Будучитесно втакой маленькойкомнате былоизнурительным, когда я знал, что ясодержали такмного власти.Я былбогом, и я не смог получить доступдажекаплите полномочия,чтобы получить ещевыпить!Я былпытают...

(Being cramped in such a small room was debilitating when I knew I contained so much power. I was a god and I couldn't access even a drop of those powers to get even a drink! I was being tortured...)

It felt like I had been contained for days without food or drink. I felt as dry as the desert and every time I moved I was stabbed by hunger pains. I should have been incapacitated, but it was just a minor set-back. I knew that if I really needed to I'd have the same reaction speed as before.

My reaction speed was fine, but that didn't mean I wanted to do anything. I just sat there with one knee propped up and the other leg stretched out before me. I felt weak, but I knew better. I had the desire to jump to my feet as the three small women appeared in the room with me. The tallest could have only been five foot with long curly black hair and large blue eyes. She was wearing a gauzy blue dress, same shade as he eyes, that left nothing to the imagination. The smallest one was nearly a foot shorter than the other with long strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes. She, too, was wearing a gauzy dress, the same color as he eyes, that left nothing to the imagination. The third one was only a couple inches taller with short brown hair and golden eyes. She had the same style dress as the other two, same color as her eyes, but she was wearing gold cuffs and a gold collar.

The one in gold stepped up to me, "Alexis Kirill Zykov," she looked me over, her gold eyes bright, "Thanero is always finding ways to break the rules. How did he get out this time?"

I cocked my head as I looked up at her. I wasn't going to get to my feet. I was nearly six and a half feet tall and this woman was just over four feet tall, "You know me. Who are you?"

"We are The Sisters. We reign in rogue gods and keep them in check," she cocked her head to the side, "Thanero isn't allowed out of his domain, but yet he went to you and imbued you with immortality and more abilities than you could ever wish for. How did he get out?"

"I summoned him."

"How did you find out about him!" the tone was sharp. The question was short. The woman was agitated. It didn't take my telepathy to know that one.

"I'm one of his descendants."

The woman spun away from me, "Sisters!" the other two women stood up straight, "Council!" at that I was alone again, left to my thoughts.

My mind started to wander to Jo and how she must have been worrying about me. I felt horrible that I hadn't explained things to her before. I had figured that I would have enough time to explain after Varick was once again safe in our arms, but I was wrong. How could I have even thought for a moment that I would have enough time? How could I have even thought at one time that I would be happy without Jo at my side? I needed the woman!

Hours had passed, at least it seemed like hours to me. It was quite difficult to tell the passing of time when I only had my thoughts to give me any indication.

"Boy!" I turned my gaze up towards the woman in gold, "What connections do you have to your world?"

I sighed as I thought about Jo, "I have a love and a son," I stood up and looked down at her, "I will do anything I have to do get back to them. Even if you want to take my powers and leave me as nothing more than a mere human, I will be more than happy to give them up for my family."

The woman nodded, "We would do that, but unfortunately powers cannot be taken," she looked around the tiny room, "You will have to undergo a few tests before we will even contemplate sending you back to your world. Should you pass, and we do not deem you a rogue god, as Thanero, you can return to your family."

I nodded, "How long will these tests take?"

The woman shrugged, "Each deity is different. It could take years."

Years! Varick was only two years old. If it took me years I would miss out on the most important years of my son's life. Jo would be left to raise our child by herself! That was not okay with me, "I have to explain what's happening to my fiancée."

The woman shook her head, "No interactions with your world," she waved her hand towards me and the room faded into a breezy meadow with tall brown grass and strange blue flowers, "You are young and have to experience the responsibilities of being a god. We are standing in my garden on my world," she reached out to one of the flowers and ran her fingers over the petal, "Your first test will be here conducted by my sister, Helona."

I sighed as I looked around the meadow. I was going to have to participate in these tests whether I wanted to or not. The three of them were obviously more powerful than I was so I was just going to have to suck it up and be a good sport.

I looked back to where the woman was standing before, but she was no longer standing there. Instead the tallest one, the one with the curly black hair, was standing before me, "Aleksis," her voice was sweet, melodic even, and she had a slight accent that was very similar to my mother's accent when she attempted to speak in English, "it's a good strong name," she looked me over, "You are a strong boy," she smiled up at me, "I believe you will pass our tests."

I cocked my head to the side. I wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that reaction. The first woman was so cold, but this woman seemed to be open and energetic, "[Thank you]."

The woman nodded, "No thanks needed," she looked me over, "Those clothes will not do," she shook her head, "Still a kid," I looked down at what I was wearing and tried to figure out what was wrong. It was just a plain pair of dark blue jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. It was probably the most acceptable outfit that I owned, "What will be best," she chewed on her bottom lip for a few moments before she smiled and waved her hand towards me.

I looked down at what I was wearing and my eyes grew wide. I was wearing a pair of black pants that were made out of some tough material that was very similar to leather that were laced together at the sides with a heavy black cord. My new shirt was similar to my T-shirt, but it felt heavier and yet lighter at the same time, "What am I wearing?"

Helona smiled, "It is quite fashionable here," she looked me over, "Come down here," I nodded as I kneeled down in front of her. She reached up and grabbed some of my hair between her thumb and index finger. She ran her hand down the tips of my hand and nodded as she stepped back from me, "Helona's Blessing."

I grabbed my hair and marveled at the pale blue streak in my hair, "Your blessing?"

Helona nodded, "It will show others here that you are under my protection and that they cannot kill you. It will help keep you safe."

I nodded as I stood up, "Will your sisters do the same when I undergo their tests?"

Helona nodded again, "Yes," she smiled again, her pale eyes bright, "You are going to be put in the middle of a city and you will have to find your way from there. Your powers have been bound until we know we can trust you," she took a deep breath, "I will be monitoring your every move. My test is the hardest and there has only been a two percent success rate," everything around me became blurry, "Good luck."