Chapter I: Nicollete visits Zwei City

This is the untold story of Nicolette Trace, who travels to Zwei City to face the number 1 male, Kaine Vincet in a duel to prove she has changed. This happens after her visit of Sky Lab and the adventures she had with the Card Master, Shiro Sora and her cousin Mizuki Kitsune, it also happens after Klyn become the Star Master.

She looks on as the train enters the city, the sun is shining and she is anxious, thinking of how interesting her visit to Sky Lab was the strangeness of the real life monsters she fought.

The train slows down as the train calls, "Zwei City, Zwei City, enjoy your time here."

"So this is Zwei City, it's a pretty interesting place," a 13 years old girl with red hair and blue eyes says getting off the train.

The girl looks around at the tall buildings and sparkle of Zwei as she hefts her bag with her deck holder in it and her Data attribute deck.

"Now I just have to find Kaine and show him the new me," she says to herself walking down the street passing an alleyway leading to a familiar red warehouse…well to Klyn and the rest of them at least.

She stops suddenly and ponders, "How do I find him anyway?" she asks herself.

Nicole reaches into her bag and takes out Hack Armor and smiles at a memory flash of the end of the duel with Kaine Vincet.

"Awww and I didn't even manage to make a hit" Nicolette pouted; Kaine came up to her and smiled.

"Hey. That was a nice game. Also you remind me of a friend. Never know you might meet him" Kaine replies quickly.

"Yeah…If I get any better" Nicollete sighs.

"Nicolette…Why is it you act like this?" Kaine asked.

"Huh?" Nicolette replies confused.

"When I first meet you minutes ago you seemed pretty stuck up…" Kaine started.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Nicolette interrupts in anger.

"Whoa. Calm down. Hmm…Hey Nicole." Kaine says.

"Nicolette," she answers back annoyed.

"Whatever…I have something to give you," Kaine said and pulled out the armor he used to beat her, it was Hack Armor.

"This?" Nicolette looks at the card surprised and takes it.

"Yeah. Consider it a challenge for you to get stronger. When and if we meet again I want to see a different you. One who understands why she duels" Kaine said and then left leaving her thinking.

Nicole smiles putting the card back into her deck and continues walking.

"Damn it, I'm late for Kaine's duel with…" a voice starts but collides with Nicole.

Nicole starts to fall but she hears a clatter as a hand grabs her wrist and pulls her back to her feet, she opens her eyes seeing a male with long black hair tied in a low pony tail and blue eyes, he looks 16 years old, and 5'5", a white scarf is around his neck with green tassels and a green pointed oval, which blinks making her do a double take.

"Sorry about that, I'm just in a rush," the boy says grabbing his fallen winged deck holder and walks off.

"Wait, you know Kaine?" Nicole asks surprised on her luck.

The boy turns and looks at the girl and nods his head and walks off, Nicole decides to follow him.

After about 30 minutes of walking they come up to a large group of people when an explosion is heard, causing the onlookers to back off, letting the dust settle as Nicole pushes through seeing Kaine Vincet standing there, with the black haired boy…no girl congratulating him.

"What a win, sucks Klyn missed it though," the girl says laughing.

"Now my fault, I had to be the chivalrous one when I bumped into a girl on the way here," Klyn answers walking up to Kaine.

Nicole does a double take as she sees the boy she bumped into walk up beside Kaine, the girl looks like Klyn except her hair is in a high pony tail and she's wearing a knee length skirt.

"So what I miss Mina?" Klyn asks sulking a little bit.

"Oh it was fantastic, many shocks and awes, the excitement was intense," a girl says walking up and chuckles at Klyn's shocked face, this girl was shorter than Klyn with violet eyes and orange hair with low pig tails. (Andreanna changed hers as well but not by much.)

"Really?" Klyn asks skeptical.

Nicole walks up to the group a little annoyed when another girl jumps on Mina hugging her, this girl is shorter than Mina with hazel colored eyes and longish red braided hair, Nicole looks on at them strangely. (Carla changed her hair after the tournament)

"Hello," Nicole says getting there attention.

"Oh, who are you?" Kaine asks cluelessly.

Nicole looks on confused but since it was only there first meeting back in Delta he probably forgot, she smiles.

She points at Kaine and says, "Let's duel."

The group looks back and forth between Kaine and Nicole.

"I'm sorry, I have been challenged a couple times, how about tomorrow," Kaine answers her request.

Nicole agrees since he is number 1 in Zwei, Kaine nods and walks away, thinking like she met her before but cannot remember where.

"So, who are you anyway?" Klyn asks.

"Oh, my name is Nicolette Trace from Delta, but you can call me Nicole or Trish," Nicole answers.

"Well, my name is Klyn Holden; this is my twin sister Mina Holden, my fiancé Andreanna Folds, and Mina's girlfriend Carla Krane," Klyn answers as the others wave.

Nicole looks shocked at Andreanna and Klyn then gets confused.

"Oh, you're confused, we look young but Klyn and I are 18," Mina answers Nicole's stare.

Nicole just chuckles it off and thinks to herself, I wonder if Klyn is the person he meant.

"Since you'll duel Kaine tomorrow, how about a tour of Zwei," Andreanna offers which Nicole nods.

Nicole follows the group as they point to the academy, the many stores, buildings and the hustle and bustle of the city.

"Got a question, where are you from, you don't look Japanese?" Nicole asks.

"Well, Trish I'm from this city, I am the number 1 female duelist of Zwei," Andreanna answers.

"Really, in Delta we only have Nexus Astral, while Sky Lab as Shiro Sora," Nicole replies.

"Oh, yeah I dueled Shiro Sora and defeated him after I became the Star Master, oh and we are from the United States," Klyn answers smiling.

"And I'm number 1 of the United States," Carla proclaims.

"Wow, you beat Shiro, very few have beaten him, even my cousin hasn't beaten him yet," Nicole says shocked.

They look at her and Klyn asks, "Who's your cousin?"

"Mizuki Kitsune," Nicole answers and the group's eyes widen.

Mina looks at Klyn and says, "wasn't she the girl who beat you after we awoke, she used Final monsters didn't she?"

They nod and Nicole looks up surprised and says, "You met my cousin, what happened?"

Carla steps forward and pulls out Card Master: Spirit by Van Quatra, flips through it and hands it to Nicole to read.

"How do you do that?" they ask Carla who chuckles.

Nicole flips it closed and hands it back to Carla who swiftly puts it behind her back and it vanishes.

"So you lost, my cousin is pretty powerful since she is that last of the Void users. But it sounds like you gave her a run for her money," Nicole says smiling.

"Yup, now let's continue the tour and you can crash at my place till tomorrow," Andreanna offers and she nods.

"Oh and Nikki, I would like to duel you afterwards," Klyn asks.

Nicole sighs at another nickname but agrees anyways. (LOL, had to do this.)

After a bit of fun with her new Zwei friends she is brought to Andreanna's place where they eat and head to bed after some more fun.

Its around midnight and Nicole is still awake thinking, Kaine has some strange friends, I will show him how much I have changed since before I got the Hack Armor… I still cannot believe Klyn faced Shiro and won and Mizuki and lost, he is going to be interesting to face. Nicole smiles and promptly falls asleep.

Chapter II: Nicole VS Kaine