"It's only six and I'm already awake," Jack mumbled to himself, running his fingers through his hair.

"Perhaps I should do a quick transform, it has recently seemed to have improved my sex appeal when I form back," He continued, sitting up in his bed.

He was in the bed room of his two room apartment, in his room aside from the metal frame bed was a small nightstand cluttered with old mail and a few personal items such as his wallet and keys.

"But I should take a shower in my human form first, then I can transform," Jack said aloud to his self standing from the bed.

Jack stood six foot, two inches and had an amazingly built body. His shoulder length jet black hair shaped his firm face.

His gorgeous green eyes sparkled in the sunlight shining in through the window opposite his bed.

"I can't forget my collar or my glasses this time, even as a werewolf my eye sight sucks," He said smiling to himself, making his way to the bathroom.

"The femme weres seem to think my studded collar is sexy, most say it gives me a sense of danger," He laughed pulling back the shower curtain.

Jack quickly pulled off his white T-shirt over his head then pulled off his baggy gray sweat pants.

"I wonder what David's up to, or if he's even awake yet," Jack thought to himself as he bent over the bath tub to turn on the water.

Warm water came spraying down from the shower head the room was soon filled with steam from the hot water.

Jack stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain closed, standing under the pouring water his hair became soaking wet as it clung to his broad shoulders.

"I hate Sunday mornings, everyone's always bright and cheerful in the morning," David grumbled pulling himself out of his king size bed.

His long jet black hair fell down around his face and over his shoulders.

He blinked his eyes into focus, seeing bright morning sunlight filter in through the window blinds.

"I guess getting up early might be good for me. I'll finally get to see Lei and Julie before they head off to work, but a quick shower won't hurt... I could sure use it," He smiled, sniffing the sweat stain under the armpit of his baggy navy blue short sleeve work shirt.

"Too bad I can't transform and lick myself clean to save time, but I'd hate to have someone walk in on me," He continued standing from his bed.

David was six feet tall, he had beautiful gray blue eyes and a wonderful body.

"Last night was fun as hell, me and the girls danced all night and I went out with a few of the boys and had a blood feast," He said walking into the dark bathroom down the hall from his room.

He flipped the switch on, as the bathroom was illuminated by the bright florescent light mounted on the ceiling.

David pulled his shirt off over his head and removed his black silk boxers, then stepped into the shower.

He then turned on the water, it sprayed out from the shower head and onto his muscular body.

"I wonder if Lei showers with Julie…" David thought to himself washing the shampoo out of his hair.

"Probably not, they're not that way and they are dignified femmes who don't show signs of trusting males," He said aloud running his fingers through his soapy wet hair.

"That was quite refreshing," Jack said aloud pulling back the shower curtain.

Water droplets clung to his bare body, they slowly fell to the tub floor as he stepped out.

"I guess I don't have time to fix breakfast, I'll just grab something on my way to David's," He continued, wrapping a fluffy towel around his wide waist.

"Once I get to his house I'll transform, then he and I can go visit Lei and Julie at their gym," He added walking over to the mirror above the small marble sink.

He glanced up into the mirror, his bright reflection looking back at him.

Jack's wet hair was clinging to his shoulders, his eyes flashed bright green when he blinked at his reflection.

"Once I get to his house I'll transform, then he and I can go visit Lei and Julie at their gym," He added walking over to the mirror above the small marble sink.

"I should brush my teeth and comb my hair, not to mention getting dressed," He said to himself smiling at his reflection.

Jack quickly picked up his teal blue toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste, he squirted a tiny bit onto the brush part then placed it in his mouth.

Brushing his teeth with his left hand, he used his right to comb his hair.

Once finished, he rinsed out the remaining toothpaste with some water then pulled his hair back into a ponytail.

"Little old lady got mutilated late last night, werewolves of London again... aarrrooowwww! Werewolves of London!" David sang returning to his bedroom, covered only by a black towel that barely reached his knees.

"Now to decide on a fresh outfit, hopefully I can find one that's not ripped," He said wandering over to the open closet.

It was filled with work shirts long sleeve shirts for autumn, a few coats and jackets for winter, and a large leather jacket, blue jeans and sweat pants and a few unmentionable items.

"Perfect!" He exclaimed snatching a black short sleeve shirt and pair of faded black jeans off their hangers.

"I'm sure to turn heads in this, I hear a lot of girls like the bad boy type nowadays," He smiled throwing the clothes onto his unmade bed.

"Now for boots, sunglasses and boxers of course," David continued walking over to the other side of his room, where a dresser and shoe rack stood.

"The perfect match, silk blue boxers and leather boots," He said grabbing a pair of boxers from the dresser and his only pair of biker boots off the rack.

All of a sudden the telephone in the kitchen began to ring loudly.

"Must be Jack, it's about time that early wolf called me," David laughed tying the laces of his right boot.

He had just pulled on his jeans and was just now putting his boots on, he was still shirtless and his hair was still very wet.

"Hello?" came David's voice on the other line.

"Hey David, it's me… just calling to see if you're ready to go meet the girls," Jack said into the receiver of his cell phone.

"Yeah, I'm just trying to tie my boot laces, you in the car?" David answered holding the phone to his ear with his shoulder.

"Yeah, I've been up and dressed for nearly an hour. What took you so long, were you dreaming about Lei and Julie again?" Jack said driving down the road from his apartment building.

"No, I don't dream about them…"

"I fantasize, it's completely different from dreaming, in a fantasy you can control what you're thinking about," David answered sitting down on the table under the phone mount.

"Call it what you will, it's still wrong because Lei and Julie are our friends and two of the meanest femmes in the pack," Jack continued stopping at a red light.

"Just remember my mottos, don't ask don't tell and what they don't know can't hurt them," David said pulling his hair back into a ponytail.

"Well you want to know my motto is? If Lei and Julie find out they'll kick your sexist werewolf ass," Jack continued driving past two more green lights.

"Yeah, yeah I know and don't worry I'll keep my male fantasies to myself," David said taking the phone from his shoulder into his right hand.

"Well I'll see you soon, while you wait for me try to free yourself of any male needs. I don't want you embarrassing me again in front of the women at Julie's gym," Jack finished, and then hung up.

"That was a great workout Amy, what do you want to do now? Lei could take you to get smoothies or show you to the Jacuzzi," Julie said wiping the sweat from her forehead with her towel.

"Smoothies sound delicious, what kind do you have?" Amy asked looking up at the tall brunette.

She was an inch taller then Amy and had hazel eyes and wore bubblegum pink lipstick, her name was Julie and she was Amy's trainer and the co-owner of the gym they were in.

"We have banana, strawberry, blueberry, fruit punch and tons of other flavors," Julie answered smiling up at the redhead.

Amy was wearing a workout outfit similar to Lei's, they were wearing tight dark gray shorts and pale blue sports bras.

The only difference between them was Amy was wearing her hair back in a ponytail and had an MP3 player attached to the strap of her bra and small white headphones plugged into her ears.

"I would love an orange smoothie, they're my absolute favorite," Amy smiled as a tall woman with golden blond hair came walking up behind Julie.

The blonde was wearing a work outfit like theirs, only she had a sweat band on her head to pull back her hair and was barefoot.

"Hey Lei, I was just about to go grab a smoothie then maybe hit the Jacuzzi for a bit," Amy said looking up at the blonde.

"Sounds cool, maybe I'll join you later right now I have two customers waiting in my office... So just relax and we'll continue your workout in a bit," Lei said looking back at Amy.