As each day passes by

And I see you become a closer ally

I think of how this all began

You were never a part of my plan

You bombarded my defenses

My heart was protected by barriers and fences

Yet you managed to take a piece

And you shower me with affection that doesn't cease

I think of what the future may have in store

Will it be full of love or will we start to ignore

Will it be days full of light

Or will the dark clouds roll back in and turn the day into night

I think of our current position

We try to have a bit of caution

We don't want to hurt the other

Since too much of a good thing may cause us to feel smothered

I think of you

The way you make me feel so brand new

You revived my spirit

And I push you to a limit

My love, you are my god sent savior

We will try to make this relationship a success and not a failure

Days continue to pass on through

But I am content as long as I have you