"My Best Friend's Girlfriend"

I didn't want to go (that was before I knew SHE would be there) but mom made me go anyway because she knew I would feel guilty if I didn't. The last time I had been roped into something concerning my friend Matt had been his 17th birthday party and going to Star Trek against my will, but that's another story.

I looked out the window at the familiar houses I had known since I was seven years old; I had the street memorized at the back of my hand. When I arrived Matt was nowhere in sight and usually he was there to greet me with open arms and a big smile, but tonight it was only his brother Steven, his mom and my brother Christopher-not the people I wanted to be at the moment.

So I was parked in my wheelchair in the living room looking around at the activity watching guests arrive and waiting for Matt.

Finally, sometime later he appeared dressed in khakis and some blue dress shirt that brought out his eyes-gosh he looked good.

"Where have you been?" I demanded.

"Getting dressed." He frowned, seemingly confused by my irritated tone, we'll hardly ever raised our voices at each other. "How are you?" He asked, leaning down to hug me. He smelled so good he had obviously put on cologne.

"Look, Matt we need to talk, this isn't easy for me…" I began.

However, Matt didn't seem to be listening, he seemed edgy and nervous.

"Look Matt, what's wrong? You are my best friend you can tell me."

"I met this really great girl… She's amazing… We've been going out for a while now…" He looked at me his eyes round with excitement. Then seeing my expression his face softened, "I'm sorry, I meant to tell you."

Yeah, he neglected that little detail.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, not bothering to keep the hurt out of my voice.

"I'm sorry, there wasn't time you know with me being so busy and all."

Well obviously he hadn't been that busy if he had started dating someone without telling me, and Matt had told me everything since we were seven years old.

"Kiss me." I said suddenly.

Matt frowned, "What?"

I grabbed his shirt pulling him towards me. "Kiss me!" I repeated.

I watch the emotions play over his face as if he wasn't white sure what to do.

"Give me one good reason why it's her and not me." I said my voice tight.

"Justice… Please." He sounded tired, like I was a bothersome child.

"Why not me?" I demanded.

"Justice, it's not that simple…"

My hand tightened on his shirt front, "Just kiss me! Prove me wrong."

Then he was leaning over me just looking down at me his arms wrapped securely around me somewhere between me and the wheelchair I felt like I was floating and at the moment I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. His blue eyes were intense as he looked down at me his light brown lashes fluttering closed. I kept my eyes open for a moment watching his face drawing closer, his closed eyes and his pink pursed lips, I could feel his breath gentle and slow on my face and for once everything was exactly how I imagined…

Then the doorbell rang.

She came in with a few of her friends, girls I had never seen before with hair all various shades of brown. Then, there in the middle like a pearl there she was, tall and blonde everything I wasn't and I failed to grasp why Matt would be attracted to a girl like this, I knew it was shallow but she probably didn't even know her way around a computer, unless she was just using him to help her with her homework.

That irritated me even more, Matt deserved better than that.

All through his mother's dinner (I couldn't have told you what it was) I sat there fuming while Matt and Leslie (I think that was her name) sat two seats down talking and laughing. I set my jaw trying not to look at anything I felt like I was drowning and there was nothing I could do.

I seized my fork spearing a piece of chicken with unnecessary ferocity, humming Delta Goodrem's "Brave Face" between mouthfuls.