"Life, they say, is full of unwanted surprises. And they say that once you fall in love, it is difficult to fall out of love. They are right.

"My name is Isaac. Isaac Fernandez. I speak on my father's behalf, because he could not make it.

"Here is his speech.

"'I was born into a family who hated who I was. I was angry, usually and I was hard to stand. I was stubborn. I never met anyone who would stand up to me like she so wonderfully did.

"'She didn't forgive me for hurting her. She didn't tell me that she loved me until she knew I wouldn't reject her. And I rejected her still. I hadn't meant to, she was my best friend. What was I supposed to do? There she was, for me to take. Lacey wasn't there to stop me. Not like she could, anyhow.

"'Rebecca Loran was beautiful. She was vibrant and colorful and sweet. She was honest and hated keeping secrets from people. She was patient and horribly stubborn, worse than me sometimes. I knew how heartbroken she'd been over some boys. For some reason, I think I wanted to be her knight in shining armor. I wanted to be her prince.

"'She never married. There haven't been any little girls with blonde hair and green eyes and a slightly big nose, nor has there been a girl with such grace as that which she possessed.

"'I'm not ashamed that I love her. I am only ashamed that I hadn't said it sooner"

"Rebecca Ann Loran, I am so sorry that you've been so brutally killed. No one should die at the ripe age of 32," Isaac said, as only a 16 year-old with his father's violet eyes could say.

Isaac got up and went to his seat, holding his father's hand and letting him cry on his shoulder as they lifted Becca into her grave.

"Goodbye, Rebecca Loran. To you, I wish for the best," Isaac murmured in prayer.