So…so…its funny how I hit the lowest of the low

No where to go. No rhyme and no flow

Sick of all the downers

Found myself wanting sour

Pain killers



And frowners

But I just floundered

8 bud lights and like 6 melatonin's

Instead of sleeping I found myself just throwin


didn't wanna get up

This fucking sucked

Just wanted to give up

Fuck the world and the pain

Wash it all down the drain

Everyday it felt the same

Fuck the dames and their names

I just wanted the 9 to bang

Hung me by the fucking strings

So dance puppet dance puppet dance puppet dance

Fall into this trance

And maybe then you'll have a chance

But fell into a past tense

Then I knew I had to vent

So back to the paper and pen

Put it to a beat again

It's cool

I'll pick "Myself" up in the end