Where does the time go
it seems like just yesterday
that I held it in the palm of my hand
and now it's gone, slipping away
like so many tears
Like so many fears
like the many years
that have come and gone
reminding me of being
oh so very young
Naive and innocent
in a world of ill intent
I grew up quick
I learned to shield myself
to grow a thick skin
Got my first car and a job
Found myself with a family
a daughter and a son
I watched them grow up
and have families of their own
played with the grandkids
every other weekends
Made it to the retirement
that I used to look forward to
and found I couldn't enjoy it
as much as the work I used to do
Now there's a coldness to my bones
an ache that increases with every day
the ticking of the clock
within my ear has gone away
and I know that my time is here
After all that I've done
All that I've seen
I have no regrets
My life was worth living
So, Mr. Reaper, let's go
I'm ready