Full Summary: I was rich. He was poor. I was at the top of the pyramid while he wasn't even apart of it. While he kissed me in the rain, I showed him that he could have fun without a bottle of alcohol. He showed me what freedom was, until it was all ripped away. I will never forgive him for letting me go so easily. He was the owner of a rough bar filled with brawling men, while I was the apple of my rich father's eye.

It was never meant to be.

Elleiya Lockhart is bored with her everyday mundane life. She wants excitement, romance and above all, freedom. Being the daughter of New York's renowned lawyer, James Lockhart, is a little to overbearing for Elleiya's taste. On a whim, she escapes to the streets of Seattle when accompanying her father on a business trip and ventures into a busy bar. Doped up on high hopes for an exciting night, Elleiya forgets that not everyone is so kind hearted outside her father's white picketed fence. When one male gets a little too touchy, Elleiya is saved by none other then Storm Lawson – the owner of the bar most famous in Seattle for its fight nights and drunken brawls.

A/N: Okay, so this is just the prologue. I'm just trying out this story, and the next chapter is when Storm and Elleiya first meet. I have no experience writing for a heartbroken female. aha. Anywho, read and if you like, review and let me know! The song "Love Don't Run," Is what inspired this story for me. So have a listen to it.

The Wild Ones


The rain was pelting down, covering up the tears that spilled from my eyes. He was walking away. He was walking away from everything that we had been through. I was shocked, numb, flabbergasted and lost all at once.

He was sending me back.

"Storm!" I cried. I was desperate for a glance back, for some sort of sign he didn't mean this. "Don't leave!"

He never looked back. He kept walking away, like I meant nothing, like I was trash left out on the side of the road. The rain was coming down so hard, but I didn't care. I had dropped that little red umbrella he had left me with earlier. My hair that I used to pride myself on was damp and a complete mess. Oh, but I didn't care.

"Elleiya, get up. You're making a fool of yourself," my father reprimanded me from behind. I ignored him and continued to stare after the love of my life.

He was getting further away from me. My legs, which had felt so numb earlier, suddenly began to work as I ran for him. I could see his back muscles rippling from behind and I remembered how I'd draw pictures with my finger on the back of his bare skin while he slept. I remembered how I'd tease him about his spiky hair, and how I used to stare at his tattoos, trying to remember where each one was located. I wondered if my name that was inked onto his wrist would remind him of those promises we made.

I finally reached him and threw my slim arms around his waist. His body tensed as I buried my face into his wet shirt. I could hear my father screaming my name from behind, but once I heard his heart beating my father's voice was drowned out. His heart still beat only for me.

He gently pried my arms away from him and turned around. His thick dark hair that always found a way to stand up in every angle was flat from the rain. His forehead creased with that familiar confusion I often put him in. His jaw visibly tensed, but that wonderful smile I had grown to adore was nowhere to be found.

His eyes were cold as he pushed me away. Those big blue eyes filled with adoration every time he looked at me were cold and uncaring. Where had my kind Storm gone?

I shook my head as I stared up at him. "I left the window open at home… we should go back so the couch doesn't get wet…" I muttered, a tinge of desperation to my cracking voice.

He continued to give me that hallow stare as he answered. "It's not your home, Elleiya. Go back with your father… he's been worried."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You told me I'd never have to go back! You told me we were one person!" I screamed as I grabbed onto his left wrist, holding it next to my right arm. "Look! This is proof!"

He stared at the names that were inked into our skin. It didn't faze him at all as he responded with, "I got a lot of girls names inked on me. Think I got myself a free lazar with the amount of names I get removed every few months," and ripped his arm away.

I hiccupped despite myself from crying. No, this wasn't how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to pick me up and carry me back to our apartment, throw me onto the bed and kiss everything away.

"You don't mean that…" I whispered. I grabbed onto his shirt, clinging to his wet torso as I leaned up and roughly pressed my lips against his.

The moment he responded a shining beacon of hope drew me in. It wasn't until he had me shoved me against the brick wall beside us and crushed me against it did I realize something was wrong. He tore his lips away from me as I whimpered from the impact.

I stared up at him as he caged me in with both his arms against the wall. It took everything I had just to let a single word slip from my swollen lips. "Why…"

His smirk was wicked as he stared down at me. "Because I can," was his only answer.

I couldn't take it anymore. I slapped him across the face, the sound of skin on skin echoing down the barren street, and then proceeded to pound my fists against his chest. The momentary shock I must have caused him wore off and he grabbed my wrists, pinning me against the wall. The whole time my father just stood feet away, watching the encounter. I didn't care that he was watching – he could think I was a fool, he could think anything he liked about me.

"Stop it!" Storm yelled as he pinned my hands back. He leant down, his lips millimeters from my ear and whispered, "Elleiya, go back with your father. Don't make this hard."

This didn't calm me down. "My name's not Elleiya! It's Elle. Say my name!" I screamed.

His audible growl only fired me up more. He let go of one of my wrists, while throwing me away from him with my other. I stumbled from the slippery wet cement, but caught myself before I fell. All I could do was stare at this stranger I had once loved and think, 'Where did it all go wrong?'

"You're eighteen Elle, grow the fuck up," he snapped as he stared back at him, his eyes burning with anger. "Hey! Old Man! I expect that cash tonight, yeah?"

He was saying this to my father. I looked back in stunned silence, only to see my father nod once. Wait… what?

"Y-you called him, didn't you?" I accused. "You called my father, didn't you Storm!"

I fell to my knees, not even caring that there was dirty sewerage water from the overflowing drains beneath me, and cried my heart out. Storm didn't have to answer - I knew it was true.

I sat and wondered what had gone wrong. What had happened to make it all so terrible? This morning I had made breakfast, I had burnt the toast like every other morning, but Storm had still eaten it. We got dressed like any other day, and I picked out what he was going to wear. I was nervous about leaving Jetta, but Storm had smiled and told me he had left her water and food, just like every other day.

What happened?

"So, what's your name, miss under-age and drunk."

"Well, what about you, Mr. Fighter?"

"You said you were a fighter! Why aren't you fighting?" I screamed, new tears streaking down my cheeks.

Storm chuckled. "Because there's nothing to fight for, babe…" And that was it as he walked away, disappearing into the heavy downpour of rain.

I tried to stop it, but the memory of the night Storm Lawson saved me flashed through my head like an old movie. We had walked passed this very building, and I could plainly see his smile as he carried me on his back, back to his apartment I would learn to call my own home. I had to think back on what happened…