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"Hello?" I called out. Silence. Of course because you were totally right to believe he would actually be here for the study session. You should have realised he didn't mean it when he organised it to be in his house alone. Well done, Emily, well done. I sighed and turned to leave.

"Going so soon?" A voice asked. I turned back around and saw him standing there.

"Were you ever going to show up?" I asked slightly irritated.

"Hey you've only been here five minutes. I've been waiting ages for you." He said a smirk on his face. To describe George Parson in on word would be: smirk, because I think that is the only emotion he can handle. His blue eyes and fair complexion were quite handsome but the way he used his expressions were not.

"If you were here before me then why didn't you appear when I shouted?"

"I like to see you frustrated." He answered simply. "Now if you go up the stairs and take the second door on the left, you can set up your study guide stuff, whilst I get the drinks."

I nodded then quickly walked up the stairs. Boy, that guy was infuriating, but also the guy I was crushing on. Damn, these things are confusing. I took the second door on the left as told and went in. His bedroom was tidy, with only a few things on the floor. Way tidier than mine, I thought admiring the room. I dropped my bag at the side. I began to admire the posters he had on his walls when I heard him come in. I turned around and was met by his chest.

"Wha-?" I was shushed as he bent his head down to mine.

"I told you, Emily, I've been waiting ages for you." He pressed his lips to mine and put his arm around my waist. I found myself kissing him back and before long my hands were in his hair. We broke apart and he smiled. Actually smiled. Woah.

"No more waiting?" He asked.

"No more waiting." I concluded, allowing him to kiss me once more.




"BEEP." Damn it.

"BEEP." Damn it, damn it.

"BEEP." Damn it all to hell.

This is my life, ladies and gentlemen. It's all a dream.

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