False Identity

JT logged on to the family computer. He sat down, wearing his Mets T-shirt and his pair of jeans. He was playing around, having been very bored. His real name was unknown, so we shall call him JT.

JT had several different names and identities online. It was a strange case. JT wasn't really that talkative in real life, yet he could talk for hours online with a complete stranger who could become a friend.

JT shook his head and thought "How strange the ways of the Internet is."

He heard the football game from his parents' room. His dad was smirking. The Broncos must have scored.

JT sighed before he went on to his favorite place to chat. He logged on and then he felt himself change. Well, not himself. But it was actually his identity that had changed.

For this particular person, he was no longer JT. He was Michael, a confident, cool and laid-back teen from Michigan. He noticed Michael's friend, partygirl2004, also known as Brianna.

Brianna was 15, lived in California and was your typical teenage girl. She had a large group of friends, she was moderately popular and she loved to party (as suggested by her name). Her personality was that she was nice, fun-loving and a little eccentric.

He had seen a picture of her from one of her emails. She had dark-colored hair and green eyes. She goes to high school and is a sophomore.

JT looked at the screen as he hesitated. Should he talk to her now?

He thought "Might as well. What's the worst that can happen?"

He clicked her screen name twice. A new window then popped up. He decided to start the conversation this time.

Chat Log:

runningaway94: Hey.

partygirl2004: Hey, Mike.

runningaway94: What's up, Brianna?

partygirl2004: Not much. Just that my volleyball team won last week.

runningaway94: Congrats. Anyway, it's the same thing with me. All I am doing is relaxing.

partygirl2004: So, bb, anything new with you?

runningaway94: No, just passed my History test. Only person to get above a 85!

partygirl2004: Congrats. I hate school. If what we're learning isn't too easy, then it's way too hard.

runningaway94: Yeah, I know. Everybody hates school, even me.

partygirl2004: So do you want to see my picture?

runningaway94: Yeah.

Brianna then sent JT a link to a new picture. He then noticed that she had dyed some of her hair pink or was wearing a pink wig. She had more likely dyed it pink. She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit of a white blouse and a short, pleated, gray skirt with white socks and black schoolgirl shoes. Of course, the blouse was short-sleeved, wrinkled and the top three buttons were left unbuttoned and the blouse was not tucked in.

She had a mischievous look in her eyes as she licked a multi-colored lollipop. JT didn't know how or what to comment.

JT thought out loud "Wow, she is very interesting."

He then typed back to her "It looks nice. How come I don't see this all the time?"

He had span around in his chair as he wondered "Am what I doing wrong?"

He then shook his head and wondered out loud "Probably not."

She then replied "Because I don't want you to."

He rolled his eyes. How crazy was this? Then again, he had a million online girlfriends or friends. So he couldn't really explain crazy.

He then replied "You're such a little tease."

She said "But you like me that way." which was then followed by a virtual pout.

He smirked then sighed. He did like her that way. But it was only because she was no other way.

He then heard "JT, dinner!"

He typed "GTG. Parents calling me for dinner."

She replied "K. I'll see you around."

He then logged out and went upstairs to the dining room to get his dinner.

He sat down at the dining table and began to eat his dinner. Everyone was quietly eating.