The Blood of Ages

Demons in the Night

The echoes of the great beasts hooves thundered though the quiet forest chilling the air around it, speeding though those who might have glimpsed the great beast would have believed a demon had risen and not a Thestal steed. A monstrous beast was a Thestal steed, a demon in it's own right. Nether living or undead they existed only because they are commanded too. Infused with the shadows of the night they are masked from view until they bring forth their masters wrath, often they are the last thing their victims see.

But outside of battle to see one was rare and often a dark omen of what was to come, and this night was no exception.

Far from the silent hours of the sleepy night the evening skies shone a brilliant orange as flames licked the heavens, cries of pain, anguish and fear filled the air like the haunting song of the banshees. None had seen the stranger leaving in the shadows or the mighty beast flee into the distance but by morning all would know of the tragedies. The darkening storm's harsh mood almost masked the shadowy village Tamar, but this didn't bother the steed or it's rider as they would know this place even if blinded by the darkest shadows.

The night lookout was practically asleep when the thunderous roar of the beast's hooves tore him from his rest, panicking he stumbled round for his weapons before attempting to spot the source of the sound. His heart froze in fear as the great beast reared up before smashing it's hooves though the solid wooden barricade as if it was tinder wood. Stumbling to get to his feet the lookout raced for the bell to summon the village guard, the mighty steed and it's rider halted in the village squared and remained motionless as the guards gathered round them.

"STAY YOUR WEPONS" boomed a voice from behind the crowed, the sea of people parted to reveal a older man dressed in long elegant robes.

"Return to your duties and secure the barricade" commanded the man as the guards bowed and left the stranger be.

The stranger dismounted the steed and before a word could be spoken, the great beast reared up again, stretched out it's monstrous wings before taking off at speed towards the barricade before the villages could panic the great beast disappeared into a shadowy mist. All attention turned to the stranger as the village fell silent, but this did not faze the stranger as straightened his robes before looking to the skies as a flash of lighting tore across. It was only then that the villages saw his face or what they believed was his face. Vivid violet eyes gazed out from under a solid bone mask not dissimilar to the death masks of the fallen warriors, but unlike them this mask resembled that of the skull of the Damon's of legend.

It was also the first time any of the villages had truly seen the fearful weapons he carried, and now the guards could see why the older man had stayed their weapons. The older robed man motioned for the stranger to join him in his home as the villages watched on. A short time passed before the stranger emerged and as quickly as he had arrived he left in the shadow of storm, the robed man watched the stranger leave but his concern was now the two small bundles in his arms. The baby boy gave out a yawn as an older girl about two years old watched him from the seat before him.

"The god are vengeful, much blood has been shed in their names this night and yet they also show their mercy. The fates will be confused by you both but if he protects you then the gods be wary" and with that the man took the young girl by the hand and retired for the evening but not before alerting the guards to the tragedies of the night.