It's dark.

It's too dark.

I'm scared.

Terrified even.

I can't find the light, its scaring me.

Usually we get along.

The dark, it's my haven.

The one place I never truly feel alone.

But now I can't help but feel as if it's suffocating me.

Killing me more painfully than anything before.

It is giving me more panic and fear than the light has ever brought.

More fear than I can handle.

More tears than I can count.

Tears are foreign, and sting as they run down my face.

Something I decided I hated long ago.

I'm separated from the light.

Scarred of the dark.

The shadows are my last hope.

Even as I write this, the shadows are here, hugging my skin.

Protecting me from the light.

Hiding me from the dark.

Getting me out of this muck.

The rope id thought I'd lost is now back in my view.

I'm trying to reach it, but it hurts so much.

The cutting always helped, but I'm too deep for that now.

Even as I write this, I feel the tears that the darkness caused swelling in my eyes.

Let the shadows be my savior on this journey out.

Let them help me out of this whole.

As I'm reaching for the rope I can't help but notice, it's getting further, and further away, harder to reach, and harder to see.

I will never be in the light.

But in the dark I cannot stay.

So I will make my way to the shadows, there I will stay.