I want to crawl inside of you,
Make all your secrets mine,

Fill all your dreams up with myself,

Keep you forever.

We built up a world of beautiful things,

Kept it cold to give us an excuse to be close,

Curled tight like a secret underneath the blankets,

Whispers of skin against skin,

I could've slept forever.

Smelling the rain through the walls,

The music writing wordless stories,

And you falling asleep against me

Lost in a fearless world,

Sleeping like nothing would ever matter,

Like you were untouchable.

Sometimes I wonder if you're not,

So warm,

Everything about you screams safety.

Arms big enough to keep me in,

To draw me out,

To hold me down.

In your eyes,

Everything is genuine.

In spite of your nuance;

Your love for the taste of good words,

You are incredibly, and wonderfully simple.

Woven into everything you say are hidden meanings,

Tiny asides that only I can ever see.