He dashed across the floor to the bookshelf and snatched his pants off it, then struggled into them quickly as the doorbell rang again.

"Coming!" He called, rushing back over to the door.

"Good morning sir" The young mailman said smiling brightly as David opened the door.

"Morning, James" David said, recognizing the mailman.

"Oh, hi David… why are you here?" The mailman asked.

"Don't ask." David answered with a sigh.

"All right, here's the mail." James smiled, handing David a few letters and a small brown package.

"Thanks James." David said, suddenly slamming the door in his face.

"Sabrina, you have a package!" He called, walking over to the coffee table and setting the mail on it.

"Bring it here!" Sabrina called.

David made his way into Sabrina's room, holding the package in his hand.

"Whoa." He blurted looking up to see Sabrina standing by her closet wearing nothing but a towel.

"Don't act surprised, you saw me naked last night." Sabrina said, looking at him over her shoulder.

"Yeah, unfortunately I don't remember last night." David said, walking into the room.

"That is not my fault, you only have yourself to blame 'cause you didn't stop drinking." Sabrina said, looking at him.

"I didn't drink that much…anyway, here's your package." David said jokingly, holding the box in front of his groin.

"What a shame, I thought it'd be bigger than that." Sabrina teased, walking over to him.

"It's not the size, it's how you use it." He grinned, winking at her.

"Just give it to me." She said, reaching to take the package from him.

"As you wish." He smirked, before pulling her into his arms.

She gasped when he crushed his lips against her's, as his hands slid down her back.

"David." She spoke breathlessly, feeling his strong hands claim her round buttock through the towel.

David kissed across her cheek and continued planting fevered kisses along her jaw line and down her neck.

"Let's go get some breakfast." Sabrina said, gently pushing David away.

"You plan on going there with the towel or without?" He teased, gently patting her on the butt.

"I'm going to get dressed, could you go find me a bra?" She answered, turning back to face her closet.

"Why don't you wear this?" David asked, holding up a dark blue and purple laced corset.

"That's a little revealing, isn't it?" Sabrina answered, looking at the corset.

"Well yeah, but who cares, it looks good on you" He smiled, offering it to her.

"Thanks again for the ride, Lei." Amy said, unlocking her apartment door.

"Not a problem." Lei smiled, leaning against the wall opposite from Amy's door.

"I had some time before I had to get to the gym, so I thought I'd stop by Jack's to see how you two were doing." Lei explained, watching Amy open her door.

"But I really should get going, I have to open the gym in an hour." Lei said as Amy stepped inside her apartment.

"Before you go, could you help me pick out an outfit?" Amy asked, gesturing for Lei to come inside.

"Sure, I have some time to spare, Julie can open the gym for me." Lei answered, following Amy into the living room.

"Thanks, I want to choose something nice for Jack" Amy smiled, leading Lei into the small bedroom.

"Like something black to wear at his funeral." Lei thought, following Amy into her bedroom.

"What do you think Jack would like to see me in?" Amy asked, walking over to her closet door.

"Something nice, not too revealing and cute" Lei smiled, stepping up beside Amy to peer into the closet.

"Do you know where he'll be taking you?" She asked, turning to face Amy.

"He didn't say, I guess we'll probably just go somewhere nice for lunch." Amy answered, shrugging.

"Well knowing Jack, it will most likely be something simple like that, he wouldn't want to overwhelm you on a first date." Lei chuckled, patting Amy's shoulder.

"First date?" Amy repeated, blinking at Lei.

"Don't give me that look, I know you like Jack and he likes you too." Lei smiled, rifling through the shirts hanging in the closet.

"I do like him, but I don't know if I'm ready to date." Amy answered, looking at Lei.

"You already agreed to go out with him tonight, so you're dating sweetie, wether you like it or not" Lei chuckled, plucking a white dress blouse from its hanger.

"Now this is cute, we need to match it with a nice skirt." She continued, turning to face Amy.

"No way" Amy snorted, making a face at the blouse.

"Then what do you want to wear?" Lei asked, putting the blouse back on its hanger.

Amy stepped into the closet and rifled through the clothes.

"A-ha!" She cried cheerfully, plucking a dark red tank top from its hanger.

"That looks nice too" Lei smiled as she looked at the tank top.

"I have a nice pair of shorts I can wear it with." Amy smiled cheerfully.