Pain has become a thing of the past

When it haunted me it felt like it would last

Now I am free to love a new

The one I like is you

You used to be just a normal friend

But now you are my boyfriend

You make me smile and make me laugh

You taught me things for my behalf

You show me things you hide

You showed me a different side

Now I try showing you the same

This relationship isn't a game

You kiss with so much passion

And slowly I change my fashion

You touch with so much care

That when I tease you, it isn't fair

Yet you restrain yourself from hurting me

Even though it might cause you pleasure and glee

I thank you for caring

If only I could be sharing

But our relationship has to stay between close allies

For our enemy might be watching closely with their eyes

You are my knight light

You rescued me from a world of fright

You try to take things slow and steady

Because you know I am not ready

Hopefully someday I will be close to your level

And we will experience a feeling we will revel

But until then you are someone who became the first

You managed to break a curse

You saved me from a life alone

And take me into a feeling that is may cause me to be disowned

But I do not regret

And I will not forget

My past made me who I am

And defines me and my psychological program

Pain happens everyday

But I must believe in myself and try not to stray

I made a goal

You may have a portion of my heart and soul

But I must still focus on the task at hand

I need to take a stand

But until I am ready to face the world by storm

We will just hang out in my dorm

Love is still a strong word for now

But someday I will gladly use those words as a vow