Chapter V: Talon Armor and Ultimate Gem Star Armor

"My turn, I shuffle my 2 cards into my deck and draw 4 cards and you gain 10 HB," Klyn says shuffling and drawing Gem Armor, 2 Gem Garnet Rat Snakes and Gem Polish and Team Nitrous' HB goes up to 54.

"I'll activate the effect of Gem Serpent Eye, by discarding a "Gem" monster I look at the top 3 cards of my deck and place them in any order on top or on bottom of my deck, so I discard Gem Garnet Rat Snake and when he is discarded by a "Gem" card it is summoned in defense mode," Klyn looks at the 3 and places them on bottom and Garnet is summoned, "I'll do it again and discard another Garnet," Klyn looks again and smiles as his second is summoned.

"I'll then activate the spell Gem Polish, by tributing a LV1 "Gem" monster I special summon a LV2 from the deck and it gains 600 ATK until the end of my next turn, so Gem Pearl Anaconda is summoned," Anaconda appears with 2700 ATK and Aura Warrior gets a 10th counter, "now I'll attack Race Car-Jet," said monster is destroyed by Wheels smirks as it explodes and Team Holden's HB goes down to 11.

"You feel for it, when a "Car" monster equipped with Nitrous Burst is destroyed you take damage equal to its ATK and Race Car-Jet's effect activates, by removing Car-Black Bird from the game it returns to the field in defense mode," Wheels says as said card is removed and Race Car-Jet returns.

"Counter card activate, Barrel Over, a removed from game "Car" monster is summoned to the field and an opponent draws a card for its level, so Klyn draws 2 and Car-Black Bird returns with an extra 500 ATK as well," Chassis says as said monster returns with 2500 ATK and Klyn draws Gem Star Dragon and Gem Citrine Fer-De-Lance.

Wheels and Chassis looks at each other and smile.

Klyn looks on smirking and says, "I'll tribute both Gem Garnet Rat Snakes to normal summon Gem Citrine Fer-De-Lance in attack mode, and since I have 4 or more "Gem" monsters in my discard pile I special summon Gem Star Dragon," both monsters appear as Wheels and Chassis step back and Nicole looks up surprised.

"Now, since I control at least 2 "Gem" monsters I get to summon Gem Armor to the field, I'll then unite it with Gem Star Dragon, Gem Diamond Magician and Gem Citrine Fer-De-Lance to quad synthesis summon Ultimate Gem Star Armor," a LV6 armor, made of diamonds and emeralds, with a yellow star in the chest, long yellow wings, long diamond and emerald made tail attached to the back with a yellow star at its end and a spear with a thin 5-pointed star with 4000 ATK and 2000 DEF appears and attaches to Klyn.

"Now for each "Gem" monster in my discard pile I gain 200 ATK and I cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects and I have piercing," Klyn says as his eyes turn yellow and a yellow star appears over his irises and he powers up to 5600 ATK, "I'll end my turn and I stay since this is a quad."

"Wow, my turn," Nicole draws RX Dimension.

"I'll activate the field spell RX Dimension, now all Data monsters cannot be destroyed by spell, counter or monster effects, then I'll tribute D.A.T.S Delta to summon Aura Priestess, I equip her with Pure Soul, I'll end my turn there," Nicole says as Aura Warrior gains his 14th Aura Counter.

"Fine, draw," Wheels gets Exhaust Armor.

"I'll summon Exhaust Armor, this lets me use only 1 "Car" monster in my discard pile for a synthesis summon, but if I do it this way when I attack your monsters are not destroyed and all damage becomes 0 for this turn," a LV1 black armor billowing black smoke with 0 ATK and DEF appears, "Now, I'll unite it with Stone Wheel, Race Car-Jet and the Car-Jaguar in my discard pile to quad synthesis summon Hummer Exhaust Armor," a LV6 black armor billowing black smoke with tire shoulder pads, two tires on each boot and a pipe on the gauntlet that shoots blue flames with 4800 ATK and 3000 DEF appears and attaches to Wheels.

"I'll end my turn there," Wheels calls smirking.

"He must have some other effect, since mine is stronger," Klyn ponders as Chassis starts.

"Draw," Chassis draws Muscle Car.

"I activate the spell Muscle Car, this only works on synthesis armors, I discard a card and it adds a material to my armor, so it will change from a normal to a quad and I gain 500 ATK and DEF for each, I discard Car Bomb," Chassis powers up to 4000, "I activate the counter card Junk Charge, since I have no cards in hand I add a "Car" monster from my deck to my hand and you gain 6 HB," Chassis chooses Car-Nitro and Team Holden's HB goes up to 16.

"I'll discard Car-Nitro and make it a quad synthesis," Chassis powers up to 4500 ATK, "Now since Car-Nitro was used for this effect my ATK increases by 800," Chassis says as his ATK becomes 5300 but Chassis sees a smiling Klyn with his glowing eyes and shutters, "I'll end my turn there."

"What, why are you ending now, we can win this," Wheels yells out angrily.

"Draw," Klyn draws Diamond Barrier and smiles.

"I'll set a face-down and when I attack spell and counter cards cannot be activated, so I'll attack Wheels," Klyn slashes with his sword but Wheels smiles.

"I activate my effect, when I am attacked I gain 800 ATK," Wheels says as he powers up to 5600 making there ATK the same.

"I activate the counter card Data Maker, this changes a non-Data attribute monster into the Data Attribute for the turn and I add a LV2 or lower Data monster from my deck to my hand, I choose Warrior Rose," Nicole says revealing a card with D.A.T.S Xi transferring its Data to Sharkeon.

"Then I'll activate Data Flash, I choose 2 Data attribute monsters, Aura Warrior and Klyn, Aura Warrior's ATK goes to 0 and Klyn powers up by 2000 ATK until the end of the turn," Klyn powers up to 7600 ATK and Wheels armor shatters as Team Nitrous' HB goes down to 34, "I'll end my turn here, Nikki's turn," Klyn says eyeing Nicole.

"Fine, draw," Nicole draws Exceed Armor.

"I activate the spell Soul Surge and tribute Aura Priestess with Pure Soul to Soul Summon Divine Natasha," said monster is summoned, "I then summon Exceed Armor and unite it with Divine Natasha to Soul Synthesis Summon Over Drive Armor," said armor appears and attaches to Nicole.

"I'll then activate the spell Sky Summons, I tribute Over Drive Armor to summon Talon Armor," Over Drive Armor vanishes and a LV6 White and Golden Armor with huge wings and two white swords with 4500 ATK and 4000 DEF appears and attaches to Nicole as her eyes change to a sky green color and Aura Warrior gains his 20th counter.

"I activate Aura Warrior's effect, I remove all Aura counters and I gain 200 for each, since 20 are removed," Nicole powers up to 8500 ATK, "I then can activate 2 of 4 effects, I tribute Aura Warrior to special summon Aura Priestess, and I'll attack Chassis," Nicole slashes twice with her swords destroying Chassis Armor and Team Nitrous' HB becomes 2.

"Yes, where still in this," Wheels says as Chassis smiles.

"Wrong, Let's Pick Up the Pace, I activate my second effect, I cut my ATK in half and I can attack again," Nicole's ATK becomes 4250 and she slashes twice striking them both and there HB becomes 0.

"What a nail bitter, we didn't even get any line during this chapter," Mina says looking up.

I was having fun, so sue me.

Wheels and Chassis walk off, Klyn walks up to Nicole and they shake hands as they smile.

"I have had lots of fun but I have to head back to Delta for the tournament, I had lots of fun and learned a lot from Kaine and you as well Klyn," Nicole states.

"Well, Nikki I had a lot of fun as well, I hope you win your tournament that you are having," Klyn says smiling as they go there separate ways as Nicole heads to the train to Delta.

Nicole looks back and sighs saying, "Great, I hope no one knows about another nickname I now have, Whatever."

Nicole hefts her bag calls a taxi to the Zwei Station and heads back home.

"Let's Pick up the Pace," Nicole calls out before entering the train.


Disclaimer- Decode 9 owns Nicolette Trace and all her cards, I own Data Maker.