It was several weeks ago
When Ms. Egg assigned us

The kind of poetry we must write
Without making too much of a fuss

"Well," I'd thought, "this won't be too hard,

Even though I hate poetry, I can write it pretty quick"

So I threw it in my backpack without sparing it a glance

Little did I know that today was the day that the due date would pick

I found this packet earlier this week at the orthodontist's

Still I thought, "I'll be waiting here forever. I've got plenty of time"

So I sat and wrote many while in that office

The short ones were done, and waiting on the longer ones didn't seen a crime

I found this packet again yesterday

And dreaded writing more than ever

Because even though it seemed simple at first

Ballads, blues, and found poems, I'd written never

I tried to finish last night, I really did

I waited for inspiration, but to no avail

"Oh well," I thought, going to bed

"As an experienced procrastinator, my writing skills will prevail"

And so here I am, explaining myself through poetry

Writing all this during my first class of the day

While this assignment is due this afternoon

Just barely keeping a failing grade at bay

And even though I've put myself in a bad situation

I never would've been able to write this without starting late

So the moral of the story:

To make the grade, procrastinate