"Do not, under any circumstances, humiliate the Wise Ones. Try your best to be humble and well mannered, and you might make it out alive.", My guard said gruffly as he lead me down the dimly lit hall. You see, I am what most people call a "pirate". I "steal", "cheat", and occasionally "pillage". I am not what most people call a "good citizen". I had been captured and was getting ready to go on trial with the Wise Ones, the local government and a scary group of three people. The Wise Ones ruled everything, and even had about one hundered scribe apprentices, each one hoping to replace one of the Ones. Sadly, this was impossible, because the Wise Ones, according to gossip around the town, had found the secret to eternal life hundereds of years ago. So, I was about to go on trial with people who would probably condemn me guilty, and to make matters worse, it was my twelth birthday. Oh, I forgot to mention something really important: My name. Which, by the way, is Drake Mallard. Duck for short.

"Now remember: These old bats may look crazy, but they are as sharp as knives." My guard continued from beneath his hooded cloak as we reached the large, wooden, ominous door. "Aye, sir." I said. Before the man could respond, the door opened with much grandeur, as if welcoming us in. The man shoved me foward, and I stumbled, because of the shackles chaining both my ankles and wrists.

Three old women sat in thrones that seemed to be covered in vines. Then I realized that the vines were the thrones. A soldier stood guard in the middle of the room. "Step forwards, prisoner, and pick your judge." His voice boomed across the room. I flinched, but the noise had no reaction on the Ones. I saw one gazing sleepily into the distance. Then she whispered, "There is gold at the end of the rainbow. It is just a matter of finding it." I stepped towards her and said, "I choose Lady Wind.", for that was this One's name.

I had forgotten my guard's advice, thinking that this "old bat" wouldn't even know what was happening. I was way off. Suddenly, her cold, beady eyes snapped towards me and she screached, "Guilty!" In confusion, I stuttered, "B-but I didn't even get to speak." In response, Lady Wind grinned an almost-toothless grin. "I can sniff out a pirate, and you sure smell like one." At that, the unfair trial was over and I was lead away, to a holding cell. The soldier that had unnerved me in the courtroom stood in front of my cell and grinned. "Three days 'till execution, 'mate'." Then he continued passed, probably on his way to spit at kittens.

Three days later, I was being lead to the docks, to be hung. Something was amiss, though. Then I saw it. A jeering crowd was coming my way. Even though I now had a crowd, I still planned on getting away. The Wise Ones had misjudged what I would do. You see, I had found a thick stick about as long as a knife in my cell. I concealed it in my ragged tunic and was not quite at but near the gallows when I brought out the stick and knocked the soldier down. Before he could cry out, I grabbed a rope from a house's steps and gagged him. Then I well, kind of, tied him up and pushed him into an alley. I felt bad, but it was neccessary. "Sorry, but its for the best." I said to him as I walked away.

Over the years, I found out that if you run from a crime, you get caught. But, if you walk away calmly, no one ever suspects a thing. I walked away, but then noticed something bad. REALLY bad. I had an onlooker. A girl scribe, most likely a Wise One's apprentice, about my age, looked on in horror. Then, she saw that I had seen her, and began to run. I easily caught up with her and covered her mouth with my hand, so she couldn't speak. "Really sorry about this." I said as I dragged her along with me. Towards the harbor.

As I reached the docks, I smiled and grabbed a rope, quickly tying her hands behind her back. "By the way, my name is Duck." All I got back was an angry glare. But, soon I saw what I had been looking for. About ten yards off, I saw a small row boat with a large, burly man sitting in it. A very familiar large, burly man. "Fishtale!" The man looked up and smiled, then motioned for me to come and get in the dingy. When I got there, he noticed my captive, and gave me a funny look. "I didn't want to leave too many witnesses." I explained, as we rowed out of the harbor. He smiled.

"Anyway, mate, I got ye a gift, since ye spent your birthday in the dungeon." Then he gave me a carving knife with a crudely tied bow of rope on it. "I got Swanna to tie the bow. Happy birthday, Duck." Fishtale said, patting me on the shoulder. You see, Fishtale is like my dad. He basically adopted me when I joined the crew. He's one of my best friends, other then Lenny, the cabin boy. Swanna's my sister. I admired the knife silently as we continued to row out towards the horizon, and towards the Syren's Revenge, which, by the way, is my ship.