Hellions vs. Obscurors

(AKA Light and Darkness)

Synopsis: Eons ago Light Keepers and Dark Watchers coexisted until they saw benefirts to their own creation. Now King Apollo and Queen Luna battle whenever they meet. Prince Helious and Princess Artemis meet one another during the heat of battle and fall in love. Will their passion be able to withstand death and destruction all around them ?

Chapter 1—Power Struggle

King Apollo, chief of the Sun and master of Light, had not known a day when he had been against the overzealous Queen Luna since time immemorium. The Light Keepers and Dark Watchers had been warring for eons. Even though gods and goddesses had become objects of myth and legend, Apollo and Luna had been fighting each other; proving which element had more power over the other. Day and Night both had their pluses and minuses, and neither one could seem to agree which was superior. Sadly, this battle had cost many their lives and uneccesary bloodshed. Yet, the King and Queen didn't

care about those they had slaughtered. Even Apollo hadn't taken the time to bond with his own flesh and blood, Prince Helious. The same could be said of the Queen and her daughter, Artemis. Both royals were feeling utterly bored out of their skulls and apalled at the fighting that was going on. Their parents wanted them to join the 'glory of war' as well, but neither of them was interested in waisting their lives. After all, they were only teenagers, for Gods' sake.

Since mortal man had no idea of the chaos raging around them (unless it was aurora borealis, that was one of the few manefestations of the ongoing power struggle between light and dark), Helious and Artemis decided to go to the local mall and see how human teenagers entertained themselves. Anything was better than watch their fellow gods and goddesses decapitate themselves over something as dumb as an immortal 'peeing contest'.

Chapter 2—Intersection

Artemis was fascinated with how adolescent humans carried about their days. She didn't understand why her mother disregarded these creatures as 'amoeba' and 'pitiful scum'. Some of them were highly intellectual beings, rather developed in the way they went about their mundane lives. In fact, Artemis had an idea. For one day, she would try imitating a mortal and see if she could get by with going out of Olympus in disguise.

Apparently, Helious had the same idea. Fighting had bored him so deeply that taking upon the guise of a lowly servant had allowed him the exodus that he desired. Once entering the mall, he saw a beautiful young lady window shopping not too far away. From her dark clothing and raven tresses, he knew what she was. She was an Obscurer. The very type of Element that Hellions must avoid or obliterate at all costs. His thumping heart told him otherwise, however. There was something magnetic and irresistible about the Dark Watcher. He wasn't certain if it was her soulful amythest eyes or her full ruby-red lips. She needed no make up. Everything about her, even her soul and indigo aura, were resplendant. Taking a deep breath, Helious steeled his courage and began walking toward her.

Sensing that someone was nearby, Artemis turned on her heel and nearly bumped into the young Hellion. She remembered her mother's words;

"Kill on sight. Destroy. These illigitimates have no right to breathe the same air that we Obscurers do !" Her better nature and her gentle heart wouldn't allow this to occur, though. She couldn't stop smiling incandescently at him, even though he seemed dreadfully serious. Despite all that though, her smile broke through his stoic exterior. Soon, the two would be enemies began talking. Before long, the adolescents realized that they had more in common than they once thought.

After sharing what mortals called pizza together, the immortals accidentally touched each other's hand. A shot of eletricity emenated from Helious' finger to Artemis' and she blushed lightly.

"We must see each other again. I don't care if there is war between us. I think it is possible, though I have only met you that I could be falling for you.", Helious said, his former sterile nature completely cracked and the romantic side of himself exposed.

Artemis felt as if her whole body was aflame.

"Agreed, Helious. Actually I was thinking of calling you Heli.

I hope that isn't too informal.", Artemis said, fliratiously. Helious flashed a kilowatt smile. The name was a symphony to his ears. He couldn't wait to hear her speak again, whatever she said was precious. He knew at that moment, this had to be what was known as love.

"I think it's perfect. It's only fair if I get to call you Arty in return.", Helious said, taking her hand and kissing it. Again, electricity ignited between the two of them. Sensing they had to be back in their chambers, the two of them said their goodbyes, avoided the carnage on the way back and dreamt of meeting again, this time someplace different. At least they had methods of contacting each other. They would use signs only known by them through their elements to meet, and maybe, just maybe, they could be together.

That is, if the Weird Sisters weren't up to their old tricks.

Chapter 3—Triplet Hags

Before planning a second outing with Helious, Artemis decided to visit the Twisted Sisters. These hags were known as the Fates and had control over everything in the known Universe. With trepidation, she approached their craggy lair. Despite the ominous nature of the surroundings, the hags were rather welcoming. Everyone had thought they were dishevled, frumpy old women. However, they were anything but. The Fates were the most beautiful women in the Universe, second only to Aphrodite. Sometimes, though, they had a morbid sense of humor, but they blamed that on their occupation.

"Ah, Artemis. We were expecting you.", one of the fates, a redhead with ice-blue eyes, stated. She had teleported right next to Artemis, nearly giving her cardiac arrest.

"Warn someone when you teleport, will you ?", Artemis said, calming her rapid heartrate.

"Forgive us. It's just not often that the Sisters get visitors. We're not exactly popular.", another witch, a blue-haired, green eyed one, stated. The blonde sister laughed and blinked her ruby eyes.

"We're just tickled to have you. You come seeking the future about your newfound love, right ?", she said, offering Artemis a cup of freshly squeezed lemonade with a slice of kiwi as garnish.

"That's right. I haven't known him long, but I want to keep seeing him. Everything is so much more exhillerating when I'm close to him.", Artemis replied, dreamily. She sipped the lemonade and sighed blissfully. She would have to procure the recipe from the witches later.

The redhead took her by the hand and led her into the Sisters' bedroom. In front of Artemis was a full length mirror. At first, she could only see herself and the Fates. Then the triplets chanted. A swirling vortex of galaxies danced about in the glass. She wanted to touch it, but the blue-haired witch grabbed her hand just before Artemis could reach it. One by one, images materialized. All around them they could see the death and destruction and the vision became obscured.

"Even we don't know what will happen. It seems you are a catalyst for something. Whether good or ill, we are unsure.", the Fates each took turns explaining. Artemis was shocked at their cryptic retort. She found a sudden surge of confidence and warmth radiated throughout her. Even to the smallest speck of DNA, she knew that love was the correct solution to this problem, even if the Fates couldn't see how it was going to pan out.

"Ladies, I now know what I must do. Even if the vision is opaque. I must trust my heart. It has always known the right answer.", Artemis said. Unexpectedly, the witches took her aside, each embraced her and kissed her cheeks.

"We bless you and your endeavors. Whatever may be, we endorse it.", they said in unison. With a slight blush and a thankful bow, the adolescent girl left the lair of the Twisted Sisters and returned to her quarters before her mother knew anything had been out of place or unusual.

Chapter 4—Uncommonly Corageous

The following day, Artemis decided to meet Helious again. This time, the location was outside a labyrinth that led to private garden. It was Luna's collection of flowers, most particularly black roses.

Artemis had often come here to collect her thoughts and reflect if matters became too intense between herself and her mother.

Here, she had taken a picnic of her own design. She had made ambrosia and wine. Ambrosia had been something that hadn't been created or eaten by the gods in Eons. Before, when the Light Bearers and Dark Wielders were one race, ambrosia overflowed. She knew she was violating ordinances by preparing it, but none of that mattered. She waited for Helious to appear, and he was right on time, as she had foreseen. From then, against the backdrop of a glorious sunset in various red, yellow, orange and amber hues, the two kissed and made a vow to each other. No matter how furious or fatal the fighting became around them they would remain together, even if they had to get married in secret.

Chapter 4—The Not So Covert Wedding

Albeit years of fighting and carnage murmured around them, Helious and Artemis made their visits to each other in secret, planning to marry in a glen that was inbetween mortal and Immortal territory. No God or Goddess went there, so it was ideal for them to wed. Little did the two young adults know that they had been found out, each by a sneaky messenger spy that had been divulging the two lovebirds' roundezvous points.

At the glen, there was a gazebo. Scattered fragrant flowers like lavender and heather were in bloom at this time of the year, so the aura was particularly heavenly. Artemis had been dressed in a gossamer gown she sewed herself out of moonbeams and stardust.

Helious' vestige was a bit more masculine. He had fashioned his tuxedo from heat and light from the sun itself. The vicar who had been called to wed them was a mortal, knowing nothing of their starcrossed paths or that their parents were battling each other.

He was simply pleased to be marrying two young people that were clearly fashioned for each other by the Master Matchmaker Himself.

Suddenly, a brilliant light came from the east.

"Stop the wedding ! Stop at once ! I will not have you marrying this...peon ! No, she is far worse than that. She is offal !", Luna shrieked, ceasing the two from ever saying 'I do'.

"I won't have my son mingling with the likes of your kind, Luna. He should stay with other Light Keepers.", Apollo grumbled. The war surged between the two factions, or what was left of them. Artemis wept bitterly.

"STOP ! Please...cease. Decist.", she began. The two enemies who had been fighting for eons immemorium paused and dropped their weapons to listen to the young Goddess.

Chapter 5—Making Amends

Artemis began to make her case holding her lover's hand. Both of them already had their eternal circles and were radiating pure love as Artemis spoke. Helious couldn't help but be impressed by his darling's brave words and her maturity.

"Thus, I say to all of you to reconsider this pointless battle. How many more lives must be lost and blood shed before we realize we all come from the same Father.", Artemis said, sagely. Her silloloquy had made them realize their hatred against one another had been foolish from the start. Thousands, no, millions had perished due to petty disputes and jockeying for power.

"We may still utterly detest one another, but we should at least try to make amends. Apologies may seem trite at first, but let us put aside our fighting and make due. We have eons to make up for.", Luna agreed. With that she shook Apollo's hand. The two had called for a truce as well as an understanding. There would be no further wars, and they would also allow Helious and Artemis a chance to begin their own life. Perhaps, from them, they could learn how to truly live for once.

Chapter 6—Fractured But Reforming

In the years that followed, Helious and Artemis had many children and loved them dearly. They had a full house. 3 boys, and 3 girls, each with their own talents, abilities, likes, dislikes and zest for life. Helions and Obscurers, were once fractured. Now with the dawn of these new lives in their midst, they had begun mending their lives to give the sextuplets a good example. Cleo, Nephratiti, and Nala played fair with their brothers Antony, Ahnk and Constantine.

The two might never become close as they once were, but they were moving nearer to an understanding as they had in the eons they had begun their contest. Perhaps someday, they could place aside all pettiness and pretentious words. Funny how their realm had been changed by the innocence and naivety of children.


It had been predicted by the Weird Sisters that the future had been unsure, even though the lovers had been the catalyst to transform it. Since the birth of the sextuplets, the world had changed so drastically that even the Helions and Obscurers had obliterated the reason of their fighting completely from their minds.

They were now working together. Some still did so begrudgingly, not really enjoying each other's company. Yet, there were those few that had begun learning from the example of the brothers and sisters as well as their adoring parents. The true answer to peace had been love all along. As as long as it took, they would learn how to coexist, even if a few more eons were required to achieve it.

The End