"Get outta my house Jud," Richard Andrews growled, standing in front of his family in a protective manner. The house was dark, the lanterns had been blown out for the night and only the moon's light filtered through the cabins walls, illuminating the fear of two children cowering behind their mother, both peeking from behind her dress at their father and the man that they hid from every month when taxes were collected.

"Now now Mr. Andrews, th' be no need for arguments tonight, whe're just here to collect our taxes, you know that," His voice was gruff and he rubbed his chin, it was rough and peppered with black and white hairs. His eyes were striking blue and small, like he was glowering; he was tall and wore a purple sash, a symbol of the king and money. He was no good guy, and he wasn't here for business.

"You collected taxes last week Jud, what do you want?" Richard took a step forward, the muscles in his jaw working as he ground his teeth together. His brown eyes narrowed in suspicion, his lips, barely seen from behind his dark beard, curled into a sneer, "if you are not here for taxes you have no business in my home. Now leave."

The two men branding long silver rifles took a step from behind Jud, they looked alike, tall and broad, wearing the officers' uniforms from the king, their weapons raised towards the family. Jud stepped back after giving the two men a nod and smirked, the moonlight making his eyes glow silver blue, almost demonic in the natural light.

A shot echoed in the house and Richard watched his wife fall and he lunged at the man, angry tears blurred his vision, a scream ripped through his throat though he didn't realize it was him. Another shot rang out, and Richard fell, hearing his children's screams. How could he have let this happen? His family was dropping like flies, and there was nothing he could do to help, he has failed them.

Jud's face came into his fading vision and his chuckle echoed in Richard's ear, that was the last thing he ever saw, and the last thing he ever heard. His vision went black and he felt nothing, he became nothing, he was nothing but a soul, hatred turning him black. He vowed vengeance against Jud, vengeance for his family, for the blood spilled, for him.