I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, grabbing a plain piece of bread as I hurried out the door. I wished I had time to put butter or something on it, but I needed breakfast faster than it would have taken to flavor the bread. I had two tests this morning and I was going to be late for school because I stayed up all night studying. Why oh why couldn't I listen to my teachers when they said that studying all night before a test did as much good as running a marathon before the race?

My mother had already gone to work, so I didn't have to worry about her when I saw my boyfriend at my wooden porch waiting for me. I started to give him a slight grin when I remembered I still had the piece of bread in my mouth. I ran past him knowing he would follow me to school.

He laughed behind me and the two of us had an impromptu race, both of us knowing that the winner wouldn't be late to school…Or at least not as late. Finally, after about two blocks, we slowed down to a walk to catch our breath.

"Good morning to you too," He greeted me.

I smiled and munched on my bread. "Thanks for waiting. I thought I would have to run to school all by my lonesome."

He laughed and ruffled my hair before kissing my slightly sweaty forehead. We may not have gone far, but we were sprinting. He held my hand and we walked in silence for the next mile to school.

Once we were almost on school grounds, he stopped and pulled me into a deep kiss. "Good luck on the tests."

I smiled at him. "With a kiss like that, I don't need luck." It wasn't quite true, he wasn't a very good kisser, but that wasn't the important part, anyway.

We walked to our separate doors, sharing a grin before we stepped through them.

It was the weirdest thing, one moment I was thinking of my boyfriend, the next I was reciting dates and events and theorems. Good thing too, I've been hung up on him through a test before, and I did not do well on it.

I was surprised to find that I was the first one in the class room. Even before the teacher. I smiled, more than a little relieved, and took a chair towards the front of the room so I could read the posters before my teacher covered them up.

Slowly people trickled in, some seemingly unaware that there was a test at all. This was Advanced Placement Calculus. How could they get into such a high math course and not remember the test? Morons. The teacher, when she came in, nodded and smiled at everyone in the class, taking in their expressions.

She went to the front of the class and stood at the podium until class officially started. Then she looked at one of the students and he got up to close the door. Finally, she cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

"Now, as most of you know, there is a test today worth ten percent of your final grade." She was right most just nodded; only a few looked surprised and started scrambling for their notebooks. "My guess is that four of you won't pass the test, six of you will, and only one of you will get an A."

Everyone glared at me. They thought I would get the A? Ha! This material was even harder than the last, as it's supposed to be, and I only got a 90 on the last test. On top of that, I had to study for another test for today.

I ignored their glares and looked expectantly at the teacher. The sooner she gave us the test, the more time we would have to do it. I already did all the studying I could, so if I wasn't ready now, I never would be. I took a deep breath to calm down.

As if my look was her cue to pass them out, she grabbed the pile of tests and put them all face down on our desks, repeating the rules as she went around the room. Without wasting a single second, I flipped the test over and began scribbling down answers and work as fast as I could.

It was really hard, but I finished with ten minutes left to look over my work and check my answers. Other people were handing their papers up and sat down smugly to read or do other homework. I never understood that. If you have an hour to do the test, why not use the full of it to do the test?

"Put down your tests, hand in your papers."

I went up with half a dozen other students and turned it in. We all started packing up our belongings and only half listened when the teacher was telling us what our homework was. I wondered how many students would actually do it. We didn't learn that material yet, but had to do it anyway. It was so stupid.

The other test went by quickly enough and almost seemed like a joke compared to the calculus test. I stretched out my fingers at the end of the class period, glad it was over with. I still had hard classes to go to, but my two tests were done with, so I was relaxed.

I walked out of my Astronomy class and saw my boyfriend waiting for me at the usual spot after second hour. I collapsed into him, groaning. He hugged me and ruffled my hair. This was our last chance to see each other until school was out, so we always took advantage of it.

"How'd they go?" He asked me, sounding as though he already knew the answer.

"Fine, I guess. I think I passed," I responded.

He laughed. "You think you passed? Oh Cairin, you need to see reality straight. I'm sure you did better than pass."

I sighed and nuzzled his neck, suddenly exhausted. "I hope you're right," I mumbled.

"Cairin? Hey, I haven't seen you around lately, how are you?" One of my friends asked as she approached Joe and me.

"Good," I told her, not stepping out of his embrace, though it was beginning to be a little excessive.

She gave us both an awkward hug and we talked for a minute or so before we all parted ways for class. I wasn't sad to go. I liked my friends and Joe, but too much attention from them was a bit unsettling, which was why my relationship with Joe worked right now.

Mom forbade me to date anyone, at all, no matter who they were, but I wasn't going to be single for my whole life, so I'd been dating behind her back for a couple years now. Because of this, any extra clinginess that Joe had wasn't able to be expressed.

I knew we couldn't go on this way forever, but for now, both of us were happy with the arrangement. We talked enough for the both of us, and we were able to hang out as friends every once in a great while. But when we did, we weren't allowed to be affectionate. So we took care of that at school in passing time with hugs and a quick kiss.

The rest of the day passed by as it normally did. I went to my classes, learned stuff, and walked home, alone this time. Joe had to go to work, so he couldn't walk me home today. I liked the walk on the way home, though; it always let me wind down from a stressful school day before I would tackle the homework. Walks to school weren't as comfortable. I don't have a time limit on the way home.

I sat down at the computer desk and pulled out my homework; most recent class to the first. I worked without stopping or breaks. After a few hours, my mom came home from work, grumbled something that sounded like 'I hate my job' and plopped down in front of the TV until it was time for her to make dinner.

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