Remember Me
Remember Me

Remember me when I am gone, remember me someday,

Remember me when I'm not here, when I have gone away.

But if you can't remember me, can't think of me and smile,

Then do forget 'bout me for now, remember in a while.

Remember me with smiles, not tears, remember me and laugh,

Remember me with joy in heart, that's all of you I ask.

Don't cry for me, don't mourn your loss, and if you do, forget,

Forget 'bout me if tears still come, if you can't smile yet.

Remember me, the happy times, remember all the smiles,

Remember me when skies are bright and summer suns are final.

If storms and thunder cloud your mind and you can't smile for me,

Forget my face, forget the thoughts, 'til happy you can be.

Remember me when suns do shine, the sun's rays are my smile,

Remember me when birds do sing and spring stays for awhile.

Look around for happiness in everything you see,

For every pretty rose you smell, in that rose is me.

Remember me, don't think I'm lost, I am still with you,

Remember me cuz I'm still here, my soul has not died too.

Whenever you find happiness in anything you see,

Dry your tears and wipe your face cuz you have just found me.