Dialogue only practice. I thought it was cute...

Written 2012.01.11.

"Jimmy, where did you get that bag of cookies?"

"From the store."

"Well, obviously, we were just there, but how did you buy it? You're eight years old, surely you didn't have the money yourself?"

"I didn't. I just took it."

"What? You stole it?"

"I guess that's another way to put it."

"I am absolutely ashamed of you, young man! Why on earth would you steal something?"

"I'll tell you. Four percent of the reason was because the coloring of the packaging was quite attractive, seven percent was because I wanted to compare the size and taste to the bag I have at home-"

"Jimmy, not this again!"

"-sixteen percent was because you stood in that aisle for eight and a half minutes, and I was getting quite bored, eighteen percent was because I saw four kids at school eating that same brand of cookie, twenty-two percent was because I wanted to see if I could escape your notice –which I did, by the way - "

"That's enough, Jimmy. Just give me that bag."

"But mother, I wasn't finished. I only accounted for sixty-seven percent of the reason; that's an entire thirty-three percent left over."

"Fine! What is the last thirty-three percent of your reasoning?"

"Well… I was hungry."