I whimpered and dropped to the floor, wrapping my arms around Raptor's neck. I wasn't sure if I loved him or not, so I didn't know what to say. Instead, I just held him close to me and didn't let go. Ignoring the pain in my foot as it rested on the floor.

After some time, Raptor returned the hug, gently laying his hands on my back, just like he did every time we waltzed. At his reciprocation, I smiled and leaned into his strong form. We stayed like that for what must have been fifteen minutes until both of our knees hurt from kneeling so much and then we curled into each other comfortably on the floor.

We lost track of time and everything we had just talked about. We whispered hidden emotions that have been bubbling up inside us since the day we met and stroked each other's hands. We were content in both silence and giggles, letting whatever we wanted to flow through us go through. Except kissing. We didn't even try it.

"I want to kiss you so much," Raptor whispered, not for the first time.

I hummed softly and nuzzled his neck. "Me too."

I breathed in deeply, letting his scent fill my nostrils. It was a remarkably spicy and exotic smell. Not a jalapeño spicy, but something different altogether. It was so appealing and it somehow helped relax my entire body despite being so sore. Though that may have had something to do with his warm hand covering mine and his touch sending little tingles all throughout my back and side where his body was pressed against mine.

"Cairin?" Raptor asked, taking my chin and lifting my head to look up at him.


"Can we have one last dance? Today was your last day for lessons, tomorrow you won't choose me, and in three months you will be married."

"But my foot…" I said softly.

It felt like more of a handicap than it had when I was walking home. To dance with him and sway along the dance floor with him in my arms, leaving for one agonizing minute and spinning back into his hold was almost as enticing as kissing his thin, soft lips.

"I will take care of it. Trust me," He gave me his confident smile, which I once thought was a cocky smile, and winked at me.

"I will," I smiled back at him.

As we exchanged sad smiles, he helped me to my feet and lifted me into his arms. He supported most of my weight, but I found I did still have to have my good foot on the ground. He didn't have to hold me so tightly this way, either. It was a perfect compromise given my situation.

So we danced that way; him supporting almost all of my weight as we moved around the dance floor. I couldn't help but admire how strong he was, or how beautiful when I looked at him, his face remaining clear while the rest of the background was a blur in motion. Raptor and I seemed to just stare at each other, absorbing this guilty moment between us. We weren't doing anything bad on the outside, but these emotions of longing, sadness, and affection were so strong I could feel them in the air.

This was like no dance we had ever done together before, but rather, the final step to each dance we had practiced before. The finishing act to our love story. Beginning and ending with me relying entirely on him to know what he was doing and support me. It was almost poetic. But then, all romantic moments are.

It seemed my previous desire to kiss him was vanished. Instead it was replaced for appreciation of him and the situation. My lips still tingled at the thought, but I was in total control of my body. All sanity and reasoning back in my brain. Despite this, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his, gasping sharply in surprise when I felt his perfectly soft and pliable lips beneath mine, disbelieving that I had actually done it. And even more surprised that he let me.

To my shock, Raptor held me closer to him and groaned softly in enjoyment as I surrendered myself to him completely. We indulged in dozens of soft kisses, only ever going lip deep, not feeling any need to stop these perfect sensations with a tongue. Yet no matter how hard we tried, it didn't seem possible to stop. As though our bodies were telling us that they simply could not separate. Our desires were back in full and no amount of will power would let us think for more than a moment that we could pull away; even though our better senses told us to cease immediately.

"Cairin?" Raptor said softly, his lips brushing against mine as his mouth formed the words.

I couldn't help but kiss him a few more times before responding. "What is it?"

We finally pulled away, despite every atom in our body telling us not to. Raptor's eyes ran up and down my body, seeming to admire every curve I had, whether it was wanted or not. Finally, his eyes stopped at mine.

"Cairin… I know this will sound weird, but you don't have to marry Prince Lucero. But if you get married before that… They can do nothing." Raptor took a big breath in and knelt on one knee. Usually going in this position to bow to me. I gasped in disbelief as I covered my mouth with my hand, preparing for the words I would hear next. "What I'm trying to say is… Cairin, I can't stand to see you unhappy. And if I can make you even a little happier than him, it would be my greatest honor if you, Cairin Sothern, married me."

He stayed there, two hands holding one of my own, looking into my eyes. He was as serious as he had ever been around me. Raptor actually wanted me to run away into the sunset with him. He wasn't kidding.

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