Why am I so mean to those I like?

Why am I so self conscious of my actions?

Why do I prefer to spend time with my friends than my family?

Why do I have to hide my feelings to please my parents?

Why must I change a portion of my personality to conform to different groups?

Why must I try so hard to find who I am?

Why should I care about the opinions of others?

Why should I try so hard to feel love?

Why is it that I regret a few moments of my life yet at the same time accepting it?

Why is it that I write songs and poetry when I need to voice my thoughts?

Why did I second guess my potential so many times?

Why did people try to compliment me and only a few managed to reach my spirit?

Why have I been living a life with restrictions?

Why have I been so obedient to many of my parent's rules?

Why does a love and heartbreak song appeal to me?

Why does my heart and mind argue so much?

Why is life so hard?

Why is my life so important to people?

Why is the question

Why is also part of the answer