My fingers, how they trembled

as they gripped the marble piece

the bishop in its pearly white

now angled at my queen

He pauses and he ponders

as he finds the hidden catch

it's his choice if he decides to

take my piece within his grasp

But sacrafices must be made

to change the course of our own game

if he takes my ruler in a blur

his queen is now my gain

We can play without our senses

with a lust for tasteless sin

he thinks of his move, I of the board

are we really playing to win?

In this void it's always anxious

there are two ways that it could be

he could make a move and change our fate

he could toss the board and leave

How my heart rushed with forgiveness

unsure of how much it could take

and for once, I looked ahead, not back

and prayed for a stalemate