I know we only met last week,
October 19th as you so kindly pointed out
But I spend all my time with you
And when you are not by my side,
You are all I'm thinking about.

You came into my life as
The guy who sat next to me on the bus
We traded stories, smiling politely
Not knowing our own story was being written for us.

From then on, we started taking the bus together
You, me, and another guy friend
We always sit together in class, and in the library
From the start of the day, till the very end.

We have study sessions in my room
You, me, and a few of the other guys.
But studying turns into a jam session
In which the early hours of the morning
Is when we say our final good-byes.

Last night got crazy when the music started blaring
Who knew where three hours of work had led?
You guys became hyper,
Singing out loud, dancing around
And even JUMPING on my bed!

The music eventually became slower
And that part was the best
Because you took my hand, after I agreed to dance,
Completely forgetting about the presence of the rest.

You make me laugh
And conversation always flows
"Guys and girls can never just be friends"
Is how the old saying goes…

And you'd think I'd have learned that by now
And maybe I am a little scared of this new light,
But things are good the way they are
So I'll keep my feelings bottled up for now-
Deep inside, and out of sight.

Because there is a chance we're not meant to be
But I don't mind: I'll wait and see
And I don't want us to be in any real danger
But for now I'll keep you here,
My favorite stranger…


28th October 28, 2011 at 8:15 PM