*Types* "Room for rent europe country side"

The net lists down the top searches..

"Ok, this looks nice.. hmmm"

*types, clicks, types again*

"Top search... room for rent countryside of Cheviot, England, includes meals served local dishes, basic facilities, location near town center, strolling hills, farmhouse..." "This is exactly what i need."

He picked up the phone, booked a flight, and hanged down. Then he grabbed the picture frame beside his bed and said "Brian, I've got a plane to catch, so f*ck you and good bye." Then he hurtled it out the open window of his flat... freezbee style.

Brian was his *sshole boyfriend that he's been with for two years, he reckoned that everything about their relationship was built on a looming quicksand of lies. And so redemption was in his hands right now, but no, he's not bitter at all, he just said that he's an *sshole cos he loved him so much, so that he could let go of him more easily, and as it happens ever so often, life slaps you in the face when you least expect it, and love... well love when lost, makes us want to leave.

It was early dawn when the airplane started to decend on a bluish grey haze, which made the hair at the back of his neck stand, because it reminded him of "The Witch's Brew" -a low budget indie film he saw when he was just a small kid where in the witches made a thick soup of cut up humans with smoke coming out of this big boiling couldron. And so it was indeed an eerie dense fog which covered pretty much everything... from the strolling hills, to the meadows, the cobbled road, and every street sign; everywhere they turned was all bleak, along that winding terrain of Cheviot hills.

The transport finally came to a stop on a small house fronting an open field and a barn on the far right. "Here we are lad, the Cornwall house at 23rd east Woodsworth street... Have a great day." said the old driver before bluntly pulling the car door shut, leaving him with a backpack filled with clothes and a f*ck me questionmark at the back of his head.

"Welcome my dear child, welcome, welcome, welcome..." said a faint rusty voice behind the wooden door. "Come, come, enter my dear..." followed by tiny creaks from the door hinge. Slowly he entered the small door, "Oh my god Darren, what have you gotten yourself into.. f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck." he told himself, then an old woman emerged from the shadows. "Oh my. Good morning miss, umm what a lovely house you have here."

and then he quickly followed "May i ask if, if you are expecting a visitor today?"

"But ofcourse my dear... is there by any chance that your name be Darren?" the old woman replied with a merry tone.

"Oh, yes, yes.. im Darren, Darren Walsh, thank God i got the right house, cos that tool driver from the airport went off as soon as i stepped down his lame fat ass car. I mean what if i got the wrong house right?" he looked at the old lady and added "pardon me for my choice of words Mrs..."

"I'm Mrs. Cornwall, Helvetica Cornwall. And you're right, he shouldnt have done that... lame fat ass driver..hahaah!..." darren laughed aswell. Then she said, "Oh by the way you must be tired, would you care for some scones and a cup of tea my dear?"

"I would certainly love to."

Darren enjoyed much of the pleasant chatter she had with the old lady over tea, then when the midday came, he was led to his room at the rear end corner of the house with a view of the meadow and a stone house from afar. "Thanks so much Mrs. Cornwall, I love this place, it's so comfy and nice. I can even sleep here all day if i only could..." then he added "May i just happen to ask... does anybody live, there at that barn house right over there?"

Then she replied while looking over the rustic french window.

"Yes, in fact there are four young lads living in that place, that barnhouse, that's theirs as well. I recon that they're all pretty nice young lads, except that i dont know much about em ol." "Sounds interesting... not that they're young lads or anything of course, you know cos im a guy right heh, i mean the barn is interesting, the barn looks great, i mean what's inside the barn is,.." Darren gasped for words, then Mrs. Cornwall replied, "farm animals my dear.. that's what's inside the barn." "Yah, farm animals, i like farm.. animals..." he paused awkwardly then quickly changed the topic. "Anyways Mrs. Cornwall, i very much indeed appreciate your company and hospitaly and, i guess i'll just unpack my things first so i can start my tour of the countryside later on?.." "Certainly, um just call me if you need anything ok.." Mrs. Cornwall replied as she walked out the room. Then Darren had another look at the barnhouse and saw a man wearing a heavy black hooded parka who just so happened to pass around the barn while carrying something large, like a bucket or something, then suddenly the man slightly glanced at darren before slowly disappearing behind the stable. He jumped, back first on the soft bed then said to himself "strange farm boy.." before dozing off.

By afternoon Darren awoke and saw that it was quite dark outside because of the drizzle and the gloomy weather, but still he pushed for the impending scheduled tour. He had his gear packed in his leather sling, his boots, jacket and all, then he waited long but the tour guide didnt come. "Maybe they cancelled the tour because of the dreadfull weather.. or maybe it's for tomorrow afternoon..." Mrs. Cornwall commented. Then Darren replied, "No, i really have a strong feeling they're not gonna show up at all." and then he asked Mrs. Cornwall if she had a telephone connection so that he could contact the tours administrator, but she had non.

"Do you happen to know where i could find a telephone line here then, Mrs. Cornwall?"

"Oh, you would have to go down the hill by the road, just a couple of yards past the barn house.."

"The barn house... that barn house with the creepy dude?" Darren exclaimed while pointing through the window.

"Ya, that barnhouse. You might consider using the bicycle right beside the laundry over there so you wont get wet for too long..."

And so Darren pedalled the old lady's vintage ride along the muddy cobblestoned road. So far he was doing well with maintaining his slow speed along the wet pavement, until the moment he came passing near the barnhouse. He tried as hard to sober up, and kept himself looking straight ahead while trying to compose as vivid an image of the house through his peripheral vision. Then all of a sudden, he lost grip of the bike handle as the wheel tripped over a rock, which led him wobbling out of control towards the barn. He crashed on a grassy puddle right in front of the house as the rain kept on pouring over his head. "F*ck!" shouted Darren while he tried to get up from the ground.

"F*ck who?" a voice answered out of nowhere.

Darren froze and slowly looked up, then right there in front of him was the dark fur parka guy that he just saw by the window this morning, with a handsome cocky look on his face.

"F*ck me." Darren whispered to himself.

"Pardon me eh?"

"No, i said nothing."

"Oh, are you all right then?"

"Yeah, im cool."

The parka guy reached his hand over Darren, and so he grabbed it.

"Thanks alot." Darren said as he stood upright.

"Im Slade by the way..."

Darren wasnt able to utter a single word, as he stared at his beautiful face.

"Umm, I was transferring the fodder over to the barn when ah saw you slumping over to the side. Thank God your ol right man."

"Yeah, hehe, im all right indeed..."

"Do you happen to have a name by the way?" Slade asked with an Irish accent and a sort of a dishy grin. "Yes, fortunately my mom gave me one, hehh... It's Darren..." while combing his damp hair up the side.

"Umm, would you like to come in? Let the rain pass, ya know, dry off for a while?"

"ah, I, I think i'll have to head off over there now, cos..."

"because?" said Slade while he looked at him with his piercing dark green eyes.

"cos...,umm i dont know really, hehw, umm ...ok sure why not."

And so Darren entered the stone house with Slade, soaking wet with mud and rain. Then Slade took a towel from a closet, handed it to Darren and started to speak, "I insist you taken a shower first before ya headin' out again, the weather's bad and might get ya nasty colds, i'll lend you my nylon coat on your way out to keep you warm and dry, ya can just come by and give it back some other time ok?" then Darren answered, "Thanks alot for all the help, its really nice of you. by the way, i just happen to stay over there at the top of the hill, so you dont have to worry about me stealing your coat from you or anything heheh.."

"No, you can keep it.."

"Oh no, no, no, I was just joking... from where i come from people would normally not want to give things away, i mean, it's just a bad joke."

"No it was kind of funny, but i just really want you to keep it. It's just that I was hoping you'd come by some time again to give it back."

"That's really nice, thanks, i think im really enjoying my first few days here." then he continued, "i'll head to the shower now ok?" Slade stood by the fireplace with an intense look on his face as his hair partially covered his sight.

"Yeah, i'll just stay right here."

The steam from the warm shower slowly covered the bathroom, fogging up the mirrors and every corner. Then Darren heard a slight thud behind the translucent shower curtain. Suddenly, curtains slid wide open and there he saw Slade, all naked and tense with eyes glaring at him. Slade stepped in the steaming shower,and grabbed Darren's wrist with his left hand and wrapped his right around Darren's torso. Slade tightened his grip as he dug his face in Darren's neck and face, sucking and kissing him all over. Their wet naked bodies slid against eachother's as Darren tried to struggle his way out, but Slade was too strong for him and so eventually he stopped moving. "What are you doing to me?" Darren whispered in a quivering tone. Slade slowly stopped panting and began to loosen his grip, then he said, "I dont know..." He looked down, as though ashamed of what he had done, before retreating the bathroom.

It was getting dark, and Darren had already finished his shower so he could try to talk to Slade about the incident. He knew now that somehow, Slade felt strongly about him as he did for Slade the moment he saw him, but he thought what happened might have probably ruined the idea all together. He didnt like the thought of being forced like that, but he remembered the intensity of it all, the passion of Slade's kiss, his touch, and how he almost fell for it. And as he reckoned, it also seemed as if Slade felt sorry about what he had done but still it didnt feel right, and so he just wanted to know his side. "Slade. Where are you?... Slade!, what the f*ck just happened there?... I just need to know." shouted Darren, but nobody answered. He heard a faint howling sound from the barn as the rain poured down harder. Then the front door suddenly slammed open, letting in a misty gush of wind. "Who the f*ck are you?" a low voice from a man at the door shouted. Then as Darren was about to explain, he saw the man's bloodied mouth, and tattered clothes, and glaring red eyes. Darren felt terrified at what he saw and quickly ran off to the back door, pulling the knob with his shaking hands until he managed to reach the rear of the house. But the man at the door ran after him, and knocked the backdoor off the wall throwing Darren away with it. Then before he could get up, the man jumped above him, who now with his big red eyes and a grimly disfigured face growled like a vicious mad creature beneath the dark night skies. Darren felt paralyzed with fear but he tried to hit the large beast off of him, which did little to stop anything. The man violently bit Darren's neck which must have severed a few of his veins, blood came squirting out of him and slowly he felt dizzy as his sight blurred off.

"Grant! Stop it!" Slade exclaimed, then he continued, "What the hell are you doing? This is f*cked up, I invited him over here and you f*ckin kill him! He lives with Mrs. Cornwall from up there. F*cking shit Grant!... Stupid!"

"I couldnt help it Slade! I tried but he saw me all covered with blood and it was night and I got furious, I mean he could have told everyone, even the police. And besides look, he's not dead yet. He's still breathing."

"You know you should have been careful, and what the f*ck happened to you, did you just like kill someone?"

"I know... I didnt mean to. It was a horse from a rancher up north."

"Shit Grant, look at this mess. Just, just..come on, and help me take his clothes off. And I also told you we have to be home before nightfall right."

"Yeah nightfall, so what's with the guy in our house then eh?" Slade looked down and replied as he pulled Darren's shirt off.

"You know what's gonna happen next right?" then Grant looked at Darren's bloodied face.

"I guess we can't do anything about it now, cant we?"

"Wake up sleepy head! Lunch is ready." shouted a blurred out figure of someone beside him. Darren nervously sat up on his bed and said "Wa,wait, what..Where am I?" as he quickly touched his face and neck all over. "Having nightmares my dear?" said Mrs. Cornwall. But Darren didnt feel anything around his neck nor his face, no wounds, no scar, nothing. "How did i get here last night?" "I just saw you this morning while i was cleaning up, you looked all tired so i didnt bother waking you up." "Scary as hell nightmare, but umm, I guess im gonna be just fine Mrs. Cornwall, thanks. And yeah, i'll head there right away after i freshen up first." "Ok, just hurry up, the meal's getting cold." "Ok, thanks Mrs. Cornwall..." Darren peered through the window and looked at the stone house by the barn. The skies were now clear with herds of sheep grazing on the open fields. He thought that everything seemed normal like it was the day before, and so he felt calmer.

Darren opened his schedule diary and said, "Mrs. Cornwall, I think Im just gonna head out for a stroll ok? By the way, I really loved the grilled steak, it was so good, and the baby potatoes, mmm!" shouted Darren. "Oh thank you my dear, and it was a delight to have you as company. Just make sure you'd get back on time for my heavenly shepherd's pie casserole ok..., it's my speciality." "Ok Mrs. Cornwall..." And so out headed Darren around the countryside, with his gps app, earphones, a few pounds in his pocket and a cranky vintage bike. At the town center he entered a small deli shop with an old english style facade. The bell clanked a few times as he opened the door. "Good day Sir, we have our specials for today over here, beef, lamb, pork, local sausages, deli meats, all sorts of hams, here we have..." said the shop keeper. "I'd like to have a sausage on a bun please." replied Darren. Then the shop keeper went on, "We have frankfurters, bratwursts, black pudding sausage, chipolata, chorizo, liverwurst, bologna, over here we have..." "Ok, I'll just have this, your best seller, and that would be to go please." "Ok sir, one best seller to go."

Darren sat outside the store front while waiting for his food. Then he heard the local radio man talking about a murder that had happened on a ranch somewhere north of the countryside. "It was a bloodbath in the Robinson's ranch, a Mr. William Robinson was found dismembered in his own house with one of his legs found on the front porch, while his body was some seven yards away near his main door. An old lady said she saw him crawl his way there, she shot a few times at what she said was a large dog-like creature while it devoured her son-in-law alive. Officials reported that one of his leg went missing, his liver was gone with other parts of his internal organs as well. Wolves were said to be the main suspect, though further investigation will still be made by the police on the said case." Afterwards, he heard a low chattering sound coming from inside the store, "Oh boy did ya see that? ah can almost saw his f*ckin knob on those tight fitn trousers, damn f*ckin sexy american arse." "no man, i think that bloke's canadian, i mean did you even saw his ears." "No i didnt." "Too bad man."

Aterwards, the bell by the door came clanking, and out went the shopkeeper. " "Here ya go sir, our best seller to go. Ah made it extra special for you sir. Ah put some more a those pickle relishes, I heard Canadians love pickle relish." he said with a wink and a smile. "woow." Darren whispered to himself. "What's that sir?" asked the shop keeper. Darren stood up and said, "Nothin, and I'm not Canadian... Here's two pounds, keep the change ok. Oh and by the way, nice service." "I knew you wernt Canadian sir, our cook was the one who thought about the relish thing. hahah. Anyway thanks, and come by again soon...or you can just call me if you need anything, here's our shop's phone number." he took out a piece of paper, stooped nearer and whispered, "and there's my personal number, ya can call me anytime." then Darren said "Ok, thanks alot, iv got to go now.."

Off went Darren to the barnhouse with his old vintage bike that cold afternoon. As he came nearer the house, he saw Grant, the tall burly young man who very much looked like his ravenous attacker the other night. Grant was sitting on a ledge by the front porch with his unruly hair and unbuttoned shirt, while looking intently at him. But he wasnt really sure what happened the night he was there, he wasnt even sure if everything was all just in his head, if it was all just a dream.

"Hi, um I'm Darren your neighbor up hill. Have we two met?" "No I believe not." Grant replied while sharply staring back. "Oh ok, I just thought... Anyways can I talk to Slade?" "No you cant." "Ok, I'll just go now, it's nice to meet you." Darren felt a bit intimidated and so got up his bike and was about to leave. Then Grant hollered, "Arent you gonna ask for my name?" Darren stopped, and then he added, "Im Grant, Slade's younger brother."

"Oh ok, I've met him last night, but i cant really remember everything clearly, it's really, just all blurred up and, weird... Is he there? I just want to ask him something..."

"He just went to the shops to buy some feeds, you can stay in the house first... you know, wait for a while."

Grant jumped off the ledge and glanced back at Darren before walking through door. Darren hesitated but eventually followed. "You can sit right there at the couch. He'll be back here any minute." "Ok i'll, i'll just wait right here." said Darren anxiously while looking at the window by the street. "Do you like my shirt? I got this on sale at the town..." asked Grant. Then he smiled and added "..does it look good on me?" "Yeah, it does." answered Darren. Then Grant continued as he stood right in front of him, "Do you mind if i take it off like this?" "Huh... um, I'm I'm all right." replied Darren unaware as Grant slid his tight fitting top off from his brawny body. "I hope you dont mind, It's just that im used to this kind of thing you know, with my shirt off..."

Grant headed to the kitchen and took with him a jug of gin tonic. "Here, have some." "Thanks.." Darren replied nervously. Grant looked at him for a while and sat down on a chair in front of him, half naked. "Welcome to Cheviot." said Grant with a cocky smirk as he toasted his glass in the air. Darren smiled and drank a bit then they both paused for a few seconds. "Can I sit right there?" Grant muttered softly as he pointed at Darren's couch. Darren agreed and so Grant stood up and slowly sat right next to him. He then moved a bit more closer and whispered, "I cant blame Slade for liking you, you know." "What did you say?" asked Darren trepidly. Then Grant started to explain slyly, "He doesnt like alot of guys you know... or girls for that matter. He's always been the mysterious type." he then looked at Darren in the eyes and said, "But I must say, more often than not, I guess Slade and I pretty much have the same taste."

Grant slowly slid his hands inside Darren's shirt while moving his face closer to his. Darren felt Grant's smooth muscular body, all warm and tense slowly grazing over him. His heart began to pound like crazy because he thought Grant looked beautiful and at the same time because at the back of his head he thought that this person looked like the guy who f*cked up his neck in his dream. "Nothing to be scared about... I wont hurt you, trust me." Grant whispered softly as he held Darren inside his rugged arms. "Wait, wait, I, I cant do this. I just broke up with my ex, and my head's all messed up right now... I think, I'll just come by for Slade some other time." Darren tried to sit up straight after but Grant was still on top of him, pressing him down with his heavy body. "Wait... just wait.. I just want to kiss you so badly, It wont take long, I promise." said Grant persistently while still staring him in his eyes. Then as Darren lay silently beneath him, Grant's mouth softly began to touch the outline of his lips. Darren slowly opened his mouth, letting Grant slide in his eager tongue. Grant trembled as he slowly advanced into a voraciously passionate kiss, tasting as much of Darren's mouth as he could while they both clasped each other tightly, breathing heavily. His body collapsed over Darren's, as he quickly tried to pull down his khaki shorts. "What the f*ck are you doing?" shouted someone by the door. "Shit, I'ts not what you think." Grant explained as he quickly got off of Darren. "This is f*cking great Grant, just f*cking amazing. How could you do this to me? You knew!" shouted Slade furiously as he tried to stand still. But his eyes already began to dilate as his body shivered from anger. "Slade, dont! Cant you see, you're scaring him!" screamed Grant. And then all of a sudden, Slade started to charge at him like a raging wild animal. Slade's shirt tore off as his body grew bigger, transforming into this beastly form which really scared the hell out of Darren. Sharp claws retracted from Slade's fingers as he jumped over Grant, knocking Darren off the couch. And then he viciously pierced through Grant's chest with his wolf-like claws, making Grant rage in pain.

Then all of a sudden Grant also began to morph, while he ferociously stared at Slade with his now pitch black eyes. His skin tore apart as his muscles blew up, exposing the mucousy layer of hide from underneath, specked with scanty bristles of hair. Darren froze, tucked in a corner of the room, scared sh*tless of what he's seeing before him. The two started tearing eachother's flesh apart with their gaping snouts lined with sharp canines, rolling and wrecking everything along their path.