So breathe,
Your own breath!
Every one a test!
Of what, you must do!
And the shit that you must best.
Will you shine?
Or be like all the rest?
Will, you find?
Some meaning in this mess!

I know you!
Even though you don't know me!
And I have seen through,
Things I didn't even see!
When you unearth the truth!
You find it's all you really need!
Hold true your proof!
Let them believe what they'll believe.

So be!
Your, own self!
March right through your hell.
Keep standing tall!
And never let them sell.
Your light!
And the places your heart dwells.
Stay, and fight!
Like you never even fell.

So angel keep smiling!
For yourself if not for me!
Stop your crying!
You're far too beautiful to weep!
I knows it's tiring...
When this is over you can sleep.
Our time's expiring,
But our souls we'll always keep.
Fighting for freedom, is being free.