance ever. She walked up the stairs to Algebra II and thought on the matter until the end of the day.

As she walked into the dance, she frowned. Tara was right; ever girl in there was Hot Masquerade. But, of course, she was the best one, she had to be. And clearly, she was getting famous for her work as a superhero. She looked for Brent until she saw him enter the doors. He was a masquerade man, and he looked pretty good in it.

She thought her ears would bleed because the microphone screeched to life in the middle of the dance. "It is time to announce the best of the best here at the dance!" Mrs. Felding, the school principle announced as the girls cheered. "Best make-up effects go to… Jacob Tiffany!" He went up as the best looking zombie I had seen before, and was given a gift card to the local mall for $50. "Best male costume goes to… Tyler Jammont!" He went up, received a crown and gift card, then left to see his date.

"Now, for the best female costume goes to…" Tara went close to the stage because she had to win. "Christina Hiva!" She almost blazed up right there, she should have won. Worst of all, Christina was blonde, got the curls wrong, wore pink lipstick, and wore a magenta outfit with no mask!

Tara's temper got the best of her and she yelled "She can't be the best!" A collective gasp rose and Christina gave me a death glare (Thank God no one recognized her). "She can't win because I am Hot Masquerade!" She went on stage and blazed her hands, "See?"

"Well what are you doing here, you aren't enrolled?" Mrs. Felding asked me.

"The sign said 'Public School' so I assumed it was ok to attend while I am here" Tara lied to save her behind.

"I guess you win then, congratulations…" Mrs. Felding said uneasily, as she handed Tara the crown, gift card, and sash. Christina seemed like she would explode any second as she stormed off of the stage. And out of nowhere, poof, she was in a fire world where she fixed herself to look much different, and then poof, she was back at the front of the stage without the gifts.

Tara walked back to Brent seemingly disappointed. "Don't be sad, I still think your costume is better than Hot Masquerade's." He laughed as she giggled with him. And right before the dance ended, a slow song came on. It seemed perfect, the boy and girl dancing together seemed harmonious. As the song ended, they kissed, perfectly. Everything about it seemed absolutely perfect. They said their goodbye's and headed home. But before Tara got there, she shot fireworks with her fingers; they magically glowed, as did the night and her aura.

But something seemed off. It was like tomorrow would be bad luck. She thought about the mysterious premonition she was having, but shrugged it off. She could care less right then and there. Her perfect night would not end badly, so she just walked inside, changed into her pajamas, and fell to sleep dreaming of her perfect life.