Faint sounds of giggling filled his ears as his eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness that was engulfing him. Panic began to flood his senses as he took in his surroundings, or the lack of it. It was pitch black except for a soft glow around him. He tried to get up but to his dismay, he found that he was stuck to where he was sitting and a sharp pain bit at his hands and feet.

What the fuck was going on? Where the fuck was he? And why the fuck was he tied up? A million and one questions raced through his head; not a single one answered. He looked down at himself. Clothed only in a navy satin button down shirt and a loosely-knotted tie, he sat butt naked on a wooden chair.

He was sure that he was in deep shit this time. No recollection or whatsoever of how he got here, his mind worked at a hundred miles a second thinking of a solution to get out of this mess. His chest heaved up and down at a rapid speed, similar to the beating of his heart against his ribcage.

"Hush, hush. Don't be afraid." A soft touch along the back of his neck made him jolt. He heard another giggle.

He frantically tried to turn his head; to catch a glimpse of his kidnapper. His hands tried to pull free behind his back but the cool metal only caused more pain.

"Who…who are you? What do you want with me?" he demanded; the tremble in his voice obvious.

The soft trace of a finger moved from his neck, down his arm and he saw the owner of the said finger appear beside him. Her long, auburn curls captured his attention and her emerald orbs shone in the dark room. She smiled playfully at him as she moved to straddle his lap.

He let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. The male in him ogled her; the situation he was in didn't seem very important anymore. She was dressed in a corset; its deep hue of purple complemented her skin and hair perfectly. Her breasts were full and firm, begging to be let out of their constraints. His member began to stir at the sight presented in front of him.

He opened his mouth to speak but she placed a finger at his lips, stopping him. She traced it along the thin line of his lips and then along his jaw. He gulped.

"Just let us pleasure you," she purred seductively.


As if on cue, another girl walked out from his left side. This one had a blonde mane that fell to her waist and was dressed in a scarlet babydoll top. She ran her fingers down his hair, trailing down the nape of his neck, forming goose bumps in their wake. He shuddered.

The first girl started peppering light kisses on his lips; her hips grinding into his already hard erection. The other licked at his left ear, nibbling gently and breathing cool and warm air into it alternately. With so many sensations at once, he felt like his nerves were on the edge of exploding. Even a loud moan could not suffice.

It must be his lucky day, he thought, as he claimed the auburn's lips in his, molding them together in a heat of passion. The blonde at his ear had moved to suck on the skin of his neck, biting gently to leave her mark. Oh, how he wished he could free his hands to touch them.

Before he could get enough of her, the girl moved away from his lap, pulling the tie around his neck seductively. He watched her intently as she began to circle him, taking her partner with her and they stopped in front of him. He wondered what they would do to him next, only to find that what they were about to do was to each other.

His cock jumped at the sight of the auburn taking the blonde's mouth into hers. Her hands grabbed at the latter's long hair as they kissed and grinded at each other, moaning ever so loudly and sweetly. This was like his fantasy come to life right in front of him and he got the VIP seat. Damn.

Their hands were all over each other; the first had hers under the babydoll of the second while the second was untying the corset of the first. The blonde turned the girl in purple around, holding her waist as she loosened the strings of the corset using only her teeth. His hands fidgeted in their confines as they wished that they could be the one removing the strings instead.

The corset fell off from the auburn's body, her plentiful breasts jiggled free from them. He swallowed as he watched the blonde kissing the other girl's neck, her hands reaching in front to cup the latter's mounds. They sighed and moaned in pleasure as the first girl took her turn to remove the blonde's top. Now, both of them were naked in all of their glory right in front of him.

"Please…" he pleaded. "Release me so that I can touch you."

They looked at each other and giggled, and then they shook their heads teasingly at him. The blonde said naughtily, "You can't touch us, but we'll touch each other for you."

His jaw fell slack as they began grabbing each other's breasts and rubbing each other's clit. He could only watch as they slipped a wet finger inside each other and pumped in and out at a rapid speed. They held on to each other as they began to reach their climax, heads lolled back and moans getting louder and faster. Their bodies jerked as their orgasms overtook them and after they had recovered, they looked at him.

"We had our fun. It's your turn now." The auburn rubbed her hands together gleefully.

He took a deep breath as they closed in on him. The blonde reached for his necktie and yanked it undone with one smooth pull. She used the tie to whip the air, the 'swoosh' loud in that silent place, before throwing it on the ground. Then, she proceeded to unbutton his shirt slowly, kissing the newly-bared spots on his body and stopping right above his manhood. He groaned as his dick hardened in anticipation.

The girl moved away and let the other one have her share of fun as she crouched to spread his legs apart. She looked at him as she placed kisses along his inner thigh, from his knee to the area he wanted it most. Her tongue darted out to lick the base of his shaft, moving slowly with the tip of her tongue until she reached the top of his dick, which was already glistened with pre-cum. Her right hand wrapped its fingers around the base as she took him in her mouth, moving her head and hand at a perfect rhythm. His eyes closed in ecstasy as he felt like he could squirt into her mouth at any time.

His eyes fluttered open when he felt warm lips crashing against his. The blonde had decided to join in again as she kissed him roughly. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, making her moan against his lips. The auburn sucking him let out a moan too and the vibrations travelled along his shaft, making him even closer to coming.

He felt his body starting to shake violently and that familiar feeling of muscles tensing as they continued their administrations on his body. His hips thrashed wildly as he shot his seed into the auburn's warm mouth and she lapped it up readily, licking the excess off from his dick and balls. He struggled to catch his breath while he watched the blonde lick off his cum from her friend's face where it had flowed out from her mouth.

"You taste really good, you know." The first girl licked her lips to make her point.

"Can you please let my hands go now? I really, really want to touch those big boobs of yours," he started begging again.

The blonde walked behind his chair and he jumped in excitation inside. However, instead of feeling his hands released from the metal, he felt warm wetness on his fingers. Turning his head as far as he could, he saw that the girl had placed her pussy on his hands so that he could touch it. He didn't hesitate to take this given opportunity and started finding her little nub.

She gripped his shoulders as he rubbed her sensitive spot. The new sense of power that he felt plus the sound of her moans, were more than enough to make him hard again. The woman behind him was overflowing with juices as he slipped a finger inside. His sudden action managed to elicit a loud groan from her but the blonde was determined to show him who was running this show as she set her own rhythm to use his finger as her pleasure tool.

Before he could even fully enjoy the warm sensation of her pussy fucking his finger, the other girl decided that she wanted to play again and straddled his lap. She locked her eyes with his as she lowered herself on his pole. He had to break the eye contact with her as his eyes fluttered close in absolute bliss.

Given his current position, he didn't have the leverage to thrust deeper into her but she sure as hell was making up for it. Both of the girls were moving up and down in sync – both gripping on to his shoulders – as they fuck his dick and fingers (he managed to slip in a second finger some time ago; when, he couldn't recall) hard, respectively.

Uhmmmmm, ahhhhhhhh. Oh, YES! Fuck, yeah! Repeated sounds of moaning and cursing thundered in the room as their bodies slide up and down. He couldn't form any coherent train of thoughts anymore but his body was telling him that he was feeling damn fucking good.

He was trying to hold off his climax as he definitely didn't want this to end but he knew he was getting too close now. His teeth clenched as he cried out, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

The girls took his cue and rode him faster and harder, throwing him over the edge. As he came for the second time in less than 15 minutes, he felt the walls of their pussies clenching around him as well. He swore he could see stars and hear laughter.

Wait, laughter? No, that didn't seem right.

He opened his eyes again, expecting to see the glassy eyes of the auburn, her flushed cheeks and her beautiful breasts moving up and down against her heaving chest. Instead, all he saw was white.

White. Did that mean he was dead? Did he have such a massive orgasm that it killed him?

Howling laughter pulled him out of his mental rant. He turned towards the direction of the sound and found that he was no longer sitting down but was laying down and – Oh, god.

Was that… He took a gulp. His friends? What were they doing here? And what was that in Mike's hands? Was that a camcorder?


Now he felt it. The warm, sticky fluid on his right hand, the beads of perspiration forming on his forehead – it all finally made sense. He had had a wet dream and was masturbating in his sleep.

"Oh my god! This is sooooo going on YouTube!" Mike managed to say in between his laughing fit.

He could hear loud comments of 'Everyone's gonna love this!', 'Dude, did you see how far he squirted?' and 'Damn, that must have been some hell of a dream!' coming from his friends.

He groaned inwardly and managed to grab his comforter to cover what's left of his dignity. But he had to admit, that really was one fucking hell of a dream.

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