A/N Soooooooo prepare yourself. I had fun w the smut in this one...hehehe


Sooooooo long story short, after Andy's nerves wore off and she insisted the farm couldn't do without Cage for even a few weeks, and he insisted even more poignantly that there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that she was going back to New York without him, they finally ended up in the Big Apple. Other issues proceeded to arise. Like Cage's popularity with the locals. He wore the cowboy ensemble with familiar ease, boots, hat, leather jacket and all…and as he strolled down the street after her with one little duffle bag thrown over his shoulder, he attracted pretty much every eye in the entire city. Gay, straight, or otherwise. Andy got fed up pretty quick, and slipped her arm through Cage's in an attempt to quell the looks of lust, but it didn't work too well. The line of gazes kept right on doing the elevator thing and then would wind up focused on Cage's jeans.

"People around here sure are friendly," Cage said as he tipped his hat to a middle aged woman they were passing, and Andy shot a glare up at him—only to find his teasing grin waiting for her.

"I think I should dress up in a cowgirl outfit just to fit into the picture with you," Andy said, and Cage's smile got bigger.

"Only in private," he said as she led him toward one of the subways. They went below, and with one quick card swipe, and a few extra bucks, they were on their way. It wasn't very crowded, but they got on towards the back of one of the subway cars and still had to stand thanks to a bunch of teenagers that were sprawled all over the seats.

Andy stopped right next to the door and reached up for a hand-hold. Cage stepped up next to her, his back to the teenagers who were filling their eye-candy quota for the month, and he leaned against the rail that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. He winked at her, and she rolled her eyes. The train started moving.

Andy glanced back at the teenagers. From where she stood, she could see the three couples and two or three single kids lounging carelessly across the seats—or each other in a couple of their cases.

"Huh," she said.

"What's up?" Cage asked.

Andy looked back at Cage and waited for the rising voices to tip him off.

"Seriously, I wasn't looking!" said a girl's voice.

"Come on, I saw you! And you were getting on me for looking at that stripper the other day…" one of the young boys whined.

"Lay off her, Manny. We're just not used to seeing something so country show up in our city," said one of the guys.

Andy chuckled. "How cute…" She winked at Cage. "…Their boyfriends are jealous of you."

Cage snorted. "Look a little closer and you'll notice that the girlfriends are jealous of you."

Andy shot him a confused look. "If by that you mean they're jealous I have such a good looking guy on my arm, okay."

Cage gave a soft snort and dipped his head forward so that his hat momentarily hid his face from view.

"You know, I knew you were dense, but this explains a lot," he said.

Andy reached out to raise his hand and leaned down to look him in the eye. "What do you m—"

She wasn't expecting him to lean in right then, but suddenly the broad awareness of her world imploded to a narrow pinpoint of attention…centered on the feeling of his mouth on hers. It was truly amazing how he made her feel. It was like her emotions underwent a metaphysical earthquake every time he got near. She'd dated a few guys, and had thought she'd been in love, but after this new development with Cage…everything prior felt like black and white before Technicolor television was created.

He pulled away after a moment, and Andy's heady emotions escaped her in a low sigh.

"Get a room!" someone muttered from behind them. Andy ignored them.

"Not fair," she said.

"Why not?" Cage asked.

"How am I supposed to keep my cool if you're turning me on in public?" she asked.

Cage sighed. "How much longer is this train ride going to last?"

Andy glanced around. The teenagers were still where they had been, trying not to look like they were looking, but some of the other passengers were missing, and there were a few new faces.

"I think we've already made one stop," she said, "so there should only be two more."

"Good," said Cage, and he reached up to wrap one big hand around a handhold. The other hand, which was closer to the wall, slipped back under her coat to curl around the heavy flesh of her ass. "Because I can't wait to throw you on the nearest bed and have a little of the ass that every man between here and Texas has been checking out."

His fingers stretched over her flesh and gave a greedy squeeze. It was the kind of squeeze that said he'd lift her up his body with just that move if they weren't in a train. Andy sucked in a soft breath, and was glad that his cowboy hat hid most of her face from the passengers.

She gave him a wicked little grin. "Oh, so it's my ass they've all been after. And here I thought it was you all those women were eyeballing like you'd hopped out of a romance novel to fulfill all their cowboy fetishes."

Cage shrugged. "Whatever. I don't care who's looking at who. So long as I'm the one there at the end of the day, they can gawk all they want. You're mine now, Andrea McLear."

"That name sounds so sexy when you say it," Andy whispered to him.

"That's because it belongs to a sexy woman," he whispered back.

"Who apparently belongs to a sexy man," she shot back with another grin. "Guess we're all sexy 'round here."

Cage chuckled. "What can I say?" he joked, "I'm contagious."

Andy laughed at that, and gave him a playful punch in the shoulder.

"Ouch," he said with a lighthearted scowl. "You should be careful…you don't want to turn me on."

Andy rolled her eyes, and looked around the car. Fortunately, there wasn't anybody watching them besides the nosy teens. "I'd put money on the fact that it's a little too late for that," she said, and reached down to the front of his jeans. Her hand was hidden between them, so it was private gesture, but it did its job…Cage tipped his head back and sent his gaze to a far off place located somewhere over the top of her head, and he took a very slow, deliberate breath to keep his expression neutral.

"Lookie there," Andy said, and raised her eyes from her hand to Cage's as her fingers gently trailed up the bulge in his pants…which made his pants a little tighter. "Shoulda bet dinner."

Cage reached down and grabbed her hand. "That is not a good idea to be doing here," he said, "Unless you want me to fuck you in front of all these people."

Andy cocked an eyebrow up. "Would you really?" she asked, more curious than anything.

"Wanna try me?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Nah, I believe we're just one more stop away from my place, and then we can go up to my room and won't have to worry about getting interrupted."

"It's a date," Cage said, just as the train slowed to a halt. He turned to the teens and reached up to tip his hat at them.

"Take care," he said, and winked as he took Andy's hand and dragged her off the train.

"So where to?" he asked from the front. Andy chuckled and directed him to her place one block down and off on the side. They went up the building and barely got in the door before Cage turned on her and descended with a ravenous kiss—occasionally interrupted by all the clothes they were tearing off.

"Bedroom," he said somewhere between the kisses, and as he wrapped his arms around her to literally lift her entire body up where he could suck on her tits, she gasped and told him it was back and to the left. A trail of clothes got tossed in their wake, and once in the bedroom Cage tossed her down sideways on the bed and tugged her hips to the edge.

"It's going to take us a while to get ready," he said.

"Good," Andy said.

The phone rang then, and Cage swore. "Now see," he said, "no one in the country would be rude enough to interrupt other people like this."

Andy chuckled. "Liar," she said. "People in the country are the nosiest people I know."

"Oh really?" Cage asked, and reached down to grab both her wrists. "What're you tryin to say, huh?"

Andy tried to hold him back, and slipped her knees up between them, laughing.

"Cheater!" Cage said, and let go of one hand to push her knees away from his gut.

The answering machine kicked on then, and an unwelcome voice sounded out over the machine. It was sitting out on the kitchen counter, so both of them turned to the doorway and froze to listen.

"Hey, Andy! I heard you were back in town. I wanted to know if you'd like to get together and grab a bite to eat. I'd just like a chance to explain things…you know, as friends if nothing else. We don't need to date again right away. I'd just like to see you again. Call me back."

The message ended, and Andy's eyes turned back to Cage. "I didn't tell anyone I was coming back…" she said.

"Fucking asshole," Cage said, and stood. "Come on, let's go get a drink. If this guy shows up at the door I'm going to throw his ass out the window." He picked his jeans up off the ground and slid them back on, then grabbed his hat. Andy sat up on the bed and looked at him standing next to her…jeans unbuttoned…shirtless.

"No wonder," she said.

Cage looked up, his frustration still palpable. "What?" he asked.

Andy stood. She'd gotten down to her bra and panties, and now she walked forward to put her hands against his sides, just above his jeans. His skin was hot to her touch. She glanced down to look at the top of the v-shaped muscles that rose up from his jeans to sweep back above his hips. Her fingers traced the v from his hips down into his jeans, and leaned close.

"It's no wonder you were getting stared at all day. I bet they were trying to imagine what was under the clothing. Guess I'm lucky I get to see for myself," she said, and Cage grunted as her hand inched around his nethers and gave his balls a slow, deliberate stroke.

"Forget the bastard on the phone," Andy said, and reached up to unhook her bra. "Just fuck me."

Cage smiled. "Make me," he said, and Andy reached up to take his hat away and put it on her own head.

"Come here then, cowboy," she said, and pulled on his arm until they switched places and she shoved him back onto the bed. Cage hit the soft pillowtop with a heavy whump, and Andy ran her hands up her thighs, shook her hips in a slow, sexy rhythm, and hooked her thumbs into the lacy material of her thong to push it slowly down her hips.

Cage scooted farther back on the bed, and Andy reached out to pull his jeans down just enough to pull his growing penis out of its denim restraints. She glanced from it up to meet his gaze briefly, and thought twice of commenting on how f-ing big he was. Sure, it beefed up a guy's ego…and happened to be true…but it was just so cliché…

She leaned over to tease the tip with her tongue, running the tip of her tongue along the ridge at the base of the head. Then she ran it down the back of the penis, and sucked her way back up. Cage gave a low, frustrated growl like he was exercising a lot of restraint, and Andy opened her mouth to suck on the head. Then she slid her lips down, easing him back over her tongue and then down into her throat. He was downright huge, so she could barely get . She had to relax her muscles so he could go farther, and as she turned her head she wiggled her tongue, sucking and teasing the ever more rigid skin of his penis. She had to reach up to take the cowboy hat off for a minute as she began pumping up and down his penis. She listened to him groan, and glanced up across his clenched muscled to his face. He had pushed up onto his elbows to watch her with clenched teeth. Andy continued, her eyes on his for a while, until she moved away and stepped up onto the bed to straddle him. She put the hat back on her head, and pulled out the clip that had been holding her long chocolate brown hair up. The soft curls spilled down her shoulders, and she reached down to ease Cage into her. She moaned as his rigid head eased up through her flesh and into her womb.

Cage reached up to run his hands back over her thighs to her hips. "Save a horse," he said.

Andy grinned as she started rocking up and down. "Ride a cowboy," she finished, and dropped her hands to either side of his head. She leaned down to kiss him, her hips still pumping up and down over him. She had to break away after a moment to breathe. Her gasps came closer together as she lifted her body up and slid back down over him, over and over again…She reveled in the feel of his hard flesh pushing up through the tight passage in her body, then sliding back down as she lifted her hips. Her fluids made his entry so easy, so slick…and her nerves burned with maddening pleasure. It felt like a rush of adrenaline almost—like her lifeblood, and her emotions—were roiling around in a ball of hot sensation in the pit of her belly. Andy reached down to run her hands up his body, and moaned.

Cage looked aside for a second then, and pushed up to his elbows. "I've got an idea love. Turn over."

Andy slid off him then, and Cage sat up enough to suck on one nipple before they both stood. Then Andy turned and bent over the bed, and Cage's hand ran down her back to push her head into the covers. His middle finger pushed into her and hooked toward the front of her body, just barely hitting the bundle of nerves scientifically referred to as a woman's G-spot. Andy gave a loud moan, her body craving the arousal as much as her mind was, and he started massaging the spot as a loud mechanic click sounded out next to Andy's ear.

"Dial his number," Cage said, and the surprise hit Andy like a ton of bricks. She tried to push up off the bed, and his hand with the phone in it just pressed her back down on the covers. Then he used his leverage on her soft spot to make her forget why she was trying to get up in the first place.

Oh! Damn but she loved how strong guys were, Andy thought as Cage used his farm-earned hand strength to press hard against her g-spot. Her world nearly turned white, and she let out an explosive cry. It wasn't climax, but her arousal was so intense that it almost felt like a premature one. Andy reached out to take the phone, and despite her blurred vision she managed to punch in the number she'd called so many times before Jack had broken her heart. As soon as it began dialing, Cage took the phone back from her. A moment later, his finger withdrew, and his penis took its place. It felt bigger from the back, and the pressure was more intense as he pushed his way into her. She reached out to gather handfulls of the covers to grip onto, and Cage started thrusting into her. Damn was he huge!

Andy moaned hard, and Cage picked up the pace. He was breathing hard too, so when her moans had started coming as frequently as her breathing, and he finally spoke…she was fairly sure the person on the other end could hear them both loud and clear.

"Hello? Yes, I'd like to order a large all-topping pizza," Cage said, and managed to sound somewhat clear while he spoke. As soon as he stopped though, his heavy breathing was evident. "Wrong number? Oh, sorry about that…" he thrust into Andy hard, and she bit off a loud moan. Cage tossed the phone down by her face, and she saw the blinking orange light that meant the call was still connected. Both Cage's hands went back to her hips, and he held her ass in place as he proceeded to pound into her at a bruising pace. She felt his jeans press into her skin with each rhythmic smack of his thrusts. Andy cried out, and her moans became more desperate. Her whole body felt like a conduit for the anguish of her arousal.

"H-harder," she said, and Cage leaned down to speak in her ear.

"Louder, Andy. I can't hear you," he said.

"I…said," Cage straightened, and Andy straightened, arcing her back to reach up and slip her hand behind Cage's head. "Fuck. Me. Harder!"

She twisted her head back to lean it on his collarbone, and he leaned down to kiss her as his hips thrust him into her.

"Ah!" she cried into his mouth. One of his hands came up to wrap around her breast, and the other went down to lift her other leg onto the bed. His hand trailed back inward along her thigh, and then his fingers hooked around to press into her clit. Andy's body all but seized up, and Cage pushed her back down to the bed. His unforgiving grip on her pelvis kept a harsh pressure on her clit, and he hammered into her until the pressure built beyond bearing. Andy screamed out her release, and gripped the sheets again as she threw her head back and her whole body clenched up. Cage pulled out after a few more thrusts and came on her ass with an aggressive cry. When he finished, he stood breathing hard, and reached out with a chuckle to drag one finger through his seed to draw little symbols on her ass.

"What the hell are you doing?" Andy asked, and dropped her feet to the floor to stand up.

"Time for a shower," Cage said with a grin. "You've got a dirty ass."

Andy rolled her eyes. "It's going to take us forever to get out of here."

Cage looked over at her again, and looked away.

"What?" Andy asked, and crossed her arms. "Stop doing that."

"Do you always dress up like that when you go out?" Cage asked.

Andy smiled. "Just looking the part," she said. She was wearing a one-sleeved shirt with a sliced design from the shoulder to her wrist, and a fancy winged design across the back. She was also wearing skinny jeans with a lot of holes and fur boots, and looked fairly decent, if she said so herself.

They went to a couple bars first, where Cage soundly beat her in a round of pool and then lost twice in a row at darts. Andy hit six bullseyes (even though she'd never played the game before in her life). According to one of the passers-by, she could apparently KO an opponent with a jab, if her dart-throwing technique were any indication. Cage opted not to be a test dummy.

They saved the club for last, and Andy could tell that Cage wasn't enthused as soon as they walked in, especially since it was packed wall to wall and the music was deafening—a new experience for Cage. Andy just smiled at him and pointed to the bar. He followed her through the crowd, and had to glare at a few guys who missed their interlocked hands and were heading for Andy. They reached the bar and Cage stood behind Andy, his hands on her hips.

"Is it always like this?" he said in her ear.

Andy reached up to run her hand back along his neck. She turned her head back to answer, "It varies…sometimes it's packed and sometimes it's not, but the music is always this loud."

"I meant the guys."

Andy glanced back at him and saw a couple of women checking out his ass.

"That depends," she said.

"On what?" Cage asked.

"On whether the girls are always like this," Andy nodded behind him, and Cage followed her gaze. The women quickly looked away, but Cage had spotted them.

"Why would that change your answer?" he asked when he turned back, and Andy shrugged.

"I might want to make you jealous," she said.

Cage laughed. "No need to work at that one. I figure it's not fair that the men of New York have seen this side of you for the past three years and tonight's my first time." He glanced down at her outfit.

Andy rolled her eyes. "It's not that big of a deal. You get to see more than they do."

"Good point," Cage said, and lifted her up to set her atop the only empty barstool near them. Andy caught a few curious looks getting tossed their way out of the corner of her eye. She winked at some old middle-aged guy off to one side behind Cage and leaned forward to whisper in Cage's ear.

"So I'm curious…do you want me to teach you some dirty dancing?" she asked.

Cage turned to speak back into her ear. "I think you've already done that," he said, and Andy gave him a playful punch, then slipped her hands up under his jacket and smiled at him.

"You're gonna like it," she said, and Cage looked up over her head like he was weighing his options.

"The offer is about to expiiiiiiiiiire," Andy warned.

Cage sighed. "Fine, I guess I can try it," he said.

Andy rolled her eyes. "Since when did country boys get so caustic?"

"Since they fell in with cranky city girls," he shot back.

Andy opened her mouth to tell him off, and couldn't think of a good comeback. He had a point. So she glared at him.

"No dance for you," she said.

Cage took a deep breath, and glanced out at the crammed dance floor, where most of the dancers were bouncing up and down with barely a couple inches between them and the next person.

He leaned close. "I've got a better idea. How about we leave and you can teach me at the hotel across the street? I'm pretty sure we could still hear the music from there."

Andy laughed. "You are such a guy."

"Glad you noticed," he said.

"Fine," she said, "but you have to let me go to the bathroom first."

Cage lifted her off the seat and stepped aside. "I'll be waiting impatiently for your return. Want another drink before we go?"

Andy shook her head. "I'm good. Be right back."

She pushed away through the crowd then, and headed for the bathrooms. About half way there, someone ran into her from the side and knocked her into the next guy on her right. The two of them almost went down, but fortunately it was packed enough in there that falling was kind of difficult. The guy reached out to steady her, and they straightened.

"Sorry!" Andy shouted above the noise, and froze.

"Andy…" Jack smiled. "Nice to see you!" he glanced around. "Where's your guy?"

He didn't look surprised to see her, Andy thought as she noticed that his hand was still wrapped around her arm.

"Hey Jack, can we talk in a minute? I was heading for the bathroom," Andy said, trying to give herself a way out.

Jack looked back at her. "Sure," he said, but his response was delayed. He followed her to the bathroom door, and waited as she went in and closed the door.

Shit. Andy pulled out her phone and texted Cage for backup. She really didn't want to be alone with Jack. Not even in a crowded club. She hurried to take care of her business and washed her hands. When she finished, she stood and waited for a return reply. The bathroom hostess sat listlessly on her stool texting someone or other, and paid Andy no attention. Until Andy started pacing.

"Bad date?" the woman asked.

"Sort of," Andy said, and looked down at her phone. Nothing. She texted Cage again, and this time there was an answer. He was coming over.

Andy snuck over to the door and leaned close to listen. She hoped that when Cage came over she'd hear his voice or something to let her know it was safe to come out…but no sooner did she get close to the door than it opened and smacked her in the nose. A short fat lady came walking in and gave Andy a glare. Since Andy was the one hurt, she felt a little insulted and glared back.

She swore too, but that didn't last long. She fell silent when Jack's head swung around and saw her, and immediately realized what she'd been doing. She saw his face darken, and he reached in for her. Andy twisted her arm out of his grip, which irritated him, and he grabbed both her arms.

"Let go!" Andy shouted, and the bathroom hostess stepped forward.

"What's going on?" the woman asked.

"Hey!" came Cage's voice from outside the bathroom door, and Jack turned to get clocked in the face. He stumbled and fell to the tile floor, and shook his head to clear the dazed look from his eyes.

"FIGHT!" someone shouted from nearby, and the bouncers immediately started closing in.

"This guy!" the bathroom hostess said, and pointed to Jack when a big guy in a black t-shirt stepped out of the crowd.

Cage grabbed Andy's hand then and didn't wait for the story to be worked out. He just booked it for the front door, shoving his way through the people to get out. When they broke into the entryway, one of the bouncers noticed that they seemed to be in a hurry and stepped forward.

"Hang on a sec man," he said, and looked at Andy. "Is everything okay here? We just got a call that something was going on by the bathrooms."

"There's no problem, sir," Andy said with a shrug, and smiled. She glanced up at Cage. "We're just in a hurry to get back to the room, if you know what I mean."

The guy looked at Cage, who shrugged. "Too much dancing," Cage said, and the guy chuckled before glancing back at Andy.

"I bet," he said, and waved them on through. They walked through the door then, and Cage picked up his pace.

"Let's get outta here," he said, but shortly after they got out, there was a commotion at the front door and they glanced back to see the bouncers "escorting" Jack out of the building.

"Fucking let GO of me," he shouted, and yanked his arm away from the nearest giant white guy. They didn't take kindly to the aggression, and shoved him out.

"Don't ever show your face here again," one of the bouncers said, and Jack threw them a bird before catching sight of Andy and Cage. Cage pushed her behind him, and Jack turned to walk up.

He didn't say anything. Just hauled back with one fist and swung at Cage. Cage diverted the blow and stepped in to send a low jab toward Jack's ribs. Jack had been a boxer in college though, so he didn't just let it come. He turned aside and used the momentum to throw a punch into Cage's face.

"Hey! Get out of here you two!" shouted the bouncers at the door, and two of them started down to break up the fight. Cage dodged most of Jack's punch then, but Jack's knuckle clipped him in the side of the mouth. His head swung around, but he came back to block the next punch and delivered a solid one-two-three, with one punch to Jack's face, another to his abdomen, and then hooked his hands over the back of Jack's head when he bent over the blow to knee him in the face.

Jack hit the ground just as the bouncers stepped in, and Cage put up his hands and stepped back.

"What the fuck is going on?" asked the bouncer that was getting up in Cage's face, and Andy stepped in and grabbed the side of Cage's jacket.

"He was harassing me!" she told the bouncer, and pointed at Jack. "He's been stalking me and I was seriously afraid he was going to attack me."

Those were taboo actions in New York. Any guy that got accused of that kind of thing was in serious trouble, as became immediately evident when the bouncer turned to Jack, and the other two circled around him.

"That true?" they asked.

Jack was brushing himself off casually as he pushed to his feet, and avoided looking at Andy.

"I wasn't doing any of that," he said. "I just wanted to let her know it was cool with me if we parted ways, but I wanted to do it under good terms. She misunderstood my intentions and pulled her new boyfriend in to defend her honor." He gave his displaced shirt a quick tug to put it back in place and finally glanced back over the bouncer's shoulder to subtly glare at Andy.

The head bouncer, who was just the guy doing all the talking, turned back to Andy and Cage.

"Look," he said. "I don't know the whole story but this guy looks like a dick. Don't bring trash like this to my bar again."

Andy smiled, and Cage answered for them both. "No need for that," he said, and put an arm around her. "She's coming home with me."

Andy slipped both arms around his waist as a feeling of total security and contentedness wrapped over her, and she glanced back at Jack, who was wise enough not to make any further moves.

"Goodbye Jack," she said, and Cage reached out to shake the bouncer's hand before turning them both to walk away. A cheer went up from the drunk spectators gathered at the door to the club.

"Kiss her!" a chick shouted, and Cage laughed. He lifted an arm to wave them off, but someone else joined in on the demand.

"Come on, don't save her ass and run…kiss her!"

Andy tugged on his jacket. "Come on, I know you like to show off in public," she said.

"True," said Cage, and reached down to lift one of her legs. She hopped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, and kissed him. Another cheer went up…along with some cat calls and a lot of cheesy leering.

"So how about that hotel?" Cage asked. "Your guy is gonna be pretty pissed. I wanna find somewhere where he can't interrupt us."

Andy slid back to the ground and gave him a concerned look before he took her hand and glanced back and forth at the road.

"You think he's gonna try something else?" she asked as he took her across and started walking down the opposite sidewalk.

"I wouldn't put it past him. The guy's a douchebag. Where in the hell did you drag him up from?" Cage asked.

Andy cringed. "I thought he was a better man than that. He proved me wrong."

"Sorry, I didn't mean it that way," Cage said. "You just worry me is all. You were always attracting all the worst kids in the neighborhood growing up, like you were a magnet for lowlifes. Doesn't look like much has changed."

Andy smiled to herself. "Awwww…that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

Cage glanced back. "Huh?"

Andy tugged him into an alley between buildings. "It's just so cute is all," she said, and edged him back against the wall. He probably didn't realize she wasn't pushing him…just walking forward, and he was obligingly stepping back. She reached up to put her arms around his neck.

"Cute?" he asked.

"Well, you playing the heroic cowboy," Andy said, and reached up to tip his hat back. "Coming to my rescue and all. Just like old times. It's incredibly sexy."

Cage smiled softly at her. "Mmm," he said, and looked heavenward to sigh heavily. "The lengths I go to just to turn you on…." he said, and Andy's jaw dropped.

"Hey!" she said, and suddenly found herself getting pushed up against the wall.

"By the way," Cage said as one hand went down the front of her pants, "this is why I am not fond of skinny jeans. They're harder to get into than just about anything else."

Andy's eyes rolled up in her head as Cage's finger found her clit, and the heady hormones that had been sitting in her belly like hot coals all evening lit up into a blazing fire. Her head went back against the brick wall behind her, and her back arced. Cage bent to press a hot kiss against the base of her neck, right where the nerves would tingle at the barest touch. She reached up to slide her hand along the back of his neck.

"Cage…" she sighed, "…hotel…"

"Not here?" he asked.

"No! Come…come on…" she said… "I mean…doesn't matter…but I want your clothes off right now. Don't think people passing by would…appreciate the show."

Cage chuckled, and reached up to pull down the sleeveless side of her shirt to expose her bra-less breast. His big hand took the whole thing in his palm and gently squeezed. Andy moaned.

"Clearly you haven't been paying attention today," he said, and popped open the front of her jeans.

"Cage! Seriously…I just wanted a quick—Ah! I just wanted a kiss…we…unh…oh…" she rolled her hips over his touch, and squirmed under the desire to tear off her clothes right then and fuck him anyway. "…we could get mugged…"

Cage turned her around then to put her back against him, and led her further into the darkness of the alley.

"Nobody back here," he said as his fingers pushed into her, "it's a dead end."

"Oh," Andy said, and moaned as he stopped next to the wall in the back and pushed her forward so her upper body was leaning on the cold rock face. His hands were unzipping her pants. She heard another zipper soon after, and he shoved her pants down.

"It's dark back here. They won't see us from the street. Better keep quiet if you don't want to be found," Cage said, and a moment later, thrust into her. Andy sucked in a hard breath and clamped her teeth down tight. She fought the moans down, but her breathing hitched up as he fucked her right there in the alley.

Shit. Shit shit shitshitshitshit. She couldn't believe they were doing this. Seriously. There was exhibitionism and then there was just plain perversion.

Guess that made her a pervert for enjoying it.

Cage turned her around and pushed her jeans down far enough that he could lift her up. She bent her knees on either side of him, and he thrust in again. Damn, but she loved the feeling of him filling her. He reached up to pull down the sleeve of her shirt and hooked the whole thing under her breasts—probably so he could watch the effects of his thrusts on them. Her body shook with the jolts of his thrusts, and it felt deliciously amazing.

She reached out to pop open the buttons of his shirt, and slid her hands back across his sides to his back, and pulled him close to press him against her breasts. The shirt and jacket fell back off his shoulders after a while, and he shrugged them off the rest of the way. Yep. They were going to hell, she thought.

They didn't take long. It was kind of a textbook quickie, but Andy felt all the naughtier for it. She couldn't help the loud moan that ripped out of her at her climax, and saw a middle-aged couple hurry but the entrance of the alley. Andy giggled, and Cage glanced back over his shoulder and laughed.

"Was that…?" he asked.

"Yep," Andy said, and they both laughed as he set her down. Andy pulled up her jeans as he zipped his back up, and then straightened her shirt. Cage picked up his coat and handed her his button-up shirt.

"Here, since you didn't bring a coat," he said.

Andy looked from it to him. "You just want me to walk into the hotel wearing your shirt."

Cage shrugged as he put on his jacket and held out his hand. "Maybe," he said.

Andy laughed and put on his shirt, then took his hand. Hell, she'd probably go along with just about anything he asked her to do.

It took a few weeks to wrap everything up, but Cage stayed with her until she was done. They didn't see anything more of Jack, though they stayed at the hotel for a few more days before returning to her apartment. The hotel staff was probably relieved. After walking in the way they had, and then when the maid knocked on the door and had a half-dressed Cage answer, and then when the neighbors called the front desk to complain…yeah. They were glad Cage and her were gone.

And now she was leaving New York. Cage carried her carry-on, and as they waited for the plane and multiple passersby glanced over in curiosity at the cowboy getup, he slipped his hand into the back pocket of her jeans and pulled her close. Andy smiled and leaned close.

"I'm a lucky girl," she said.

"How so?" Cage asked.

Andy shrugged. "I'm going home with the guy I love. It doesn't get much better."

Cage leaned down and kissed the top of her head. "It will," he promised. "Though you better prepare yourself for some hard work. I make a lot of demands."

Andy snorted. "I can handle it."

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