The Rabbit and his Fur

by Juliette

After enjoying delicious tea and biscuits at Mouse's house Rabbit and Turtle decided it would be an appropriate time to go home. But when Mouse opened the door to let them out they found that there was a violent hail storm raging outside.
"Oh boy Rabbit you really need an umbrella with this kind of weather," squeaked Mouse uncertainly.
"Why do I need an umbrella?" asked Rabbit proudly,"With such strong fur I inherited from my ancestors. Their fur was so strong they could lift 100 pounds with a single hair. So why do you think I need an umbrella?"
"Rabbit don't take it so personally I just thought you might need it to protect you I mean after all Turtle does have the shell," squeaked Mouse cooly.
"Humph," scoffed Rabbit, "Big Deal."
So Rabbit and Turtle started their way home. Not a peep came out of Turtle but "Mmm" and "Ouch" came from Rabbit every 5 seconds.
The next week Turtle came to see Rabbit. When Turtle came in he saw Rabbit was covered in bandages.
"Well I guess that strong fur gave way on you," said Turtle laughing.
"Maybe not" said Rabbit sadly, "Maybe I don't have as strong fur as I thought. Next time I will take that umbrella.
"Well anyway I have something for you," said Turtle beaming. Turtle pulled a huge box from behind the door and inside was a shell that Turtle had spent all week making for Rabbit.

Moral: Too much pride can lead to pain